What side is black widow on in civil war

what side is black widow on in civil war
Hawkeye now feels he owes it to Scarlet Witch, and may come back to Team Cap for this reason, to help Scarlet Witch in her advances as a new Avenger. Really, Steve is someone with very grounded moral values, and has never let anything get in the way of those - fighting for freedom and the classic "American values" right from a young age.

What's more, Team Cap has some great friends for Wanda.

what side is black widow on in civil war

Hawkeye, Captain America and most probably team-mate Falcon are all people who have dramatically helped her become the powerful Avenger she is today. Effectively she believes Tony isn't a man who can be trusted, so she sides where all her friends lie: You may remember at the end of 'Age of Ultron,' Hawkeye retires; this means something has to happen in this film for him to be coaxed out of retirement with his family.

Actually, we learned rather a lot about Hawkeye in 'Age of Ultron. Basically he's the only Avenger who's particularly grounded and happy after all, he doesn't have the bad experiences and troubled pasts that many of his colleagues share. So Barton may be back for ideological reasons, however I suspect Hawkeye would be the peacekeeper here over choosing a side. We do know Clint sees himself as the moral and grounding reasoner of the team after all - we see this whenever they have verbal conflicts in the team, Hawkeye tends to stay pretty neutral.

So, I think what's perhaps more important to his choice of Team Cap are personal reasons; first being how he owes a debt to Scarlet Witch. We know that Quicksilver was killed in the battle of Sokovia when saving Hawkeye and a small boy.

what side is black widow on in civil war

Hawkeye now feels he owes it to Scarlet Witch, and may come back to Team Cap for this reason, to help Scarlet Witch in her advances as a new Avenger. Another, perhaps more significant reason, could be even more close to home.

what side is black widow on in civil war

The chances are if he reveals his true identity to the UN, his little farm and family life will no longer be the secret he wants it to be.

We know Hawkeye's most important thing is his family this is why he hid it from even his closest team members, and putting them at risk may be the only thing that would cause him to separate from his great friend Natasha who's on Team Iron Man.

Why Black Widow Will Choose Captain America's Side in Civil War

Hawkeye will fight anything to protect his family, and thus I expect we'll see his loyalty to Natasha tested in this film, if he's to stick up for his and their freedom, against her. Ant-Man is completely new to the Avengers canon, so it'll be interesting to see what happens where he's concerned.

what side is black widow on in civil war

From what we know, it's clear Ant-Man was recruited civil by team Cap, though is he just on this side because its where he first ended up? I somewhat doubt it, because Ant-Man is someone with his own agenda, he must agree with Cap at least to some extent. And I think he would here. Scott giving up his identity for the accords could put him and Hank Pym at risk of side their technology used by the UN for more weaponised means.

This is something Scott doesn't want because of his loyalty to the Pym household, thus Ant-Man is pretty against the registration anyway. But Ant-Man just ends up on this side, and is more than happy to be here. In fact, it's reasonable to imagine he'll be pretty star-struck, which is something I can't wait to see!

Of all the characters on either side, Rhodey's choice has to be the least shocking, but not necessarily for the reason you'd think. You might think Rhodey is just on Tony's side because of his friendship with Tony, but it has been known for Rhodey to go against Tony when he thinks what he's doing is wrong Iron Man 2 etc. However here, Rhodey likely completely agrees with Tony's position on registration. When you think about it, Rhodey is military man through-and-through, and this position is entirely logical for him.

Black Widow really is the wildcard of Tony's team particularly on a personal level - all of Romanoff's closest friends are on Team Cap. Thus Widow's motivation has to be truly ideological for her decision to make sense. Black Widow's arc is pretty developed; this is a character who goes from someone who simply follows orders much like Steve, to one who suddenly attempts to become a self-aware and independent hero. War, her whole life is devoted to wiping out that 'red in her ledger,' a shady past of cold killing and murder. In 'The Avengers,' Black Widow thinks she's found a great place to make up for what's gone wrong before.

SHIELD widows her the home to become someone different and suppress her past, hiding it from everyone - even herself. However, in 'Winter Solider,' a world she convinced herself was black and white, is suddenly a rainbow of blinding colours.

She's forced to expose herself to everyone in a world that's been turned upside what. So, after 'Winter Soldier,' Widow realises she can't carry on following orders to wipe her ledger clean, because the people she though she was fighting for turned out to be the very past she sought to avoid.

She thus starts acting for herself and becoming an Avenger. Even though she personally won't gain from either side, I believe she would still make a decision based on where her loyalties lie. She will follow her leader anywhere, and with his help she would keep those she cares about out of harms way. She gains more from this black.

what side is black widow on in civil war

I think they will stay true to the comics. Stay close to your fandom and get the latest stories and updates about all things Movie Pilot. Movie Pilot Logo of MoviePilot. By Erin Esteswriter at Creators. Writing is my passion, and movies are my obsession. What side someone like Natasha Romanoff? What side will she choose? So what would she choose? She is loyal to her leaders, and also to those she trusts.

Iron Man's black may expose her best friend. Clint Barton and Natasha in The Avengers. Are you really that dense? Captain America is on threat watch? But there is someone else this could potentially harm. The one who holds her heart. The First 8 Minutes of Cuphead Gameplay.

Captain America 1 Review. Michelle Williams in Talks to Join Venom. More From the Set of Civil War:. This link directs to a retail affiliate. Now, for the purposes of this discussion, I'm going to assume that every hero taking part in Marvel's 'civil war' is at this widow a de facto member of the Avengers, and that any twists and turns in their loyalties that may or may not arise later on in the movie don't affect their initial stance.

Now, Sam 'The Falcon' Wilson can in many ways be what the most surprising of Cap's allies in Civil Warwith his past military service seeming to make him an unlikely rebel. With his loyalty to Captain America well established, however, and his belief war doing the right thing finely honed, Sam ultimately seems to side with Cap via a one-two punch of friendship and morality.

what side is black widow on in civil war

Well, seeing as Iron Man's side - or at least the armed forces attached to it - is trying to kill him, there's really no side Bucky 'The Winter Soldier' Barnes could be on but Cap's. Other than his own, I suppose. Another hero whose decision to help Cap is perhaps a little unusual, Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton argues that he's helping Cap because he owes it to Scarlet Witch to do so.

Why Black Widow Really Won't Choose A Side In Civil War

With his background of determined individualism, though, it seems reasonable to assume that Hawkeye doesn't just come out of retirement to protect the young Avenger - but also out of a sense of doing the right thing, and protecting his friends' freedom to choose their own paths.

Now, the movie sort of skims over Scott 'Ant-Man' Lang's motivation for teaming up with Cap - with the fact that he's pretty anti-authoritarian by nature and idolizes the Captain a little bit seemingly outweighing the fact that he's an ex-con whose main superheroing achievement thus far was to blow up a building - meaning he'd be unlikely to catch a break if caught.

Here's Why Each Avenger Chose Their Side in 'Captain America: Civil War'

Could Hank Pym's distrust of all Stark's have played a part in his decision-making, perhaps? Another Avenger who seemed torn between her mistrust of the idea of registration and her sense of responsibility to the greater good, Wanda 'Scarlet Witch' Maximoff's mind was surely made up the moment Iron Man decided to imprison her in the Avengers compound 'for her own safety'.

Add in her lifelong distrust of Tony Stark, and her comparatively warm relationship with Cap, and Wanda's decision makes a whole lot of sense. Between that and the fact that Tony Stark's his best friend there was never any real doubt as to which side Rhodey would choose.

Whose side is BLACK WIDOW on in CIVIL WAR? (Heroes With Issues Ep 3)

Previously a close ally of Cap's, Natasha 'Black Widow' Romanoff seems to have been pulled to Iron Man's side by her own doubts about The Avengers' ability to know what the right thing to do is at any given moment.

Having felt betrayed by S.

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