What do i need to get a pco licence

what do i need to get a pco licence
Log in or Sign up. All they can say there is no time frame for your application to be approved and just be patient and wait. I gave them a call and the advice I got was up-to-date and hassle free.

HogsterFeb 8, I'm done with my ph licence, over 2 years left to run on it Will swop it for a full English Breakfast Just kidding mate, hope you get on the road soon and make some money!

London’s PCO Licence – The Requirements, Application Procedure & Costs.

Steady on, I said "some". My bro sold the car as phv licence came to renewal, in August his pco expires and no intention of extending it.

what do i need to get a pco licence

He's been doing ph bit less than me, around 11 yrs now. Oh yeah, he has mate driver, former bc for 9 yrs who got fed up with London. Cabbie2BMomo11 and Mr.

what do i need to get a pco licence

SwiftyFeb 8, RPMFeb 8, Remember you only get 2 chances to Pass with TfL. We take care of the entire process.

How To Obtain PCO Licence From TFL – *Updated*

By now you must have questioned yourself about wanting to be your own boss, get away from the and choose to work when it suites you. As a driver you can now take advantage of working for several companies. The only limit is the time you are prepared to put in and who you work for.

what do i need to get a pco licence

This website is kept up-to-date. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to go about getting licensed and the options available to speed up the process considerably.

what do i need to get a pco licence

You will most likely have your blood pressure checked, pass an eye test and asked a few questions about your health, do you smoke or drink and stuff like that. Pretty routine stuff if you are in decent health. It might be good to know this in advance, but if you go to a random GP they might state in the form that they have no access to your medical records and TFL will ask for more information. If TFL spots that the GP have no access to your records it will ask for another form to be filled out — Additional Medical Information Form and it will be customized for you by the escalations team.

It is a mandatory check, and there is no way to avoid it.

what do i need to get a pco licence

You have to keep in mind that violent and sexual crimes will most certainly ban you from applying for a PCO license and rightfully so.

If needed, it will need to provide a certificate of good conduct, translated and notarized by an embassy if not issued in the UK.

It is pretty much a criminal record check which has to be provided from the consular of the country that you have resided for more than three months in the last three years.

It is separate from the compulsory DBS check you need to pass, and it is due only if you are foreign or have lived outside of UK for a while. Here you can take full advantage of Uber Ignition program. They will help you with the topographical skill assessment and issue a certificate for it. We'll email you with your next steps. You'll need this to drive with Uber.

what do i need to get a pco licence

Book a personalised Ignition info appointment and we'll show you how to get licensed in your city if you don't have one. You'll need a vehicle that meets our standards.

what do i need to get a pco licence

However if you don't have an eligible car right now, you can still sign up today and we'll connect you to partners for great finance and rental deals. Book a personalised Ignition info appointment in your city to get advice, support and learn more about private hire licensing requirements.

All you need to do is sign up to get started.

what do i need to get a pco licence

If you have a licence, you'll also need a few other documents to drive with Uber.

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