How to get naturally wavy hair permanently

how to get naturally wavy hair permanently
Regardless of which of the below methods you choose, getting your hair wet first is an important step. Allow the hair to dry overnight by sleeping with the damp rag curls. At first it will be tricky and the tip will want to come out.

Sleep on your braids and undo them in the morning. Carefully unbraid your hair to release the waves. Gently run your fingers through to separate the strands.

Do not brush or comb your hair as this may create frizz or undo your waves wavy. If your hair tends to lose curl easily, add a light covering of hair spray to fix the curls.

Choose one with a relaxed hold so that the hair does not become crunchy or sticky. Divide damp hair into sections. The get sections you create, the more waves you will have. It is a good idea to have a top layer of sections around the crown of your hair and a second layer around the bottom. After you have experimented you may find you like more or fewer sections depending on hair length or texture.

Select one section to twist. You will create small buns one section at a time. How your way backward. Start with a section near the crown of your head. If you start with a lower section, hair from an upper section is likely to get in your way.

Twist the hair tightly. Turn the section of hair in one direction to create a tight twist. When you hold the strand out from your head it should look naturally like a rope. Remember not to pull your hair too tight, as the hair may tear and your head will hurt.

Coil the strand around itself at the base, so that it look permanently like a cinnamon roll or snail shell. Affix the bun in place.

How large the buns are will depend on how long your hair is and may determine what you use to secure it. Larger buns may require an elastic band around the circumference of the bun. Use two at perpendicular angles to ensure an even hold.

How I Trick My Stubbornly Straight Hair Into Being Wavy

Use duckbill clips instead of bobby pins to hold curls. The curls will need to dry completely before you undo the buns.

Sleeping on your wet hair is often the best way to do this. Light blowdrying may also help, but the heat is unlikely to penetrate to the center of the bun. When the hair has dried completely, undo each bun carefully. Run your fingers gently through your hair to make loose waves, but do not brush or comb it.

how to get naturally wavy hair permanently

To make rag curls you will need small pieces of fabric, about four or five inches long and about an inch wide. How many you need will depend on how tight of a wave you want. Separate a section of your hair. You will have six rag curls that go around the crown of your head, then another six that go a little below.

If you divide the side of your head into quarters, it will be one quarter of that hair. Roll one section of hair.

How to Get Wavy Hair Naturally Permanently?

Place the rag at the tip of your hair and begin rolling under. At first it will be tricky and the tip will want to come out. Keep tucking it back in and roll your hair upward. Tie the rag curl. Take the two ends of fabric and tie them together to secure the curl. You will want the knot to be snug enough that it will not come out as you sleep, but not so tight that you cannot untie it the next day. Allow the hair to dry overnight by sleeping with the damp rag curls. In the morning, undo the knots to release loose waves. Do not use a comb or brush as this creates frizz.

Get Naturally Wavy Hair - Type 2 Hair Classifications - Subliminal Affirmations

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how to get naturally wavy hair permanently

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Next, I hang out and let my hair gradually transform to its almost at-full-dryness state. Usually, this occurs over a day working in my home office or an evening watching documentaries. When my hair is finally just about to be dry, I spray it with a thick layer of Oribe dry texturizing spray.

how to get naturally wavy hair permanently

This stuff is seriously more valuable to me than gold; it smells delicious, gives me hair incredible texture that it has never had ever before, and you can use it on greasy hair days as a dry shampoo too! It is perfection in a canister. I braid my hair into four or five loose chunky braids and let them naturally stick in place, glued by all the products.

how to get naturally wavy hair permanently

Finally, exhausted from all that scrunching and braiding, I collapse into bed for a good full night of beauty sleep. I top the whole process off with a bit of scrunching, a tiny bit of backcombing at my crown, and a heavy coating of Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer for Wizards yeah, wizards. To keep this look up, I simply redo the messy braids each night, hairspray in the morning, and add more Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray as needed until I wash my hair and start from scratch.

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