What does being a good sport mean in gta online

what does being a good sport mean in gta online
It seems like you'd WANNA be in a bad sport lobby because they can't degrade you to super bad sport from there, it's just buttholes blowing up eachther's cars all day in those lobbies without any sort of threatening consequences other than losing all their cash, which is a very impractical way to play. Submitted by Michael Hazell at

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what does being a good sport mean in gta online

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If someone kills me for no good reason the first thing I do is put a bounty on them. If they kill me mean I report them in game and I also report them via Xbox Live by giving them a negative player review.

Anyone who's making what does over voice chat gets the same treatment. If you can't be an adult and play you deserve to be grouped with people like yourself. I have not looked too much into the online, but isn't killing eachother in cool and unique ways something that most people likes?

Is there some way to get into the open world where it actually IS up to you what you want, even if it involves screwing someone else over, without getting into problems for it?

Or is the only way to kill someone without being taken as a prick in deathmatches etc? I sport the open world I'm thinking gta is where you get when you're a bad sport or something, so that's a answer to my question This is grand theft auto. Whats the point of playing the multiplayer if its not to do random shit to other people?

Yeah, I agree with you.

"Bad Sport"/"Dunce Cap" - Do You Like The System?

I accidentally blew up a players car, but just once. You probably got the bad sport tag for rage quitting too much. I wish the races had more options so we could turn off the ability for people to ram into each other, that's just the worst thing about them. I would suggest that the point of multiplayer, if not to do random shit to other people, is to do random shit with other people.

All things in moderation, good sir.

what does being a good sport mean in gta online

The system has flaws, but the idea is right. If some people just want to kill other players and try to cost them money for no reason other than just to be dick, then they should be punished and forced to play with like minded individuals.

If they don't enjoy that experience, then maybe they should rethink their own actions.

Why Bad Sport makes GTA Online broken

Doing some of the things that can cause the bad sport label on occasion is expected, but the system is in place to deal with the people who pretty much only want to do those things. It doesn't happen what like that really. I've accidentally shot the wrong player, gotten the upper hand on folks who saw fit to attack me for no reason, etc and haven't ended up as a bad sport note though, I've yet to destroy any other player's personal vehicles. The current system does have the potential to cause what you described, but only if said players are petty enough to all stoop to that level and report you after having already tried to kill you for their amusement.

It's absolutely not perfect, but it's better than nothing. If i play for a total of 5 hours and get 4 or 5 reports from people being petty and reporting after attacking me first. Take League of legends as an example.

People report everyone for everything in that game. Is it like that? Also i dont have any friends playing this game. Is it possible to go online and find a group of people to do that random stuff with? I honestly have no idea how many reports it would take, nor over what period of time. I'd imagine that most people don't bother with the report function, as like others have mentioned, the option to do so is somewhat buried in menus and doesn't get a mention in any of the GTA Online gta that pop up.

Things like quitting in the mean of missions or blowing up other people's personal vehicles will automatically put you closer to being a bad sport, however.

As for finding other people to do random stuff with, it is definitely possible. Not as easy as when you're in a crew, like one of the Giant Bomb ones, but there are plenty other other people without crews or friends online that still want to group up, although it might be harder if you don't have a mic since a lot of people are now wary of random people due to griefers. Joining or hosting missions or sports can make it easier for you to find people to run around in freeroam with as well.

I also don't get why doe are saying seppli deserves it. Part of GTA is being an absolute dick because it's FUN so why should we be punished for blowing peoples cars up or killing them? They should strip the insurance from the game. As someone above said and I've been good for 2 weeks now, they should make a lobby for people who don't want to deal with all the bullshit Rockstar cooked up like losing money when dying, being a bad sport, gaining wanted levels, etc.

But all the little things I said above make it fucking aggravating after a while.

what does being a good sport mean in gta online

Why are there consequences? Because fuck you Rockstar. You should be ok so long as you don't go around blowing up peoples cars and quitting games.

what does being a good sport mean in gta online

The guy who said he reported me apparently told his crew to report me as well, and nothing has come of it since, not even a pop-up that normally happens when you do something wrong.

So either he had a small crew and it wasn't enough to put me with the bad players, or Rockstar does some kind of checks to make sure its not being abused like that. And i didn't even know that there was a way to report people till this thread, so its probably not too rampant a problem. However "punishing" players for engaging in what a lot of people see as a fundamental part of the game is NOT the way to run a microtransaction store.

Put up a store where you can buy doe clothes, cars, property for real money - all vanity items, but not this. It stinks of a last minute addition that shouldnt have gone in. But on topic, the Bad Sport system is a being idea in principle, but its broken - I agree with what's been said before - punish frequent quitters, but not killers. And if you sport to take it a step further, remove the kinda-broken passive mode and make PvP and PvE freeroam servers - the same way mmos have been doing it for years.

Then GTA Online will go from being awesome, to fucking awesome: That sounds mean the most fucked up system. I haven't bought this game yet, and this is seriously turning me off. Rockstar have plenty of current examples in the gaming world they could learn from, but they never do. They only ever learn from themselves, and they're lost in the good because of it. So my personal car was blown up by a player last night and it gets replaced completely for free.

Its to be expected--this is the internet, what all. The way in which GTA Online deals with this gta both potentially frustrating for trolls and awesome for everyone else. Bad Sports play in their own special lobby, so the trolls only get to troll trolls.

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If youre looking to actually participate in co-op missions without a high likelihood of getting shot by fellow players at the end, dont be a Bad Sport. It's that simple, people. If you go looking around the internet, chances are good that youll find a multitude of questions about whether GTA Online has Heists--the intricate robbery missions from Grand Theft Auto V--and how to unlock them.

It was, after all, one of the few promises of GTA Online, and the ability to rob banks with friends sounds like a dream come true. Problem is, they haven't been released yet. Rockstar is on record as saying that theyre coming in a later update, but that doesnt make holding up a convenience store for the fifth time any less boring. Your best bet is to hone your personal skills and work on your Crews teamwork. If you cant efficiently steal a bunch of meth from some bikers, what chances do you have at taking down a truly big score?

what does being a good sport mean in gta online

Rockstar is totally willing to suggest you spend a little cash to get a little cash, as it were. If youre attempting to upgrade your car but dont have the money, the game will ask if youd like to buy money to make your purchase. Look, we understand that this kind of thing can be tempting--its not like we havent bought our fair share of digital goods in the past.

But GTA Online is essentially promising nothing but more chances to make money, and the majority of content is locked behind various roadblocks. So, our recommendation is just to wait it out for now. Do you really need that apartment this very instant? Were willing to guess the answer is no--plus, your big payday is right around the corner, anyway. That's a bailout we can get behind.

Remember when we said not to dip into microtransactions just yet?

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