How to connect cox cable box to surround sound

how to connect cox cable box to surround sound
Then you are able to record channels without watching them at the same time. Posted on Thursday, November 17, - Help answer questions Start your very own article today.

Use the appropriate cables and make sure that you are going "out" of the DVD player and "in" on the TV. These should be labeled as well.

How to Connect a Digital Cable Box to a Digital Receiver

Plug everything in to test. Make sure that your TV is on the proper channel for the cable-box and VCR usually channel 3, but sometimes 2 or 4. The VCR should be on the same channel for recording purposes. When the VCR is off, you are watching cable. When the VCR is on, you are watching a tape. The DVD player will be found on an alternate "input" setting such as "video1" or "svideo," depending on the input and type of TV.

Help with Cox Cable DVR

Use red, white and yellow audio and video and cables to go out from the vcr and into the TV. Use red white and yellow audio and video cables to out go from the cable box into the tv. If the S video cable is connected 6the yellow video connection from the cable box to the TV should not be used. In some cases the cord may have cracked internal wiring.

how to connect cox cable box to surround sound

In order to avoid this, do not place any permanent wires in a place where they may be damaged, and don't wrap them up too tight. The jack may also be corroded. Use WD after you've disconnected all potential power sources.

how to connect cox cable box to surround sound

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 6. What is wrong if my VCR will play, but not record? Try using the record button on both the remote or the front of the VCR. If neither one works, then the recording equipment in the VCR has malfunctioned. However, the recording equipment is not required to play a VHS tape. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. I want to connect a DVD player using my cable box. Or do I need to buy a tuner to make the connections? Some cable boxes have auxiliary inputs into which you could plug your DVD. Connect the right speaker to the right input port on the receiver.

Also connect the wire attached to the positive port on the speaker to the positive port on the receiver, and the negative port on the speaker to the negative port on the receiver. These ports look like USB ports on your computer. Plug in your cable box, your receiver and your television.

Turn each of these devices on. Set your receiver to "Digital Audio In" mode by pressing the button on your receiver or remote control.

how to connect cox cable box to surround sound

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jordan Whitehouse has been writing on food and drink, small business, and community development since I have changed cable boxes gotten signals sent to it many times but no solution. Does anyone have any thoughts?

how to connect cox cable box to surround sound

If you will tell me the following I'll try to help: I do have a receiver for surround sound. I have an digital audio optical cable going from the Cable Box to the receiver. I will let you know the box model ASAP.

How to Hook Up My Surround Sound & the Cable Box

I am not at home at the moment. Thank you for your help. First if you have a set of component cables try hooking your display up using those and see if the "Subscription Bug" That is what we geeks have called what you are describing still occurs. Unfortunately it will probably still have the bug. If it does then your local cable provider Cox needs to download an updated firmware version to your DVR. They will either have an updated version or not, nothing you can do will force the download it must be initiated at the headend by Cox.

Motorola is well aware of the subscription bug and has helped local cable companies all over the US develope the fix.

How do I Wire Surround Sound to an HD Cable Box?

Unfortunately not all the local cable providers are up to date. If the component cable usage does not help the best thing you can do is to call your local Cox CS number and insist on speaking to a technical support person, not the CS rep. You might get some real help then. Let me know if I can help you further or if you get your problem resolved. However, interestingly I did hook up component cable and it seemed to work. I called Cox Cable on your advice.

They told me that perhaps I need a "booster" to eliminate the initial loss of signal that occurs. What is your take on that? Do you think that will help? Again my loss of picture occurs only when I initially switch inputs to my HD Cable box. Once I am on that particular input if I switch channels, the signal comes back. What some people notice is the gray scale and color calibration must be different for the two different type of input signals. If bot are calibrated correctly and you are a reasonable distance from your display either should look great in HD but will vary in quality on analog channels.

The Cox Cable guy came over and we discovered that this problem obly occurs when I am watching it in I not P. Do you see a different in the quality of these 2 viewing options? The first is native i and the latter two are native p.

how to connect cox cable box to surround sound

Since your display is native p really p but not a factor your problem should be solved, use the p output setting. This according to the Cox rep. Matt Wilansky Bronze Member Username: So I get home and everything works.

Adjusting Sound Options on the Cox DVR Cable Box

No more video distraction when I switch video inputs. However everytime I switch my video inputs my cable box defauts back to the analog audio instead of dolby digital. So now that the video problem is gone, its onto audio issues! Therefore is there confusion between the audio from the HDMI cable and the digital coax? How does the receiver know which to use? Cuylar Blair Silver Member Username: With the component connection, it seems to work fine although the picture is noticeably less clear. Come on, Motorola, that's not a great batting average.

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