How to replace toilet closet bolts

how to replace toilet closet bolts
The easiest way is to use a flexible plastic or chrome-braided supply line. This forms the seal between the tank and the bowl.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

If the original installer cross-threaded the nut and stripped the bolt threads, you might also have to cut the bolt. Spray lubricant is also beneficial for loosening the nuts on tank bolts. Hold a tank bolt in place in the tank with a screwdriver, while twisting the nut off with a wrench.

You can use a plunger to push residual water out of the bowl or bail it out. It helps to have two people to lift the toilet straight up and off the bolts.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

After putting on disposable gloves and scraping away the old wax ring with a putty knife, slip the old anchor bolts out of the flange slots. Insert new bolts in the flange slots, heads downand align them opposite each other to match the corresponding holes in the toilet base.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

With the new bolts in place, fit a new wax ring on the flange and set the toilet carefully over the bolts, pressing gently until it rests flat on the floor. Make sure not to make it too tight. Install the toilet valve assembly. You may need to install the valve assembly all the parts inside the tank if it is not pre-installed.

How do you remove closet/toilet bolts from flange still in floor?

There should be appropriate instructions on the packaging when you purchase the assembly, but you can also ask your local hardware store employee for advice. Install the toilet seat lid and ring. If they were not already installed, you will need to secure these to the toilet with the appropriate bolts. Reconnect the supply line. Reconnect the water supply line, using either the new line or the old one if it was in good shape.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

Turn the water back on. Try flushing a few times once the water is on to make sure there are no leaks. Caulk the base of the toilet. Choose an appropriate caulk and thoroughly caulk around the base of the toilet. You may prefer to omit this last step.

If you have a leaking wax seal on your toilet, or if a wax ring seal leak develops later, you will trap water under the base of the toilet. If the sub-floor is wood it will eventually rot it out leading to all sorts of problems when repairs are necessary.

No, it only works temporarily and is done by many an "expert" plumber. Forget the wax and go wax-free with a silicone foam ring, they handle a much larger gap for improper toilet installations. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.

Replace a Toilet

How long does it take to replace a toilet? For a novice, 1 hour, assuming the toilet's just being replaced for water or flush efficiency.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

For a pro, minutes at the most. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

How to Replace Toilet Anchor Bolts

I have a round shape toilet bowl. Can I replace it with an oval shape bowl? The toilet you are measuring is actually 12 inch rough in. An oval shape toilet will go right on with no problems.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

Be sure to check the toilet flange in the floor for cracks. Spread old newspapers over the towels to avoid an additional mess as the remains of the wax ring may stick to the bottom of the bowl.

Scrape the old wax ring from the floor flange with a putty knife to access the closet bolts. Some wax rings come with a polyethylene flange that installs into the floor's waste opening. Remove this flange form the floor opening, if applicable. Remove the nuts and washers holding the original closet bolts in the flange. Slide the bolts along the slots in the flange to the keyhole opening.

Lift the bolts from the flange. Alternatively, if your flange does not have keyhole openings in the slots, loosen the bolts holding the flange to the floor until you can tilt the closet bolt heads from the slots in the flange. Insert new closet bolts into the flange. Slide the bolts to the location of the original closet bolts.

how to replace toilet closet bolts

Secure the bolts with new noncorrosive washers and nuts. Install a new wax ring onto the flange around the floor opening. Lift the toilet bowl and set it into place over the ring and closet bolts. Clean any wax ring remains from the bottom of the bowl before resetting the bowl onto the bolts and flange.

Understanding what is necessary from them will ensure that you get the correct type. Begin by removing the existing toilet bolts with a wrench, if they are present. The withdrawn bolts can be used to ensure that the correct sized replacements are obtained.

Where a new installation is taking place and there are no bolts to remove, measure the diameter of the holes at the base of the toilet bowl and at the rear of the cistern and use these dimensions. If you are not undertaking a straight replacement, you will need to start by drilling the holes to accommodate the toilet bolts.

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