How to download music to your samsung galaxy young

how to download music to your samsung galaxy young
What if i have an iphone? Just got rid of my I phone ,now I have a moto g lots better phone. I would agree with you Shelly mine is not showing that it is plugged in either!!

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Move to wish list Delete. Privacy Policy Privacy Policy. I have read and agree to the Samsung. By ticking this box, I accept Samsung Service Updates, including: Check Preferences Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. Your basket is empty. Do not show again. Zoom in Up key Down Left Right. Out Of Stock Where to Buy. Monatliche Rate Gesamtpreis Click on it and you can search for the song, album or artist you want to listen to. Right now, the G1 Google Android is the only phone on the market using the Android operating system, but more will come into the marketplace.

When they do, the steps to loading music might be slightly different, but it is likely they will at least be very similar. But please someone bemore than kind and repply, please, please. Run Itunes, plug in device on USB cable. Click on Sync button. I have to assume this article is being sarcastic or at least facitious.

how to download music to your samsung galaxy young

If so then, cool I got it. If not … it needed to be. The orignal articale gives a hint at exactly how easy the transfer really is. I JUST changed from an itouch and a dumbphone to a sumsung charge.

AND more importantl like the article says android can play m4a and m4v files that are generated by itunes. Like the articles say go to your itunes directory usually under My Music and just simply copy over the files to the Music or Video directories on the mass storage device. It will be there and be managed properly into songs, artists and albums. And it will play with no problem. That is a whole other story.

They can be copied as well but that would be a pain over the typical sync. I cannot insall my Android on my laptop: Find the support area and download the usb driver software.

You then can copy files to and from the phone. Thanx so much, I got it on the first try. I am not a techie, very clear instuctions when you take the time to read them all, lol. Also it takes hours for it to complete. Google overlord create your own and I young convert if it makes files transfers easier and quicker. Please jerk me off Kthxbye. Hi,Ive just bought a samsung Nexus But i was wondering how do i transfer music from my pc to my phone? I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.

All you have to do is specify the carrier and model and download the software. Unplug your music and plug it back in and your computer should locate the software automatically. OK i tried galaxy the drag and drop thing for music into the music directory with specified folders and for some reason the phone LG Optimus pg 3D phone still jumbles all my songs together regardless of folders or not. Also, I cannot delete the download that was put on it initially….? With my freinds mobile via bluetooh… How can i send… Plz reply me….

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From there, a house listing follows. Does anyone know how to get the songs to appear on the Droid in the same order that they occur in how playlist?

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When I transfer an album, the songs come out alphabetized. I want them in the original order.

how to download music to your samsung galaxy young

Pretty simple, no different than burning a CD, just drag the music over to the music file in the droid phone. I cannot add new songs to my Xperia X10 mini as it keeps saying cannot play the track — can anyone help. THere is no option for mount or dont mount when I press the usb connect button- i only get pc mode, windows media sync,usb mass storage and charge only- now what.

Really, if anyone has EVER tried to connect, for instance a laptop to a home pc, then there is essentially two ways to go about this. Niecey — Once you have USB connectedand USB storage is onyou should see another drive on your computeropen it to view files and copy to wherever you wish.

how to download music to your samsung galaxy young

Apple is doing well, because the people who bought the things… Can actually use them… Its people that buy androids that can barely turn on a computer that trash these things and then bitch when there iphone has the same problem. If there is something not working right. In this day and age, why on earth is it so complicated.

Considering all the effort Samsung went to, to get NFC working and all the rest, not having an easy way to get music onto the device seems like a hilariously short sighted screwup. Drag and drop to a drive??? The fact that it locks the entire phone yours it is transferring music is just the icing on the cake.

To get music to my iPhone 4S, I just plug it in or keep it in range of wireless itunes where it downloads once the phone is found. I can even use it while it is synchronising! The same should be possible on Android. This has nothing how do with Apple users being stupid,quite the opposite its about not making things pointlessly complicated.

The music player icon quite nice once you find it is squirelled away in the Apps menu like nobody would ever want to use it. Bizarre… There are all sorts of options young Kies, DoubleTwist etc but they all galaxy like hacks, because the programs are poorly laid out and crash all the time whilst being the poor cousins of iTunes. If they could just sort these bits out it would be a viable replacement for the iPhone, but as it is, it is full of cool gimmicks for phone geeks but in the stuff that really counts, it is sadly lacking.

Samsung Galaxy Young 2

This site is horribleive been looking a long time nowtrying to find a good site that allowesbme to download music to my android phone. Well i thought that when i seen this site i would never have to look again. This site is crap. Is there any way to download music from online, for example, via Dropbox, and then put it on your computer? If you have a HTC just follow the directions above.

I had to add a MUSIC folder and then copied my music files from my Dropbox folder into the Music file on the removable device folder list. And I want to put my music from I tunes to my phone? I would agree with you Shelly mine is not showing that it is plugged in either!! When I plug it in is is no different at all! Only thing that it does is Charge the phone!

how to download music to your samsung galaxy young

Still no response on either end? Please Help would like to be able to transfer files from pc to phone! Without going through the bluetooth setting!

Hr to two hours to transfer about mb to the phone via Bluetooth……………. How about making a software that is compatible with Mac users? May be i do something wrong with the transfer? I worked on the first try!

A Guide To Transferring MP3 & Audio Tracks To Your Android Phone

The only thing I cant do is change the name of the song… But I got it! The below steps will show you how to add music files from your computer to your device.

How to download music from samsung Young

To view steps on adding a music streaming app like Spotify onto your device, click here. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. A pop-up will appear on your device, choose Allow. Swipe down from the top of the screen. There will be a pop up that tells you how your device is connected. Tap the menu icon. Tap the required category. Tap Add to playlist. Tap Name and key in the required name of the playlist. Tap the required playlist. Go to the required audio file or playlist. Tap the required audio file. Tap the album cover at the bottom of the display.

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