How to connect two laptops with wifi

how to connect two laptops with wifi
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Now that you got the ad hoc network setup, go ahead and have the other clients connect to the network.

How to Connect two or more Computers by Wireless Connection & Share Files between them

Note that the wireless icon may continue to show that blue spinning circle icon even though the computer is connected to the ad hoc network. At this point, you have several ways to share data between the computers. It lets you share music, videos, documents, pictures and printers easily. The easiest way to share data between Windows 7 and higher computers is to use a HomeGroup. To get started, go to the Control Panel and click on HomeGroup.

how to connect two laptops with wifi

If there is already a computer that is joined to a homegroup on the ad hoc network, it will show up and you can join that or click on the Create a homegroup button. At this point, you just need everyone else to do the same thing as shown above, but to join the existing homegroup rather than creating a new one.

how to connect two laptops with wifi

Once you do that, you can open Explorer and click on Homegroup in the left-hand menu. When others join the homegroup, the shared data folders will appear there and you whatever is dropped into those folders will be visible to everyone in the homegroup. If you have computers running Windows XP and Vista in the mix, then the homegroup option will not work. In that case, you still have options.

How to Connect Two Laptops Using Wifi – Simple and Easy

Firstly, if you are trying to connect from the XP or Vista machine to a Windows 7 or higher machine, then there are a couple of things you need to setup on the Windows 7 or higher machine.

To do that, open Network and Sharing center again and then click on the link that is below the name of the wireless network. If not, then you want to click on it and set the network location to Home. Without Advertisement Revenue we will not be able to continue to provide Quality Content.

[GUIDE] How to Connect Two Laptops using WiFi (100% Working)

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how to connect two laptops with wifi

Thank you in advance for your Support and Understanding us!! Open the control panel and then click on Network and internet option.

how to connect two laptops with wifi

Then you see the network and sharing option. Now you see the Network and sharing Window with many options. Then you have to click on the setup a new connection.

how to connect two laptops with wifi

Now you see a choose connection option Dialog. In the dialog look for set up wireless and adhoc network. Now you can see the next window with Network name, security type and security key option. Then you have to give a name to your network and choose a security option.

how to connect two laptops with wifi

The default security option is WPA2-Personal which is stronger. You can also leave the security option with no authentication and WEP. Do not forget to tick the checkbox with save this network option.

Now your wireless network is ready and shown with other networks.

how to connect two laptops with wifi

Click on your network to connect. Is there any work around? Your email address will not be published.

How To Connect Two Laptops Using WiFi (Ad Hoc) For File Transfer

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