How to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles
Mark the baffle for three offsets using a felt-tip marker. How to take your motorcycle to the racetrack. This type of exhaust retains the factory headpipe s and replaces just the muffler.

BTW, I purchased the 10" x 38" piece, not the 20" wide one. The baffle that I'm making is either 8 or 9 inches long, don't remember. There's also a diffuser and a small expansion area in my design that doesn't require the cloth.

Motorcycle Exhausts 101

Why not just whack off the can and insert a cheap baffle off ebay. I can't remember the I. I had thought about that, but with only a baffle the noise level would be too high for me. Also, the size of the baffles that I did find were too large of an inside diameter and would allow too much flow, causing a huge drop in back pressure. From what I've seen, this bike needs the back pressure or the exhaust valves will die a horrible death.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but I figured I could make a descent muffler with a smaller diameter baffle, fiber packing, and a diffuser, and get the sound level down pretty low and keep the much needed back pressure.

Thanks for the comment though. If this project turns out to be a huge disaster, then maybe I'll try that route before welding the stocker back on.

Check out our Etsy Shop! Here's all the supplies that I've got so far. Uncut and just some pencil markings on them. Here's the basic design. I've kinda layed it out in the picture. The first step to selecting a baffle is determining what size to look for.

This measurement can be determined quite easily by measuring the diameter of the motorcycle's exhaust pipe.

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

Once a correctly sized baffle is purchased, installing it is extremely easy. The baffle is simply inserted into the exhaust pipe and pushed into place. The fit may be snug, so it may take a small amount of force to set it properly into position. Be careful not to insert it too far into the pipe, as it may be difficult to get back out. Baffles have a single screw hole at their top, which should be lined up with the matching hole on an exhaust pipe. Certain exhaust pipes may not have an existing hole, and one may have to be drilled.

How to Make Your Motorcycle’s Exhaust Louder

Then, simply insert the screw through the outside of the exhaust pipe and into the baffle to secure it in place. Baffles fall into one of two main categories: Though any type of baffle reduces noise to some degree, some do so more than others depending on the type of design.

Each type of baffle is created with a specific use in mind, and should be selected depending on what a driver prefers. Most standard baffles are known as straight through baffles. This is because they are essentially just pipes that allow the exhaust to pass straight through them.

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

Exhaust enters at one end of the pipe and exits through the other. Many people choose this type of baffle because it provides an acceptable amount of back pressure without an excessive amount of noise cancellation. This is definitely the type of baffle for those who want their bikes to be as loud as possible.

When looking for a baffle, a buyer will likely come across what are known as quiet baffles in addition to standard models. Despite the name, quiet baffles are less for reducing general noise and more for lowering pitch. They certainly reduce noise to some degree, but quiet baffles mainly eliminate most of the high-pitched noise that is produced by the exhaust system, leaving a deeper rumble that is preferable to baffles motorcycle enthusiasts.

Some models do this by using a layer of fiberglass wrapped around the outside, while motorcycles are designed to redirect airflow in such a way that it is significantly slowed down.

These baffles are most commonly used with aftermarket exhaust pipes, yours are considered too loud for many people. Many exhaust pipes come with baffles pre-installed or in a set. Most commonly, these are straight through baffles. If an individual decides he or she needs something make, but doesn't want to purchase all new baffles, fiberglass packing can be added to significantly reduce the noise output.

By simply wrapping the existing baffle in a layer of fiberglass and re-inserting it into the exhaust pipe, there is an immediately noticeable difference in the volume of the exhaust system. Limiting noise emission is not only considerate, but is required by law in many localities.

Those with knowledge of motorcycle engines also understand a certain amount of back-pressure is needed to avoid damaging a stock engine. Baffles are not own pieces of equipment. Typical baffles consist of steel tubing with a series of offsets that combine to reduce noise and create that necessary back-pressure.

You can make motorcycle exhaust baffles in your workshop with shop tools. Measure the inside diameter of the motorcycle tailpipe. The overall length of the steel tubing depends on the number of baffles you intend to make.

Typical baffles are 8 inches long. Changing how the system can be fairly simple, but the level of exhaust depends on the specific make and model of the motorcycle.

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

There are some basic instructions to follow when installing an aftermarket exhaust system:. Once the new exhaust system has been installed, it is time to take the motorcycle out for a test ride to see if the desired results have been achieved.

Purchasing aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems and parts through eBay Motors is a relatively easy process. When you get to the eBay Motors site, you can do a general search by typing " motorcycle exhaust " or " motorcycle exhaust system " into the search bar found on any page. Since the resulting product information can be a bit overwhelming, the search can be narrowed by including the specific make of motorcycle parts you are interested in, like YamahaKawasakiSuzukior Harley Davidson. Once you are on the product page, there are links that can help narrow the search even further based on whether you are interested in a new or used part and the preferred price range.

If you have any questions or concerns about finding and purchasing products safely, the Customer Support link offers multiple help topics that can help you shop confidently on eBay Motors.

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

A search bar is available to enter a keyword or topic that you would like to have more information about. There are also hotlinks for frequently asked questions and topics many buyers are interested in getting more information about.

There are additional links that drop down from the Customer Support tab that can provide a wide array of specific topic information to help you feel comfortable with the policies and procedures as you shop with eBay Motors.

Finding an aftermarket exhaust system to increase performance and sound is one of the first replacements most consumers look for after purchasing a motorcycle. Many riders prefer to have a louder motorcycle so they stand out more to other motorists on the roadways.

When deciding to alter the muffler system, it is wise to check into the sound ordinances for the state the bike owner resides in. The regulations vary from state to state, and these regulations may not coincide with federal regulations.

Motorcycle Exhaust Baffles Buying Guide

Staying within the specified decibel levels will help the bike owner avoid costly fines. Purchasing these aftermarket systems and the tools needed to replace the system on the motorcycle can be accomplished through various venues.

Motorcycle shops and service departments can be a source considered, but the Internet also offers many purchasing sites like eBay Motors where the consumer can find a wide variety of products at budget friendly prices. Best when creating a list of items ex: Views 6 Like 6 Likes Comments Comment. Please sign in to like this Guide. The Motorcycle Exhaust System Some might think an exhaust system in every motorized vehicle does the same job, but that is not necessarily true.

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

Laws Governing Motorcycle Muffler Sound Depending on the state, the roar of a loud motorcycle could be a violation that results in a hefty fine.

Federal Regulations The federal government does have set limits on the amount of noise a motorcycle can make.

how to make your own motorcycle exhaust baffles

States with Decibel Level Regulations Some states set the decibel level based on the year the bike was made. States with Only General Requirements There are states that do not establish individual requirements for motorcycle noise. States Without Specific Requirements There are a number of states that require a muffler on every motorcyclebut have no set regulations for the decibel level of sound coming from the system. Making a Motorcycle Exhaust Louder If a rider prefers to keep the noise level down while riding a motorcycle, it is best to stick with the original exhaust system because there are very few aftermarket systems that will be as quiet as what came on the bike.

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