How is your social security retirement amount calculated

how is your social security retirement amount calculated
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Here's how it works.

How To Calculate Social Security Benefits - A Step by Step Guide

The biggest factor in how much you will receive in Social Security benefits is how much you earned while you were working. For Social Security purposes, what matters is the average amount you earned during your highest-earning 35 years before age 62, adjusted for cost-of-living increases. The age at which you start taking benefits also affects how much you receive per month once you start. The longer you wait to start taking benefits, up to age 70, the higher your monthly benefits will be. If you have earned income in the same year you receive benefits and you either have not reached full retirement age or reached full retirement age that year, then your Social Security benefits may be reduced.

Your benefits may also be affected by different types of earnings, and a pension received from a job in which you did not pay Social Security taxes will reduce your benefit.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

Working longer doesn't necessarily mean you get more Social Security benefits. Only your 35 highest-earning years adjusting for inflation count, so continuing to work won't boost your benefits unless it increases your average income for the highest-earnings years.

And working fewer hours or for less pay as you near retirement won't hurt your Social Security benefits. Some people mistakenly assume that Social Security benefits are based on the last years worked. Fortunately, you can work as long as you want, and your Social Security benefits are still based on your 35 highest-earning years. Not everyone who pays into the Social Security system qualifies to receive retirement benefits. To receive Social Security benefits on your record, you must have at least 40 credits.

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The final amount of Social Security Retirement benefit that you receive is based on the age that you begin benefits. Of course, another complex formula is used to determine how much more.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

An explanation is below and a table shows you an example of how it works. Your FRA can vary depending on the year you were born. For people born between andyour FRA is age Someone born on Jan.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

Your PIA is calculated at your age If you wait until beyond age 62, for each year beyond age 62 additional cost of living adjustments will be applied to your PIA. The reduced or increased benefit amounts for different ages are shown on the left in the "PIA in Today's Dollars" column. If you have already had most of your 35 years of earnings, and you are near 62 today, the age 70 benefit amount you see on your Social Security statement will likely be higher due to these cost of living adjustments.

Many do not account for this when doing their own calculations and this makes them think taking Social Security early is a better deal, when in the majority of cases but not allwaiting is the better deal.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

Updated April 23, You can login to the social security website to find out specifically how much your potential benefits may be at various ages. Keep in mind, if your work passes your claiming age, your benefits may be adjusted for an even higher amount, so will the cost of inflation adjustment, but the government will make that decision. Thank you for the question.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

Your social security benefit is based upon your earning years essentially. Check out this article to learn more about how your benefit would be calculated, etc. You can also Estimate Your Benefits by going to the Social Security website and answering some questions about yourself and your income, it will give you a good idea of what to expect when you retire.

That depends on your retirement age. Here is a link for the effect of early or delayed retirement https: Additionally, remember that Social Security is derived using the income you earned indexed for inflation and the amount of years you worked.

How Are Social Security Benefits Calculated?

Therefore in order to receive the maximum payment, you would have had to earn the maximum taxable earnings for at least 35 years. Please use this link from the Social Security Administration for more information https: Most Helpful Most Recent.

Bishop, Scott Houston, TX. Kotlikoff has these five pointers to consider before you file for your Social Security Benefits: So before you apply for benefits have your game plan on how best to maximize your Social Security given your needs and situation: Specify When You Want to Take Social Security Benefits If you are beginning your Social Security benefits at Full Retirement Age, for those currently filing, it would be age 66, you will need to specify the exact date they want to begin taking benefits in the remarks section of their social Security application.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

If you didn't work a full 35 years, zeroes will be substituted for those missing years. The next step is to apply a special formula to those indexed earnings to arrive at your basic benefit, which Social Security calls your "primary insurance amount" PIA. This is the sum you're eligible for at your full retirement age. What is the special formula?

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

Basically, it's a set of calculations that helps level the playing field between lower wage earners and higher wage earners.

For instance, low wage earners who retired at age 66 in January got benefits that replaced about 56 percent of their preretirement income; for high wage earners, the figure was 34 percent. You can also get estimates of survivor and disability benefits. AARP also offers a benefits calculator. You may also like: Member Local Offers 0. Members save on monthly usage charges and get free activation.

how is your social security retirement amount calculated

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