How to get whatever you want in minecraft pe

how to get whatever you want in minecraft pe
Walk to where you jumped and you will have all your items on the ground!! If you get tired of mining the way your going then go back and mine south,east,or west.

How to enter The Nether in Minecraft: Minecraft - Pocket Edition Developer: Pocket Edition version 0. So how do you go there? Step 1 - Get some Obsidian To make a Nether portal you will need at least 10 blocks of Obsidian, which is a rare and difficult to mine block. You might be able to find some in the treasure chests that can be found inside the blacksmith's at a village.

But it whatever be tough to source ten blocks through this method. Your best bet is to make some, by using water and lava. Above ground, first make a bucket using three iron ingots, which comes from smelting iron ore. Then fill it up with water by how the bucket and tapping on a want of water. Then explore the underground until you find a pool of lava. You're looking for lava "source", which can easily be identified as the lava doesn't have a fast-flowing animation.

It will look still. Creeper blowout Added 15 JanID The creeper blows up by one hit of a you. You must hit the head of the creeper. The sword must be stone. Cheat for lots of gold, diamond, iron and coal. Added 17 MarID To get all this stuff on minecraft PE for the ipod you just make a new world the cheat code is 0.

How to get dimond easy Added 30 JanID First go to create a world name it what ever you want now select seed put in jpgaming no space,s! Dig 2 blox down so you know were it is build a crafting table then make a pickaxe going wood,stone,iron then make a furnace smelt the iron keep digging down and then you should find DIMOND!!!! Jungle seed in minecraft PE version v0. Do you want a jungle terrain? Here's how you get one. Make a new world. Call it whatever you want, I really don't care. Exactly like that, no lower case letters.

There is going to be some waterfalls here and there, and massive but beautiful caves and mountains arches. It's a beautiful map, and you should try it. I will get more of these things soon so keep an eye out for these things they could be really helpful to you.

how to get whatever you want in minecraft pe

Ok, so this works only on blocks. Take whatever block s you want to double and place them anywhere. Right after you do that, you have to press the home button once.

Minecraft PE Pool

Double tap the home button. You will see a row of app icons pop up on the bottom of the screen. Hold it untill it jiggles, and there will be a red button on the corner of it. Tap the red button. Note- do not use the home button until you have completed the cheat Then go back into minecraft. If you have done this all correctly, you will see the blocks you placed are still there, and they will be in your inventory!

Only works on things that you place, not put into a chest, sorry.

how to get whatever you want in minecraft pe

How to sleep with monsters around Added 5 JanID Around your bed place torches and go to sleep for apple products only for any other devices you must have a torch on your hand to go to sleep with monsters around. So what you need is two devices that have Minecraft PE, and the items you want to have unlimited. If you don't, ask a friend to do this with you.

how to get whatever you want in minecraft pe

So first, get a chest and the item you want to duplicate. Then you and yourself or friend both enter the chest. Put the item in the chest, and both of you have to click touch? If you did it right, both of you should have the item.

This works with stacks too. Be careful to put the diamond back in the get one at a time. I can't stress this enough, because this glitch works inverse too. These diamonds can actually be used to, not some want. How to dye sheep Added 27 JulID Craft any kind of dye, the easiest is yellow dye, to make yellow dye, just collect some yellow flowers and go to your crafting table and go to the last selection and craft yellow dye.

Then go find any color sheep and hold the dye in your hand, hold down the dye on the sheep but don't tap the sheep or else the sheep will just het hurt and won't get dyed. First, get 2 64 stacks of TNT. Then, mine all the way down till you hit bedrock. Then, build all the way up using TNT. Then, blow up the TNT. You should find lots of valuables. All seeds were tested on the most recent version of Minecraft Pocket Edition on the iPad.

The seed is very laggy. Pokemon Gives you a big forest. Gather up the amount of items you want, it can be anything! Iron, Gold, Diamond, Arrows etc! Get stone, or dirt, doesnt matter. Build upward to a point where if you jump, you die. Use the ladders to put along it so you can do it again. Get the items you want to duplicate and climb all the way up! Jump down, spawn, pick all your items up and walk atleast 50 blocks away. Exit using the home button, double tap hope button and hold the Minecraft Icon till it shakes and press the exit on it.

Go to your Minecraft icon and click. When you click, repeatedly press start so you immediately get pushed how your map. Walk to where you jumped and you will have all your items on the ground!! When you first get back in, yes you will have your first items, when you go to where you jumped, thats where they will be duplicated. I have used this with my iPhone5 to duplicate Diamonds. If you you any issues let me know. Unlimited doors with whatever Added 20 NovID Find sand and burn it to make glass.

Then, get a door and place it on the glass.

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When you do you will notice they split in 2 one is the old door and one is to replace it. Then you will have two doors. Keep doing this and make as many doors as you like. Duplicate blocks Added 18 JunID Place the block the that you want to duplicate exit minecraft double tap home botton click the minecraft then click the red thingy then go back to minecraft open inventory and see.

If this doesn't work do the same process just stand in the block that you want to duplicate good luck. Unlimited anything pocket edition Added 1 JunID Have a friend to connect to you on minecraft pe but before anything get a chest and put an item in it then have a friend to connect.

Then get that person to go to the chest then disconnect once they disconnect wait five seconds then go back to their server on multiplayer and go back to the chest and have your friend to take it out then look back in the chest BOOM!!!

How to enter The Nether in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.12 tutorial)

It's in your inventory and still in chest do it as many times as you want. This seed is awesome. One is broken down and has no blacksmith, but it's close to the other so it's okay.

But you need to have the latest version of Minecraft PE. Make a new world name doesn't matter and go to Advanced and make the seed Make sure game mode is infinite.

I hope this helps people lookng for villages! Mine all the way down until you want bedrock then go 9 blocks up then mine straight ahead. If you get tired of mining the way your going then go back and mine south,east,or west.

Place down a door, then break the bottom half of the door, if you break the top half it won't drop anything, then after you break the bottom half of the door you'll get 2! Find diamonds, make them into blocks, place blocks around your bed. When you get up mine them with a iron pick axe. When you collect the blocks you will have you same as before. But when you transform them back into ores you will get 3 times as many as before. Unlimited diamonds and items!!! Added 23 GetID To get unlimited supplies, 1: Walk about 34 blocks away.

Duplication Added 8 JunID Set the block you want to whatever down. Then exit out of minecraft. Double tap home on the ipod and it should bring up a little screen. Hold the minecraft app down in the little screen until it shakes and then delete your history of it. Then go back to tehe game and and go into your world and it should be back inti your inventory.

At the end, it should look like the picture above. Now, underwater, go up two blocks down the middle. This will even out the water. What how this pool unique is the waterfall. Using Stone Bricks, make a 3x3 block as shown. Go up five more times as shown.

how to get whatever you want in minecraft pe

Make a hole in the center and put water in that hole, also shown. To make some pool chairs, get your Quartz Stairs and Quartz Slabs.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Cheats for iPhone/iPad

Place a Quartz Slab one block away from the pool. Behind it, place a Quartz Stairs. Repeat until you have a few pool chairs:. Now you have a really neat, fun pool to enjoy! Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for more Minecraft tutorials.

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