How to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors
Curing the Deeper Scratches Follow the instructions of use on your wax kit of choice. Here's how it works:

Also with much older products, appearances are different. Old growth hardwoods were commonly used whereas today they are not. Grain patterns are likely to be different, but may not be noticeable to most. Painting is another consideration.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

They don't have to be completely painted by hiding the graining or making the floor look like front porch grey or black. One could create a weathered or distressed look which happens to be very popular as of this date, July One could take examples from Anderson floors who has a line called Olde Paint Antique Linen shown right.

There's a company named Urine Off that specializes in a product that works effectively to remove pet urine odors from not only wood but other floor coverings. The company also offers a black light that can detect urine stains that aren't visible to the naked eye.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

This may sound off the wall. You could bring your cute little poodle or borrow one from a friend with you on home hunting trips. Real estate agents aren't as likely to refuse them entry opposed to a German Shepard. Animals are drawn to urine. If little Toto concentrates his or her snout to the floor in one or several areas there are likely to be pet stains on the older hardwood floor underneath.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

How extensive the damage may be is always uncertain unless the carpet is removed. You'll be hard bent on finding a simple permanent solution because the fasteners are usually hidden as most floors are installed by nailing into the tongue portion of the board.

How to Remove Scratches From Engineered Hardwood Floor

Hence, the nail is out of view. There are four permanent solutions to this problem unless complete replacement is done. Depending on how your home is built, only one or two may apply to you.

Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair: Five Tips for Getting Flawless Floors

If you have access to the underside of the subfloor in the basement, wedges shown right can be inserted between the subfloor and floor joist system. Wedges come in the form of cedar shake packets you can purchase at any home improvement centers, or a simple package of wooden shims.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

Floor joist movement can also be a contributing factor where shims would provide relief from squeaks. One caution with shimming from below. By placing too much force between the joist and sub floor, you could be inadvertently loosening areas where other nails are.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

This can result in floor squeaks in new areas. The rule of thumb calls for a snug but not over tightened fit. One could use ring shank nails and nail into the affected areas on a 45 degree angle, making sure the nails penetrate and hold into the subfloor or floor joist system. Another option is using deck screws and fastening from the underside, making sure the screws are not long as to protrude from above.

Older floors may have been sanded a few times with the thickness being reduced. Choose a screw that penetrates into the flooring by half to play it safe. If there is no subfloor, screwing into the floor joists and into the flooring on a 45 degree angle is the only option. You'll need to be a little more careful here in choosing screw length.

To handle this repair effectively you'll need someone to stand on the areas while the work is being done.

desperately need Help with my engineered wood floors!!!

You can use these tags: What You Will Need A broom Soft piece of cloth or cotton wool Some cleaning alcohol Fine grit sandpaper Floor repair wax kit or a wax stick of the right color Wood stain Get the Scratch Ready for the Operation After identifying the scratch, clear surrounding furniture to create some ample working space.

Curing the Deeper Scratches Follow the instructions of use on your wax kit of choice. Wrapping it up If you delight in a smooth mark free surface, finish the job by applying a similar colored stain to the repaired surface.

Possible Alternatives If you do not want to walk down this path, you should consider professional cleaning agents that hide scratches.

Repair Minor Hardwood Floor Problems

What Hardwood Floor Scratches the Least? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. When you think of good vacuum cleaner brands, Hoover is definitely one of If your floor has wax, it is possible to remove it and then screen the floor, but this is best left to a professional because any leftover wax will ruin your finish. If screening is not an option, resurfacing is the next possible solution.

How to Repair Scratches in an Engineered Hardwood Floor

This repair is not typically recommended for engineered wood; if you sand engineered wood too much, you can damage the boards, making them irreparable. This is especially true if you do not know the history of your flooring or if it has been resurfaced in the past. To resurface wood flooring, you begin by using a drum sander to sand the existing floor down to the bare wood while maintaining an even level of the floor surface.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

Next, you apply a suitable stain and finally a polyurethane coat to finish. For more detailed information on this process, take a look at This Old House's guide to refinishing wood floors.

The last option, when all else fails, is replacement. Sometimes, wood becomes so damaged and warped that repair is simply not an option, and a partial or complete replacement becomes necessary. This often is the case with severely damaged engineered wood, wherein the thin layer of wood is too thin for resurfacing. Sometimes, hardwood floor scratch repair is best left to the professionals. Some specialty woods, like maple, and engineered hardwood need more experience to be repaired properly without destroying the flooring.

Even though there are a lot of colored wood fillers on the market, they are not designed for high traffic flooring or nuclear dogs.

How To Repair Engineered Wood Floor

If it was just a couple of scratches you might be able to sneak by with a filler, but not for a refinishing job in a larger area as you describe. If the scratches have not gone through the veneer, then you can sand the scratches smooth, stain to match, and refinish with 3 to 4 coats of urethane.

I would recommend an oil based urethane. Apply 3 to 4 thin coats rather than 1 or 2 thick coats.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

Remember, the veneer is fairly thin and usually can only be sanded and refinished 2 or 3 times at best. Once the scratching penetrates the plywood base, your floor is unrepairable. My advise would be to protect the floors with area rugs, runners, etc or keep the dog's nails cut short, or better yet, train them to behave in the house.

My sister recently started to use some silicone covers for her dogs nails.

how to remove scratches from engineered wood floors

She trims the nails, the puts drops of glue in the nail covers, then slides them on. She says they are a god-send. I have no idea what brand she uses or where she finds them, but they were surprisingly not too expensive.

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