How to keep things spicy in a relationship

how to keep things spicy in a relationship
Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on the actual act of sex. The longer you are together, the more obligation you have to keep that spark flying and that usually means spending quality time alone together.

how to keep things spicy in a relationship

Also, consider saying goodbye to the television. That's great when it comes to finances and raising a family, but in the bedroom—not so much. Mystery can create the romance you're missing.

The anticipation alone keeps him excited all day long," says Eunice Carreira of Kaneohe, Hawaii. Hire a babysitter and pencil in dinner with your man just as you would for a client or old college friend. A change of venue goes a long way! Also, initiate once in awhile. Men love a girl who's confident enough in her sexuality to make a move. By initiating every so often, you'd be surprised at how easily it keeps him enamored. You don't have to be swinging from a trapeze but no one wants to eat Frosted Flakes for breakfast everyday for a month if you catch my drift!

10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting And Fresh

You don't have to act like you're going to the Golden Globes every time you have a date with your man. But don't get so comfortable that you're always traipsing around in coffee-stained pajama pants or your Lululemons. Yes, I love mine too, and they certainly make everyone's rears look great -- but it would be nice to throw on a cute little dress for your beau or actually take out those sexy heels.

4 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Spicy (And NEVER Boring!)

Keep your relationship fresh and sexy by not completely giving up your identity. Plenty of my male clients have told me they started losing interest in their girl as soon as she became completely dependent on him for her social life.

Don't become a Clingy Cathy or a Needy Nelly. It's easy to forget when you're with someone for awhile, but don't forget to compliment him.

how to keep things spicy in a relationship

Click to view 10 images. More content from YourTango: They're called soulmates for a reason. Are you in a one-way relationship?

how to keep things spicy in a relationship

Which is a big turn-off. Taboo conversations you must have early on in your relationship if you're looking for real love. You can get similar highs from sharing good food, laughter, socializing, learning, and volunteering.

how to keep things spicy in a relationship

It really doesn't matter what you do; the point is to do it together. This is of utmost importance. So many fights start just because someone didn't have the right information.

how to keep things spicy in a relationship

I didn't know about your great-aunt's birthday lunch. Well, I told you.

how to keep things spicy in a relationship

Well, I must not have heard you. You must not have been listening. Sharing a calendar, either online or on paper, eliminates some squabbles. And irritation is definitely not foreplay. He can't be mad because he cooked a big dinner without looking at the calendar to know that you would be at spin class instead of the dinner table, and you can't be mad that he can't come to your last-minute work cocktail party because you already know he has a long-standing weekly softball game and the team counts on him.

Long-Term Relationship Tips

If you are at a point where you are able to openly and honestly connect with your partner you've also reached a point where you're open and honest with yourself about who you are and what you need from life. Enjoy and appreciate every minute, even the less perfect ones. It is easier to get through difficult times with consideration and respect plus the cushion of a whole lot of loving.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Here are seven ways to keep that connection and keep your relationship hot: His notes included the following statements: This is precisely what a shared calendar can help prevent.

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how to keep things spicy in a relationship

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