What channel is the yankee game on time warner

what channel is the yankee game on time warner
FS1 ; Game 2, Friday, at Cleveland, 5: Internet Explorer 11 2.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

The network's score bug received a dramatic overhaul beginning with the Spring training period. The left-corner diamond design was replaced with a thin horizontal white-on-chrome banner placed across the top third of the screen. At far left, the banner featured a diamond indicating the runners at each base, which were outlined in blue and would feature a yellow glowing effect whenever a runner was positioned on that specific base. The game scores appeared to the right, with team initials placed in black boxes encased in a large rectangle featuring the team's colors.

The inning, number of outs and pitch count, in left to right order, were placed in small black rectangles.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

The YES logo, at far right, would slide to rightwards to display the most recent pitch speed. After each pitch, or after an out or run was scored, the appropriate box would flash blue to the appropriate statistic. After a home run was hit, the diamond would turn blue and display the abbreviation "HR" in the center. The only subtle to change to the score banner occurred in the season, as the bases within the diamond were now rendered in black; after a home run was scored, the diamond would turn black before displaying the "HR" abbreviation.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

The network adopted a new graphics package in Aprilon Opening Day of the Yankees season. The scoreboard graphic reverted to a bug encompassing only the top left portion of the screen. The team names in their respective colors and their corresponding score were now overlaid on white-to-black shaded bar, with the base diamond placed at far right.

The inning count, outs, and pitching count balls and strikes was placed in a black graphical bar under the main channel while the current pitcher's pitch count in black text over a white background was placed separately to the right. The latter area also is used to show the the pitch speed displayed in black-over-yellow for a few moments after each pitch. When a home run is hit, a "HOME RUN" text message game with the player's name scrolls to the left on a background corresponding to the respective team's colors, under which the player's home run count for the season for example, "7th HR of the season" is denoted.

Brooklyn Nets broadcasts use a variation of this package, with the YES logo rendered in black. At its launch, YES became embroiled in a carriage dispute with Cablevision which attempted to purchase the Yankees in and carried the team's games on MSG Network at the time of the channel's warnerleaving the Yankees' time telecasts not available to the provider's game telecasts for an entire year; this led the New York state government to intervene and serve as negotiator for a yankee carriage agreement between YES and Cablevision.

Inthe two sides eventually signed a long-term contract to carry the network on Cablevision's New York area systems.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

This situation was very similar to another lengthy dispute that Cablevision entered into with MSG Network, after that network assumed the regional cable television rights to the Yankees in from Cablevision-owned SportsChannel New York. Dish Network remains [ when? The satellite provider has indicated that it would not offer the network unless it negotiates a lower per-channel subscriber fee due to concerns that the rates the network offered could force the provider to increase the pricing of its programming packages.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

InDon Zimmer then employed with the Yankees as a bench coach expressed criticism of team owner George Steinbrenner in interviews with certain local media outlets. After this came to light, it was later rumored that, in response, Steinbrenner ordered YES not to show Zimmer on-camera during its Yankee telecasts.

What channel is Yankees-Indians on? Time, TV info for Game 2 of ALDS

YES was roundly criticized for this move, including its decision to use a fixed camera shot focused tightly on correspondent Kimberly Jones as she described the events surrounding her in general terms. Yankees players not only witnessed the ceremonies, but graciously applauded them from the top steps of their dugout.

What channel is Yankees-Indians on? Time, TV, livestream info for Game 4 of ALDS

During the season, New York City area newspapers reported that the post-game questions asked to Yankees manager Joe Torre by Kimberly Jones were being sent to her by top-level team executives quite possibly on directives from George Steinbrennerand that Torre did not feel comfortable answering them. For the and seasons, Torre, who had been paid a fee by YES to give exclusive interviews after each Yankees game, ended his agreement with the network.

Yankees vs. Indians ALDS Game 1 live stream info, TV channel, time, starting pitchers: How to Watch the 2017 MLB playoffs

So no-hitter, hitter, or whatever, that was the mindset. I never really strayed from that.

YES Network

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what channel is the yankee game on time warner

Yankees unhappy with wide strike zone Yankees who must step up in Game 2 How each Yankees hitter has fared vs. Miller was on the disabled list and did not pitch against the Yankees this season. Cleveland acquired him at the trade deadline from the Yankees for four players, including outfielder Clint Frazier. New York went at home, best in the AL, while the Indians were at home and on road.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

Here's what you need to know: Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio Time: Trevor Bauer TV Channel: FS1 check local listings Online Stream: This game will be huge for the Yankees, plain and simple. Now, the Yankees will turn to Sonny Gray to try to get themselves a huge Game 1 win over the Indians.

what channel is the yankee game on time warner

Indians manager Terry Francona made the controversial decision to keep ace and Cy Young candidate Corey Kluber in his pocket until Game 2, opting instead to go with Trevor Bauer.

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