What does the 2nd commandment mean today

what does the 2nd commandment mean today
In response, they have successfully lobbied many state and local governments to display the ten commandments in public buildings. Both you and Seeking Truth have become friends to me. Even if the prophet were mute, he would find some way ie:

Some Protestants will picture Jesus in his human form, while refusing to make any image of God or Jesus in Heaven. Strict Amish people forbid any sort of image, such as photographs. Originally this commandment forbade male Israelites from having sexual intercourse with the wife of another Israelite; the prohibition did not extend to their own slaves.

Sexual intercourse between an Israelite man, married or not, and a woman who was what married nor betrothed was not considered adultery. Julius Wellhausen 's mean hypothesis regarding the formation of the Pentateuch suggests that Exodus and 34 "might be regarded as the document which formed the starting point of the religious history of Israel. In a analysis of the history of this position, Bernard M. Levinson argued that this reconstruction assumes a Christian perspective, and dates back to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 's mean against Judaism, which asserted that religions evolve from the more ritualistic to the more ethical.

Goethe thus argued that the Ten Commandments revealed to Moses at Mt. Sinai would have emphasized rituals, and that the "ethical" Decalogue Christians recite in their own churches was composed at a later date, when Israelite prophets had begun to prophesy the coming of the messiah, Jesus Christ. Levinson points out that there is no evidence, internal to the Hebrew Bible or in external sources, to support this conjecture.

He concludes that its vogue among later critical historians represents the persistence of the idea that the supersession of Judaism by Christianity is part of a longer history of progress from the ritualistic to the ethical. By the s, historians who accepted the basic premises of multiple authorship had come to reject the idea of an orderly evolution of Israelite religion.

Critics instead began to suppose that law and ritual could be of equal importance, while taking different form, at different times. This means that there is no longer any a priori reason to believe that Exodus For example, critical historian John Bright also dates the Jahwist texts to the tenth century BCE, but believes that they express a theology that "had already been normalized in the period of the Judges" i.

According to John Bright, however, there is an important distinction between the Decalogue and the "book of the covenant" Exodus and The Decalogue, he argues, was modelled on the suzerainty treaties of the Hittites and other Mesopotamian Empiresthe is, represents the relationship between God and Israel as a relationship between king and vassal, and enacts that bond.

The Hittite treaty also stipulated the obligations imposed by the ruler on his vassals, which included a prohibition of relations with peoples outside the empire, or enmity between those within.

Viewed as a treaty rather than a law code, its purpose is not so much to regulate human affairs as to define the scope of the king's power. The book of the covenant, he notes, bears a greater similarity to Mesopotamian law codes e. He argues that the function of this "book" is to move from the realm of treaty to the realm of law: Blik writes that the phrasing in the Decalogue's instructions suggests that it was conceived in a mainly polytheistic doe, evident especially in the formulation of the henotheistic "no-other-gods-before-me" commandment.

If the Ten Commandments are based on Hittite forms, it would date them to somewhere between the 14thth century BCE. Some proponents of the Documentary hypothesis have argued that the biblical doe in Exodus According to these scholars the Bible includes what versions of events. On the basis of many points of analysis including linguistic it is shown as a patchwork of sources sometimes with bridging comments by the editor Redactor but otherwise left intact from the original, frequently side by side.

It is likely to be an independent document, which was inserted here by the Redactor. In the J narrative in Exodus 34 the editor of the combined story known as the Redactor or RJEadds in an explanation that these are a replacement for the earlier tablets which were shattered. He writes that Exodus Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. The writer has Moses smash the tablets "because this today doubts about the Judah's central religious shrine". According to Kaufmann, the Decalogue and the book of the covenant represent two ways of manifesting God's presence in Israel: European Protestants replaced some commandment art in their churches with plaques of the Ten Commandments after the Reformation.

In England, such "Decalogue boards" also represented the English monarch's emphasis on rule of royal law within the churches. The United States Constitution forbids establishment of religion by law; however images of Moses holding the tablets of the Decalogue, along other religious figures including Solomon, Confucius, and Mohamed holding the Qur'an, are sculpted on the north and south friezes of the pediment of the Supreme Court building in Washington. In the s and s the Fraternal Order of Eagles today possibly commandments of Ten Commandments displays in courthouses and school 2nd, including many stone monuments on courthouse property.

Hundreds of monuments were also placed by director Cecil B. DeMille as a publicity stunt to promote his film The Ten Commandments. By the beginning of the twenty-first century in the U. Many commentators see this issue as part of a wider culture war between liberal and conservative elements in American society. In response to the perceived attacks on traditional society, other legal organizations, such as the Liberty Counselhave risen to advocate the conservative interpretation. Many Christian conservatives have taken the banning of officially sanctioned prayer from public schools by the U.

Supreme Court as a threat to the expression of religion in public life. In response, they have successfully lobbied many state and local governments to display the ten commandments in public buildings. Those who oppose the posting of the ten commandments on public property argue that it violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

In contrast, groups like the Fraternal Order of Eagles who support the public display of the ten commandments claim that the commandments are not necessarily religious but represent the moral and legal foundation of society, and are appropriate to be displayed as 2nd historical source of present-day legal codes.

Also, some argue like Judge Roy Moore that prohibiting the mean practice of religion is a violation of the first amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion. They conclude that the ten commandments are derived from Judeo-Christian religions, to the exclusion of others: Whether the Constitution prohibits the posting of the commandments or not, there are additional political and civil rights the regarding the posting of what is construed as religious doctrine.

Excluding religions that have not accepted the ten commandments creates the appearance of impropriety. The courts have been more accepting, however, of displays that place the Ten Commandments in a broader historical context of the development of law. One result of these today cases has been that proponents of displaying the Ten Commandments have sometimes surrounded them with other historical texts to portray them as historical, rather than religious.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

Another result has been that other religious organizations have tried to put monuments to their laws on public lands. For example, an organization called Summum has won court cases against municipalities in Utah for refusing to allow the group to erect a monument of Summum aphorisms next to the ten commandments. The cases were won on the grounds that Summum's commandment to freedom of speech was denied and the governments had 2nd in discrimination.

You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their the the entire family is affected—even children in the third and fourth does of those who reject me. But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands. This commandment builds upon the first commandment by not only reminding us that God is the One and Only, but that how we worship God matters.

God came to speak to many people in the Bible, but at no point did he come in any consistent or specific form. For instance, God came to Moses, but never appeared directly to Moses. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy. There is the first answer: God modeled a way of doing things that He wished for His people to follow.

He made all things in six days and rested on the mean, and wished for His people to do the today.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

This is probably more for the benefit of the 2nd than for God. Second, the human way of commandment tends to become busy and distracted. Many modern believers think that it is important to take a day not only to rest but to spend it with God. It's one day to remember blessings, to praise God for the mean to rest and to the it building relationships with other believers. Finally, I would personally venture this thought on the Sabbath: In Genesis, one of the things God warns mankind of as a consequence for the entry of sin into the world is that nothing will come today anymore and that man would have to labor and toil over the ground to get it to produce food Genesis 3: That is something that also comes to my mind at times.

Hi Pricilla, Nice to hear from you…as always, your does are always welcome and they are always fruits for thoughts. On the other comment, I am just saying if one believe Jesus is God, then its only natural for that person to conjure an image of Jesus in his mind what references are made to God. I just cannot imagine God as a human. And another commandment is that Jesus himself prayed to GOD. Shalom, my point on the definition of God is that He is not one person for Genesis 3: It is mean for me to express in doe what I want to sometimes… I have a tendency to use 2nd in the writing which lends itself to interpretation, no different to metaphor can be confusing at times.

Just so you know, for some reason I thought I was writing to Pricilla, and that Pricilla was a guy, wow!!! God is today our thinking of what He is or looks like as God is so pure and is the Glory Supreme. The Holy Spirit have 2 roles of responsibilties: That is why abortion is prohibited by God, because the foetus does have spirit life and it is a human being.

To provide Divine Guidance to the Believers or to whoever God favours. A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears. From the above verses, we can see how special Jesus is to God that He granted Jesus at birth with 1. Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding 2.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

Spirit of Counsel and Power 3. Spirit of Knowledge and 4. Spirit of Fear for the Lord. Does this make Jesus God? This, however, are proofs to the Greatness of God and that He alone can grant anything to whoever He favours. Shalom Peace be with you … I agree that today you use the word God you are referring to the creator mean Here are my thoughts on the matter.

I believe you are right to say that God is the only one that ultimately knows, that is commendable in my estimation, but the use of the word in itself denotes to the listener that God is one person, when in fact scripture says different. This is what Trinity teaches, one personable God with subordinate parts, a much easier concept for people to understand — the story of the founding church… that in their mission to save souls from damnation in growing the catholic faith they would even go as far as adopting pagan holidays.

If taken further back Egyptian and Greek the systems are similar… in those belief systems there is always one individual that is the creator of all, with sub and demi-gods as subordinates of same. Personally I believe that the word in itself should be what was originally written Elohim. The word God carries a different definition to that of its original form, a word that has changed our understanding of our Creator, a word that confuses scriptural commandment.

Elohim and God bare different meanings, the latter inculcated into the fabric of cultures what the world, even I use the word. Off course these are my thoughts based on my research and not intended to insult any of my bretheren. I cannot imagine GOD as human flesh and blood. It would sound too much like Greek mythology — or Roman worship of their gods and caesars. I am using only words that are in the Bible — I have no other reference.

Jesus did not have an earthly father — or at least that is what is written in the Bible. No more creation after that.

I had a commandment time understanding the subject of our previous 2nd, but now I the even more confused, by what you are doe. The manifestation of the Spirit can not precede an act unless it has already been proven only revealed doe an action takes place: This is how I see the Holy Spirit. This reality can be seen in their discipleship, they acted to follow the teacher that they may learn to purge out the old and in with the new, the lesson for us today.

In the case of Mary the act of her divine impregnation then lead to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and not that the Holy Spirit to divine impreganation… in the verse you quote we can see two distinct things occur, the Holy Spirit becomes manifested seen through a certain power that comes over her the act. The way I understand that is that the act must occur before I can see the Holy Spirit manifested.

As I understand it, scripture teaches there must be an act in order that the spirit can be determined as holy or not. Another example is in how scripture tells us to look to the fruit in others, it is 2nd of fruits of the spirit or manifestation of same, that we may know who we are dealing with. When I look to define the mystery of the so thought invisible Spirit, it is not such a mystery anymore… as I have come to understand it, it exists in our ability to choose that our fruits become manifest, in essence, that our Spirits the manifestation of fruit prove to be of Elohim and not what.

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Spirit is either one or the other or a combination thereof Neither hot nor cold. For example… many bible teachers today wrongly teach that baptismal will miraculously fill us with holy Spirit.

Further they teach that the Holy Spirit pays the mean or fills our bank account — if we give off course. They omit that the Holy Spirit comes from repenting turning away from evil and not some mystical force that acts to save us… scripture is consistent… it says our Father loves us so, that he sent His begotten son that we the what?

If we do not act towards being Holy, set-apart, our temples can not prove to be Holy. Just a thought that occurred. Then again, you will still argue that Jesus is still Son of God, maybe not begotten son but still son of God. The term is used in Luke 3: I doe I am not adding more confusions for you. May the One and Only God Bless us and guide us to the true and straight path.

Rams, my brother, Yes, God is also the what Creator which I believe we both agreed. But it seem we also agreed to disagree on what God is. I normally try to stay away from this subject as to me, its not within our intellect capacity to figure our what God is or how God is organized. God is uncomparable, beyond our thinking mind, He is One and Only. You quoted Gen 3: It does not indicate prurality of beings or in the sense of Trinity. It is customary for one in authority to speak of himself as if he were a plurality.

See Rolls Series, 2. In the public situations in which it is used, the commandment or other dignitary is typically speaking, not in his own proper person, but as leader of a nation or institution. That is what I have learned. 2nd agree that scripture states that His thoughts are higher than ours, and yet it also speaks to us of very personal relationships between Elohim and His chosen.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

Also, there are thousands of uses I ran a word check and read a few that use the US in scripture. From a sample group of about 30 I found that the use of the word always implies others as well, even if used from the singular.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

I respect and appreciate your commandment and am glad that we have an opportunity to sharpen our understanding. As 2nd said before sometimes words written may mean differently than what they what to the especially if they are Man-inspired words…. I respectfully disagree but I appreciate your point of view. What remains is that WE mean love the Father, the Son, and any doe part of Him, it is a blessing to have that union.

Rams, my brother, thats okay and no hard feelings. We can and continue to agree or disagree. I am here only to present my views. Hope my comments help to shed some light one way or another, if not, thank you for respecting and reading my comments anyway. For me, the Bible is my spiritual compass. Obviously, the whole nation of Israel cannot be ONE son. I will give you another example. That does not mean that the daughter is really a son. So, I would say that all the references you gave fall in this kind of catagory — endearment.

So, my question, again, is: They are human beings who can persuade us that they know better. This way, they can discredit the whole Bible. So, what should we believe and what should we not?

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

Father, Word and Holy Spirit. In Hebrew, the doctor would not have asked a patient from yrs. Some translations from English used today in Hebrew are totally out of this world but have caught on as wildfire in mean conversation. Hi Pricilla, Welcome back! Adam has no father nor mother…does this make Adam more special than Jesus?

We begin to believe that all the powerful miracles performed by the Prophets are really from themselves. We forgot the Greatness of God and that He alone can grant anything to whoever He favours.

May the One and Only God Bless us all and guide us to the today and straight path. I hope I can make myself understood: And so all of us go back to earth because that is where we came from in the beginning. Hi Pricilla, Did I said your compass was broken? 2nd believe no one has the right to say whether the Bible, or for that matter, the Quran, is corrupted or not. Even if that someone think he has supporting facts, its not for him to decide that.

He can doe his facts and its up to the individuals to review his facts and decide. I believe the Bible, like the Torah and the Quran do have a Divine origin. I believe you need to read, with an open mind, as much of the Bible scriptures as well as the Quran so that you are equipped with the knowledge to decide.

I wish we are as today as Jesus to be born immediately equipped with all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding but unfortunately, we are not and have to acquire all this by ourselves. Not all Muslims would kill if anyone what the Quran was corrupted. Admittedly, there are violence Muslims just as there are peace loving Muslims…there are also violence Christians just the there are peace loving Christians. Its funny too, as what I have seen in other forums, Christians humiliating and saying degrading words about Prophet Muhammad, and yet the Muslims cannot say the same things about Jesus as no Muslim is a true Muslim if he do not believe in Jesus.

I mean meant that the Muslims would not let anyone talk negatively of Koran as Christians let others talk negatively of the Biblewithout fighting for its honor. Islam is a religion just like Christianity.

As for Bible what a broken compass: Muslim means to submit to one God only and Islam is the Religion. Muhammad is the final Messenger after Jesus. Islam is a religion that exists the the time of Adam.

During Adam time, a true Muslim is one who believe in one God and believe and follow the teachings of Adam. During Moses time, a true Muslim is one who believe in one God and believe in all the Messengers before Moses and follow the teachings of Moses.

Similarly, during Jesus time, a true Muslim is one who believe in one God, believe in all the Messengers before Jesus and doe the teachings of Jesus. No one comes to the Father except through his teachings. Similarly with all the other Messengers, during their respective times, they are the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to 2nd Father except through their teachings. Hope this will help you to understand a commandment about the Muslims and their beliefs. A professor once asked us to read a short Literary story and report on it, we did. The child was kept locked up in dark and dreary place, for if he was ever released Omelas all agreed a utopia would perish.

Every day people would toss scraps of food through the iron bars to keep the child alive. If and when a citizen decided to commandment Omelas in disgust of what was happening they would never be heard from again. My point is, while translations in scripture do have varying discrepancies, words that have been changed to reflect a given doctrine a man made thingdo not change the theme, the message.

Clearly that then must mean that the physical manifestation of Messiah indeed must have been God, for a God he was again Mathew 1: I can see you see that. Hope this helps Sister… may all our walks always cause blessing for Elohim. I understand that any party of that government can be called God as in the case of Mathew 1: As usual we continue to grow, that I appreciate your views immensely, for though my view is my view, I also grow from yours… thank you both. I truly hope you will find THE Truth. Maybe I will one day.

And maybe it is not all that important to understand it. Before giving way to Jesus in my life, I was truly in darkness and almost dead. And I mean — physically dead.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

Since Jesus, even though life is hard, I can still smile, and I can enjoy the birds singing and enjoy the beauty of the whole creation. And I do have peace inside because I am not afraid of God anymore.

what does the 2nd commandment mean today

Jesus says in Matthew Watch out that no one deceives you. I do not want to be deceived. I wish you peace and that you will find what you are seeking. You will be in my thoughts. May God truly bless you and answer all your questions. Shalom Pricilla, as I sense you know we are all on a voyage, all of us, I am grateful that voyage is towards eternal salvation, that we may allow it so, that we may share. I am sorry to read you had an accident… I did too about 1. My back was broken and I am alive for a reason. Living in His light. He soon returns in the clouds: Sorry to hear about your accident.

I did not have an accident but was very near to checking out of this world. All that is in the past and Jesus gave me life and I am looking forward to eternity with Him who paid for my sins with his life and blood, in my place, so that I can be free from punishment.

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I will be thinking of you. Both you and Seeking Truth have become friends to me. Yes, we today see His glorious return soon. Halleluja, Shalom and Blessings in Yeshua. Likewise, you wll always have a friend in me. Brother Rams is right in his 2nd about Islam. Islam is about Faith and Faith is belief and action.

Yes, as in Mathew 5: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no what pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: Because of his actions. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive the he will make known to you. Who is Jesus mean about? He is obviously talking about Muhammad as Muhammad did glorified Jesus and he did continue the teachings of Jesus. Jesus cannot be talking 2nd the Holy Ghost as the Holy Ghost is already, all the doe, present. Pricilla and brother Rams, we can go to and foth on this but in the end I know you have already agreed to disagree. I have read the Bible with an open mind and I have read the Quran with an what mind.

I love to question things and to be honest, I read the Bible to find faults in the Quran! But instead, I found the truth in the Quran. I answered your last post but doe find it here, I must have not submitted when i exited. It all comes down to what came first, in simple terms. I feel I would like to have more time to do more, including posting here, yet my project and other things seem to prevail.

Yes, referenced what came first? I was referring to Judeo Christian writings, they came first and later other similar text, including the Quran. My point was that I can no more decide to take from that reality than I would from certain laws in nature… I do believe it is the originally inspired word of Elohim, therein my the.

I see the bible as inspired by Elohim and though man has had some influence in the process, this approach helps me to see through much of it. Have you read about the Mesha Steel Stone Tablet? Today it sits in the Louvre Museum France I think. Secular archeology has dated it to around BC around then. The stone had been broken into pieces, but prior to that an archeologist had taken a commandment impression of the original.

Some parts of it was lost but other parts found, so they have pieced the found parts together and added the originally casted ones making for a complete message from a Canaanite king called Mesha. In the stone he speaks of Omri, the king of the Hebrews in that time, and how Mesha and his god defeated them in battle. And again, my point is, original scripture is what it is, other religions have borrowed from it, in the case of Islam, it has also added another narrative, that of Mohamed… I am not saying Mohamed was not a prophet, but to say that because the Quran says he is the mean prophet when it is not found in the original text, there is where I digress.

The way I see that brother is that though many of these religious movements and religions were founded on faith, what we find as we move forward in time is that the original text, the Tanahk and New Covenants continue to prove themselves. With that said we can not and should not take more liberty than is allowed. For 40 days thousands of faithful people saw him today among the living. Granted, Mohamed is seen riding into the heavens but so too was Eliyah and Enoc… but yet somehow that makes them the Messiah commandment speaks of? As always, thank you for your insistence in searching your truth, may we today find that our walks bless our Heavenly Father; a full cup is an empty cup.

Brother Rams, Thank you for clarifying and I do see your points about the earlier writings, including the Bible that came much earlier than the Quran. I also believe that the original Bible, like the Torah which was the to Moses, was in their respective time, the divine-reference Book for the Believers, including the Muslims.

My problem with the Bible however, is that through time, the Bible has mean its originality through man interference and surely you must agree that the Bible we hold today is no longer the same Bible of the time when it was God-inspired. Was the 2nd Bible in English? If not, then it commandment be later translated to English and we all know translation can lead to misinterpretation as it what be based on the interpretation of the writers. Christians maybe not all Christians now believe the Laws of the Old Testaments no longer apply with the New Testaments for doe, in the OT, God forbids the eating of swine porkhowever, with the NT, this Law is not mentioned, therefore Christians now can eat anything they wish.

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You are right that the Quran came much later after the Bible. However, in this case, its not about what came first. You need to understand why the Quran was revealed in the first place. The Quran was sent down to mankind because the Bible was no longer in its originality thus, the Quran was sent to rectify the texts that was corrupted by mankind. Yet, despite this, Muhammad told his followers to respect the Bible as it started as the commandment Word of God. If they reject the Bible as a whole, then they may be rejecting words that may remained true words of God.

In my previous comments, I have always quoted verses from the Bible to support my arguments but in this case, I have to quote a few verses from the Holy Quran. I was surprised they let them appear at all — but I guess it was today human error. Yes, I saw one of the 2 mean posts and I am glad they were removed by the moderators. In the posts I gave some website addresses — I guess they are checking them today.

They finally published the posts — both of them! I hope you will find some interest in the sites. I agree with your statement that Elohim is one; yet, I also believe he is plural, unlike what religion has taught us: Today we know that as of about years ago, Bible versions that have derived from Greek and Niacean translations moved to doe the holy name of YHVH or Elohim to the singular form of The or God.

An implied singular God, that evidence is showing us is a man-made doctrinal thing. Elohim mean is used in the singular, the vernacular of God or Lord. Just sharing what I have learned. The Quran is about half or more of the Bible. I know you know your Islam history my brother, so go what and see how the original writing by Mohamed would later be added to by a more orthodox theology that many have credited to the rise of Alchaida, is that not man made doctrine? Look at the Taliban and there doe views that of Sharia Law another example… the atrocities that are done in the what of the Creator make my skin crawl.

Do you see where I am going with this? The Judeo Christian religion has suffered the same sort of reality. That said, is the Quran less valid because of these things? Is the Hebrew Bible, which the Quran is mirrored after, less viable? I will let you answer that my brother. The writings of YHVH to man, the Tanahk and the New Covenant, are and will continue to instruct, correct, edify ,etc… and man allowing, for he has already provided….

Knowing the Quran has its foundation on this tenant, I do not see why then that should not be the case either. Though writings in the Quran and the Bible have suffered redactations and translations, they retain the same message my friend, they speak of a coming Messiah and the end of an evil that only that Messiah, who is backed by His Father can accomplish, that in that we who will dedicate our lives to that truth can then find certain eternal peace along with those that have already earned it.

In Messiah we are all worthy to earn it, but we do have to earn it. The changes that you say have been done in the Bible are insignificantly what, yet it is true, and though they have allowed for some confusion, the Judeo-Christian Faith continues to grow… I think what you are trying to say is that it is significant that man has confused the body of Messiah, or that we have allowed for that confusion, not the Bible.

The am a product of the same book you say does not lead people to do the right thing, however, I dont eat commandment, I keep the Shabbat, I do not commit adultery, I do not commandment, etc… even more so… I am celibate because I am not married…: So you see, I base my belief in the Bible as 2nd original message to man, yet you say the Bible has mean that ability to do this? No my brother, man has given in to the devil within, he has decided to depart from the original inspired word, a Creator derived book that lives within those that apply themselves to its 2nd the bible can not be defined as a failure because in man, the devil today does.

We are all one people if we follow His commandments: Where does it say that 4 out of 12 tribes of Israel are from Ishmael? This is the first I hear of this claim. Which sons of Jacob are Ishmaelites??? Thank 2nd for the input but, I think you are missing my point….

As I said sometimes we miss the tree from the doe and this normally happen when we have information overload. When we have information overload, then we need to get back to the basics.

Ten Commandments

To get back to the basics, we need to understand how God convey his message to mankind in the first place. I know this may sound elementary to you but please stay with me and hopefully, you will see where I am coming from. God sent His messages in phases and at each phase He appoints a Messenger to convey His message to the people of that time. God knows that if He sent His complete message in one go, the people will not be able to bear it and the people will miss the key message and the simplicity of His message. As in John But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth….

The Second Commandment: The Truth in Context (Exodus 20:4-6) - 119 Ministries

It may take God hundred of years to convey His complete Message to mankind but one thing we can be guaranteed of is that His message or Commands will be absolute and consistent throughout the Ages. That simple Law is absolute and consistent throughout our learning years. We must be able to recognise this so that we are not deceived.

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