How to put micro sim in iphone 5s

how to put micro sim in iphone 5s
And nano-SIM being a new standard introduced by Apple, wont be available anytime soon with all the carriers. Your email address will not be published.

How To Remove / Insert A Sim Card In An iPhone

After about 12 hours, take the phone to a storefront location for your device cellular service carrier. Ask for them to check out the phone to make sure all the cellular settings are correct. I commented on a home run made in Fenway Park. Just within the foul line. A Chinese home run, a piece of junk!

How to insert SIM card in iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus

Sorry, this happened to you. All SIM are rather delicate. This is how they damage so easily if you drop your phone or force the card out of the SIM tray.

Inserting SIM card on iPhone 5

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how to put micro sim in iphone 5s

Home Articles Community My Profile. Locate the SIM try located on the right side of your phone. Follow Us On Facebook. The PDF link is broken.

how to put micro sim in iphone 5s

Do you still have a copy? Brilliant mate, that solved my problem right there and then. Subscribe To Redmond Pie. December 31, at 4: January 14, at January 15, at 7: January 18, at January 24, at 3: February 7, at 4: February 8, at February 12, at 7: March 3, at 8: March 6, at 5: March 7, at 3: March 13, at March 24, at March 26, at 3: March 29, at 9: April 7, at April 24, at June 4, at 3: June 22, at July 9, at July 27, at 4: August 20, at September 28, at 9: September 30, at October 6, at October 20, at November 7, at 9: November 8, at November 12, at 9: November 14, at 6: November 15, at November 30, at December 4, at 6: December 8, at December 16, at Because of the indentation on the card, you should only be able to place the new card in the tray in one way.

How To Insert Sim Card In iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4

If you aren't sure, just insert it the same way the original card was, with the gold contacts facing down. Slide the tray back into the iPhone. The tray will only insert one way.

Make sure the tray is all the way back in the iPhone before continuing.

How To Insert SIM Card in iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5

Hold down the Power button. Doing so will turn your iPhone back on. Your iPhone should connect to its new network automatically, though you may first be prompted to activate it. Connect to a wireless network. Depending on your carrier's data plan, you may not see the activation prompt until you connect to Wi-Fi. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on a computer.

how to put micro sim in iphone 5s

If your iPhone isn't activating over Wi-Fi, using a computer with internet access may invoke the activation process. Plug your iPhone into your computer using the USB charging cable.

how to put micro sim in iphone 5s

If it doesn't automatically launch, open iTunes. Wait for iTunes to activate your SIM for you. Call your carrier from another phone. Provided your phone still won't activate the new SIM card, calling your carrier e. Once they verify your account ownership, you'll be able to ask your carrier about the new SIM; if the problem isn't simple enough to diagnose over the phone, you'll probably have to take your phone into a carrier store to have it examined or set up for you.

How do I put the SIM card in tray? Use something like a paperclip or sewing needle and stick it in the small hole to open the tray, and then sit the SIM card into it until it sits flush with the metal.

how to put micro sim in iphone 5s

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