What is the book in the book of eli

what is the book in the book of eli
He's the modern day missionary, executing his god-given task without question, believing that he fulfills his calling with as little fuss as possible. CTWeekly delivers the best content from ChristianityToday. Eli traps her inside and continues on alone.

But then Eli arrives at a Western town ruled by Carnegie Gary Oldmanwho, like all the local overloads in Westerns and gangster movies, sits behind a big desk flanked by a tall bald guy and, of course, a short scruffy one. How are these guys recruited? Tall bald guy to stand behind town boss and be willing to sacrifice life. All the water you can drink. In this town, desperate and starving people live in rusty cars and in the streets. We meet Carnegie's abused wife Claudia Jennifer Beals and her daughter Solara Mila Kunisnamed, for some reason, after the cause of all the destruction.

Carnegie hurts Claudia to control Solara. How he controls the fearsome bald guy is hard to say. The third act is recycled, but done well, out of many Westerns in which the hero and the girl hole up and are surrounded.

This is not a movie about what a normal blind man can or can't do. Until this thread, I wasn't aware that there was even a debate over whether or not Eli is blind, the movie literally goes out of it's way over a dozen times to shove it down your throat, as listed out by the OP.

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He had such a samurai vibe that machete fight in silhouette under the bridge in the very beginning is so incredible that I got more of a Zatoichi vibe off of him Like the James Bond of samurai movies. Oh, and Zatoichi is a blind man who knows how to throw book. Where did you get that notion? I've been watching Zatoichi movies for a long time and I don't remember this being a reveal anywhere Correct me if I'm wrong.

Ah, but that version of Zatoichi is Kitano's what and really doesn't reflect the decades worth of movies where Zatoichi is, in fact, blind. I normally love Beat Takeshi, but I wasn't really a fan of this movie. It felt like he tried to make Zatoichi too moody and dark. The Zatoichi of old was comical, seemingly bumbling, yet when his hidden nature surfaced, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Hey, you seem like you know about Zatoichi, which movies should I watch? I'm really interested in the character. Start with the older movies and once you've developed a taste, bounce around.

Once you've got your fill, check out "Darkness is His Ally" new version if you can find it. It's pretty neat because it's Shintaro Katsu, the original Zatoichi, playing the part again. All the things OP listed are so vague that it would take a normal person more than one watching to even realize.

The revelation that Eli is blind was and is supposed to be a major twist in the movie. Not sure how you could say the biggest twist in the entire movie was "shoved down our throats".

Shoved down our throats was a poor choice of words, but it is made very clear after eli all the way through, that the blindness was not just thrown in at the end, but set up from the very beginning. The whole point of a good twist is to give you all the information before hand but hide it in book sight until the twist is revealed. I don't the remember there being a twist that he is blind. Pretty sure they were very blunt the him not being able to see. Early on in the movie you don't know, but as soon as he makes it to the town you get the gist that he is blind.

They were blunt about a guy who has absolutely perfect accuracy while shooting and is somehow blind? The twist is the book is in brail and only he can read it.

what is the book in the book of eli

If that were unexpected, then how is it possible that the entire movie, him being blind was "shoved down our throats"? The book being brail should have been no surprise at all if we were to know he was blind throughout the book movie. I just remember knowing he was blind the whole movie and didn't think the book was Braille until at the end.

Literally wondered how he even knew what the book was and such until the end. The at what point, specifically, did you "know" he was blind? It is very obvious they were making it seem like he could see. I forget exactly when I knew, but I just remember knowing he was blind. It has been a long time since I saw the movie and don't remember the details in full.

Best bet is a friend told me before hand. Eli was God's prophet and messenger and therefore was under divine protection. The path I chose. I'm pretty sure he'd be travelling to the "right place" for quite a few years prior to the start of the film, meaning he didn't start from Route A and got to Route B. He'd been walking for quite a while. He actually uses the tongue clicking echolocation technique about a half dozen times throughout the movie. If you're walking down a long hallway, with a bit of practice you will be able to fairly accurately work out when how far the end is away. One of my favorite movies.

Something that irritates me is when people reject the fact that he is blind because "There's no way he could do all of those things if he was blind!

Like it or not, this was a film which depicts christian theology and beliefs as truth! Eli was supernaturally guided and protected throughout the whole movie by God, preserving the Bible. This is shown clearly when the bald henchman misses his shots at ELI and everyone seems confused. Then more blatantly when Eli says a voice led him to the Bible and told him which direction to travel.

Also, in what I thought would be the what controversial part of the film, they depict and insinuate dominance and priority of the Bible over other religious texts in the final shot of the film. But people seemed to get hung up on the eli that he was blind, but that was the point The christian God did it through Eli even though he was blind. I interpreted the final shot as showing that the Christian Bible is just another religious text.


It seemed that they just wanted to add it to the collection because it was culturally book. They didn't seem to value it any more than any other religious text. The people there didn't but the higher power that guided Eli did. The directors were giving validity to the Bible and nothing else. They also had the Bible draped in light, while the other books were shrouded in shadow.

I think there was a Reddit post recently that said that Eli was actually Muslim. He was buried in traditional Muslim garb. But they already had a Quran there, and needed a Bible. And Bibles are still relevant and important for Muslims, at least the so than a Quran is for a Christian.

I get where they're coming from, but I think that is grasping at straws. It is pretty clear thematically that the Quran wasn't as what to Eli. And in the last shot, the Bible is draped in light while the eli are covered in shadow.

Some people interpret the ending as meaning that the force guiding Eli wasn't necessarily Christian and could have been any higher power that wanted the Bible preserved.

Doesn't it seem intuitive to interpret it as the Christian God? I don't see why you wouldn't given the story and themes. I didn't see it as dominance and thought exactly the opposite and thought that the fact it WASN'T dominant at the end would be a big thing. At the end he puts the bible between a bunch of other holy books, just somewhere in the middle off in a shelf in the middle of a collection of random things.

As though it wasn't important at all, just another book mixed in with pieces of culture throughout history among Shakespeare and all. Or an altar or display case or box or the, but nope, just smack in between the Quran and torrah, no biggie.

what is the book in the book of eli

It was important to HIM and HIS quest, but i saw nothing that indicated that it would be treated favorably after he died. The Book of Eli 6. Use the HTML below.

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Edit Storyline In a violent post-apocalyptic society, a drifter, Eli, has been wandering westward across North America for the last thirty years. Edit Details Official Sites: Color Black and White.

Edit Did You Know? The line comes from the last verse in the song. Goofs When Eli quotes Genesis 1: Quotes [ first lines ] Young Woman Hijacker: Please, don't hurt me.

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Here, take anything you want. You want some food?

what is the book in the book of eli

I'm not the hurt you. That's what the last guy said. The wheel came off. I can't fix it. In the Bible, the high priest Eli was blind, and some might say that there are several scenes which may indicate that in the movie Eli was book or at least partially blind: On the flip-side, Eli seems to function far too much like someone who can see, being able to shoot a bird out of the sky with a bow and arrow, being the to take on half a dozen people at once in a brawl, being able to pick off people from 50 yards away with a pistol and so on.

He also sees Martha's the cannibal woman hands shaking and suggests he and Solara leave immediately though he could have just heard the cup and saucer rattling in her hands. So he's either fully sighted, or perhaps he can see things farther away but not up close, hence his need to read in Braille. So the possibilities are as follow: Eli is book and if so, he either trained himself to be able to travel, hunt, shoot, etc.

He arrives back at his base with the Bible, when eli finally gets it opened, he is mortified to find out that it is printed in braille. He tries to compel Claudia to read it for him but she states that she doesn't remember how to read braille. She then reveals to him that she could smell his wounded leg and that it was turning gangrenous, he wouldn't live too much longer and also, Carnegie lost all but two or three men in pursuit of Eli and so the townspeople took what.

So Carnegie lost everything, and that would soon include his life for nothing.

what is the book in the book of eli

Throughout history, there have been many people who have started wars or genocides and so on by overall exploiting people's superstitions hence "organized superstition" and thereby claiming they were doing God's work.

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