How to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes
It has many advantages such as: To use cloud storage to transfer a movie to your iPad, simply just copy and paste the movie file into your Dropbox folder on your computer.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

Music is Not Playing on iPhone? Google Play Music is a recently launched cloud service that lets you upload up to 50, files. You can also stream music online through the Google music catalog. Dropbox is one of the most well-known cloud services provided by Google. As you may already know, the app lets you upload almost anything and share it with your friends and family. You can therefore upload all your music files to Dropbox and listen to them on your iPhone. VOX is essentially a music player but also offers cloud storage so that you can store your music files and access them on iPhone.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

The following will show how you can upload music files on Dropbox and access them on your iPhone. Download the Dropbox app on both your computer and iPhone. If you find ads too annoying, you can always upgrade to a paid account or subscribe for the service; other than that these services provide you with new music every time you open it. Take a minute and check the native SoundCloud desktop app for Mac. In the case of Google Play and Amazon Cloud you can also purchase music and add it to your collection. Google Play also allows you to upload up to 50 songs for free, whereas Amazon Cloud allows you to add only songs to the music library free of charge, but you can increase it up to if you subscribe.

Unfortunately the downside of using such services is that a range of formats which can be played is not very big: Even though Amazon Cloud claims to be able to play FLAC and a number of other not-so-widely supported formats, the quality of playback decreases.

If it is open in a web-browser, quality declines even further so it is not really a solution for audiophiles.

Add Music & Video Files to Your iPad or iPhone Without iTunes [How-To]

All HD music lovers can cheer up now — there is a way to listen to high resolution music and not to be tied to iTunes! VOX music player recently presented a new service for its users called Loop.

Free Way to Transfer Movies to iPhone without iTunes

It is an unlimited music cloud storage for all your music which helps you manage all your playlists and can be accessed from many different devices. This music locker has no restrictions for music formats you want to upload as well as no limits for the size of the upload — your storage is truly infinite! Actually, when you open iPhone transfer program, you will find the guide image clearly displayed on the interface. It tells you to plug your iPhone or iPad, iPod touch to the computer via cable. After plugged it successfully, you would enter the "real" panel.

The panel is divided into two parts, the left part displays the menus, and the right part mainly show the process.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

Click Movies in the left column, then click Add on the top right of the interface. Browse the video files from your computer that you want to put on iPhone, then click Open to add them to the iDevice. The videos would be displayed on the main panel.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

It drives me mad. How to deal with it? A window would pop up when an incompatible video is added, asking you to convert the video or not. You should simply click Convert and leave the program itself do the converting job.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

By following the steps above, you already have the videos downloaded from PC to iPhone. Unplug the iPhone, and you would find the transferred video from computer. Besides downloading video to iPhone, this iPhone transfer program also allows to download photos, music, auidobook, messages, playlist from computer to iPhone or iPad, iPod touch.

How to put music on iPhone without iTunes?

If you'd like to transfer the files from iPhone to PC, it works like a charm. Depending on the size of the movie, this could take a few minutes. The metadata for the movie may or may not show up, as it depends if that info is embedded into the file, but the only important thing is that the movie plays, and it should without any problem. The Player Xtreme downloads for free but you have to pay 3.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

If this ends up working, will post such. Read this tutorial for a far easier way to transfer your films to iPad.

how to put movies and music on iphone without itunes

Without using iTunes, you also manage to put films on the tablet. These were great instructions.

How to transfer videos from PC to iPhone or iPad without iTunes?

Easy to use and no charge for sound or anything! You just made me and my son VERY happy! It supports all the formats, quick in installation and simple in use.

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