How to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink
Why is Rudolph's nose red? Note that, if the string contains more than 80 lights, there may be 3 or 4 sections of lights. There are several kinds of LED light strings:.

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

Determine the positive and negative light wires. Next, use a multimeter to determine which wire is positive and which is negative. Make a note of which wire is which, and then slide a one-inch long piece of heat shrink over each wire. Attach the lights to the bridge rectifier.

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

Solder the positive wire to the positive pin on the rectifier, and the negative wire to the negative pin on the rectifier. Activate the heat shrink. When you have soldered all the wires to attach the plug and the lights to the bridge rectifier, position the heat shrink over the exposed wires. One at a time, activate the heat shrink by applying the heat from a heat gun or blow dryer to the area.

How do I get Christmas twinkles to christmas There may be some sort of pulsing power supply attachment you could get to make normal lights blink, otherwise you may just have to buy the ones that blink. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. My snowflake Christmas lights are instead to blink, but are not.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. How can I make my lights on all the time? Answer this question Flag as Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If this question or a similar one is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. Christmas How In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. Did this article help you? Green is missing for a different faulty marketing practice: They make stores buy the same number of each kind of string.

The green ones sell out first, and the store can't order more green without ordering more of all of the blink types. Buy early for green. If you look before Halloween, you can often find orange, green, and purple strings.

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

If these are needed, buy them then. It is time to get rid of this idea that there should be only a certain number of variations in products on the shelves. Write the companies and complain.

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

Offering only 5 color choices is like telling an artist that he must choose among only 5 colors of paint. It is time to get rid of the idea that Christmas lights must be sold wholesale in lots containing the same number of each kind of string.

There are now LEDs in many different colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, purple, magenta, warm white, and cool white. There are also multicolor strings, usually with only 5 colors again a 5.

Need help to stop lights from blinking

We should be able to buy whichever kinds we want, because different people have different ideas for Christmas displays. The worst set of colors I ever saw on a light string was the set offered on the old C9 multicolor strings: People who buy lights to make Christmas displays are not just buying what they can get to hang on a tree. They are creating art, and want the choice of a wide palette of colors to mix, match, and arrange on a tree or anywhere else.

But, unlike GE who is making all of these colors in incandescent stringsthe LED manufacturers and ornament makers want to stick to as few colors as they can get away with. The page author would like to be able to buy single-color light how, replacement lamps, and ornaments in at least the six new primary colors not the old ones. But nobody seems to make all six of the colors: A string with all six of the new primaries above would also be very desirable to the page author. He would also like to be able to buy single-color strings, replacement lamps, and ornaments in these other colors: The page author would also like to have an 8-color string with the six new primaries, orange, and violet, and an 8-color string with the six new primaries, warm white, and daylight.

But if the lights were actually interchangeable, he could build these strings. An exception to this is the volt LED bulb sold for replacing the instead C7 incandescent bulbs in standard parallel Christmas light strings. These can be arranged any way the buyer wants them. Usually a series string has 35 LEDs, with a resistor to drop the remaining voltage to provide a current of about 20 milliamperes mA. The problem is that the different lights of LEDs use different twinkles, so the different strings have different resistors.

The values here are typical, but not always used:. The christmas resistor in each string is sized according to the blink of lower voltage LEDs and higher voltage LEDs expected to be in the string. If you buy several multicolor strings and trade LEDs between the strings, the following problems happen:. Unless you are an expert at modifying electronic circuits to put in different resistors, it is best not to move LEDs from string to make.

How do you make Christmas lights twinkle?

Manufacturers should put full-wave rectified constant-current power sources in each string. Then the colors can be mixed up without causing damage or trouble. All three of the above cases would draw the same 20 mA.

This would all have the advantage that all of the strings would use the same parts, eliminating special multiple inventories. The page author would like to be able to buy a string of LED lights and extra bulbs in many different colors. Then he could populate it with many different colors to produce the wanted display effect. A color fader sequencer is used with Christmas lights on the tree in the primary colors of light.

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

The lights mix to make the other colors. Note that some sequencers can make all colors including darkwhile others cycle through only the pure colors see table below at the left.

how to make christmas lights twinkle instead of blink

The primary colors of light are redgreenand blue. Red, yellow, and blue were once the paint primaries, but they never worked for light. They work for oil paints, but not very well for other kinds of pigments.

The current more accurate paint primaries are magenta, yellow, and cyan. On the left are the relative strengths needed to produce the desired colors among many others from variable brightness displays. The question above covers this color set. Many more colors are possible. On the right are the only colors produced with two sets of red blinking lights, two sets of green blinking lights, and two sets of blue blinking lights.

The question below the tables covers this color set. It is the expected number of times the color would appear when 64 random samples of color are taken. Below are the only colors produced with two sets of red blinking lights, two sets of green blinking lights, and two sets of blue blinking lights, where each color has a blinker with two strings and another blinker with one string.

Each of the colors in the table below have equal probabilities of occurring if each of the 6 blinkers has an equal chance of being on or off. The numbers show the number of lit strings.

C7 Twinkle Bulbs

Another way is to use one the old-style lamp flashers for each color string. Use loaded cords set for 15 watts to operate the flashers when using LED strings. If using single red, green, and blue strings, you can get red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta, and white. Note that at times, all of the lights may blink off at the same time. To get more colors, use several blinking strings of each of the colors red, green, and blue. The colors mix to produce many pure and pastel colors.

See the table above on the right and the table below it. What do you need to make a clothespin reindeer? What are some Christmas gift ideas for college students?

What is Santa Claus' address at the North Pole? What are some entertainment ideas for the Christmas party of a corporate office? What are some good Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend? Where do letters to Santa go? Where can you find free Christmas toys for low-income families? When the filament gets hot, it causes the strip to bend, breaking the current and extinguishing the bulb.

How Christmas Lights Work

As the strip cools, it bends back, reconnects the post and re-lights the filament so the cycle repeats. Whenever this blinker bulb is not lit, the rest of the strand is not getting power, so the entire strand blinks in unison. Obviously, these bulbs don't have a shunt if they did, the rest of the strand would not blinkso when the blinker bulb burns out, the rest of the strand will not light until the blinker bulb is replaced. The more sophisticated light sets now come with function controllers that can run the lights in all sorts of interesting patterns. In these systems, you typically find a controller box that is driving four separate strands of mini-bulbs.

The four strands are interleaved rather than being one-after-the-other. If you ever take one of the controller boxes apart, you will find it is very simple.

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