Best time to catch striped bass in nj

best time to catch striped bass in nj
Every year, large schools of striped bass migrate along the coast, heading south. Send a private message to sea sea rider.

Jetty rocks are unforgiving. Pay close attention to stay safe. Though stripers will feed during any time of the day, I have found the best times for the most consistent action to be dawn and dusk. I have caught many fish in high sunlight, but anglers will usually get more follows than takes during the middle hours of the day.

The exception to this rule is obviously cloudy or overcast days. As the sun drops, the bite will usually pick up again, with the hours just before dark usually producing good results.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

For expert anglers who know the jetties inside and out, nighttime can also be very productive, especially when fishing eels for larger fish. Getting to a rock pile first can prove very effective.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

Because each jetty holds only a handful of fish, pulling up on a jetty tip right after another boat has fished it is usually a waste of time. Spend an hour or two finding other tips that have not been fished recently, then come back later, after the jetty has had a chance to rest. Knowing when to move to another tip is also important. Don't take too much time on one jetty tip, as your best bites will usually come right away. As a general rule, I will put about five to 10 casts on each jetty, and if I do not score, I move on.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

If the action is good, I usually stay until the fish stop hitting and start following the lures or baits. Sometimes changing to a new bait or lure or putting on a different color can evoke a strike after the bite has gone quiet.

When a fish hits, do your best to try to pull it away from the rocks quickly.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

Allow the fish to have too much play or drag, and it will bury itself on the catch side of a big rock and break you off. I keep my drags tight and try to get the fish at least 10 to 15 yards away from the rocks, into deeper time, as soon as I can. Lakes with an established trout fishery are avoided since both walleye and hybrid stripers prey upon herring and young alewives and it is thought bass wouldn't be enough forage to support both species.

They will follow baitfish into shallower water in the cooler months of the year but once the weather turns, they head for cooler water at levels where the water starts to change and seek underwater structure and dropoffs.

In the winter, they tend not to hold to structure. Tim Clancy, the stocking chairman for the Knee Deep Club at Lake Hopatcong, says the striped has had a sustained stocking program in effect since They are a hearty, robust fish and have established a solid foothold in the lake. We are very pleased with the results of the stocking programs Fingerlings in the four- to six-inch range have proved to be the most successful in stocking programs. The target stocking number for best lake is 10 for each acre of water in the lake. Fish from seven to eight pounds are not uncommon.

The best time to fish is early morning and dusk Temperature Conversion Enter a number in either field, then. Charter boats and web sites. New Jersey Beach Access. There is really only one beach access spot for the general public in New jersey. And that is island beach state park. All others require residency to access via beach buggy.

Larger fall stripers can be scored on topwater plugs such as Polaris-style poppers. Low tide offers anglers the opportunity to get out on the sandbar.

Fishing the New Jersey Fall Run

Being on the bar allows anglers to cast into the deep water and work the structure around all sides of the sandbars, including the outer edges, which can be a big-time feeding zone for the bass. Metals, small minnow-style swimmers, deadheads and needlefish are effective when fishing off the sandbar. Let the conditions dictate which plug you pull out of your plug bag.

Fish often situate on the outside of the barrier sandbars. On these days, reaching deep water from the beach will catch fish consistently. Ava jigs will be the go-to lure.

Stripers of the New Jersey Jetties

Many fishermen replace the surgical tube tail with a bucktail tail hook, cutting down on air resistance and resulting in longer casts.

The color of the tail hook dressing can also be an important factor. Last year, there were many days when black tails were most effective.

Striped Bass Fishing in the Spring

Overall, green and black were the two hottest tail colors last fall. Do not neglect the skinny water. Fish will sometimes storm the bar and feed directly on it.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

High water is productive, as bass will hunt the holes, rips and edges of sandbars. Look for obvious ambush points where bass can sit just out of the current and ambush baits moving past them.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

Crowds can become a significant factor in the fall. Contact Us - Stripers Moon Rise and set. National Data Bouy Center. Marine Coastal Zone Forecasts.

best time to catch striped bass in nj

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Striped Bass Season

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