What color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants
Home Forums Fashion for Business Forum what color socks with brown shoes? So blue jeans, blue socks. Sorry, you need to login or sign up using one of the blue buttons below in order to vote.

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

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How to Pair Socks with Brown Shoes

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What Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes

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Best IAS mentors are taking classes in our centers. Unfortunately, those shades hardly ever exactly match your pants. Look at this brown spectator shoes with brown socks and brown pants.

For that reason, solid colored socks actually pair best and patterned pants such as houndstooth, or with checks, or stripes. If you wear a lot of solid pants, you can still wear solid socks, just make sure to pick a color that is quite contrasting so overall, it looks quite appealing.

How To Combine Socks, Shoes & Pants - Compliments Guaranteed

Brown derby shoes with Dark Green and Purple shadow stripe ribbed socks by fort belvedere with khakis. Most men have them and the best kind of sock to wear with them, in my opinion, is a two-tone sock.

The advantage is that you can have just one or two quality suits to create different looking outfits. The opportunity of creating different outfits just by changing your socks is endless. On top of working really well with solid pants, those shadow stripe socks also work supremely well with patterned pants. If you have a fine stripe, a white flannel chalk stripe, a glen check, a houndstooth, tweedor any other classic pattern, the shadow stripe socks will work.

On top of that, you can also decide to match your socks to a different accessory such as your pocket squareyour boutonniereor your tie.

For example, the blue and red socks would work really well with the navy and red knit tie. Sometimes, people also pair their sock color to the lining color of their suit which can also look quite stunning. So blue jeans, blue socks. The matching the pants thing seems to make sense to me.

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I saw my boss the other day with black shoes, brown slacks and socks that matched to pants perfectly. But that's kind of complicated because you may have pants with completely different colors. I prefer matching the shoes.

I have two pairs of black shoes and I have a lot of black socks and that's it. Then again I have some beige shoes and I only wear some grey socks, because a man can't be a man if he's too coordinated. Another vote for blue close to the colour of your jeans or brown close to the colour of your shoes preferred. Although, as previously mentioned, argyle or another patterned sock that coordinates with both would be a good choice as well this is more of a "funky" choice.

Aroundwhite socks were the norm for those that wore socksfor reasons I can't imagine. Live long enough, you learn how weird fashion really is.

If you're honest and male?

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

The benefit of using black socks in almost all situations is that you only need one color of sock. White socks are especially bad with dark pants and shoes, because it just looks like crap. Brown or argyle or stripey. I support the latter two.

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

Rules for which socks to wear with jeans? You're all scaring me. That's important for dress pants, but jeans? For jeans you get to have a bit of fun on the socks. They don't have to be the same color as your shoes or the same color as your jeans, but they can't clash with anything unless it's obvious you're doing it on purpose which, incidentally, is what fashion is about: You will have a hard time convincing anyone that you are intentionally wearing brown shoes with black socks to make a statement, however.

Stripes are big right now. I'm a big fan of ironically-ugly argyles. Make them have something to do with the other stuff you're wearing, even if the other stuff is your shirt.

How to color-coordinate your suit, shoes and socks

Oh, and don't wear dress socks. They're called "dress socks" on purpose, and you wear those with dress shoes, and you don't wear dress shoes with jeans. Stay away from white, choose with intent, wear things that make you happy. Navy or dark brown. I don't know why everyone is trying to match socks to shoes or pants, but IMO that's bland. The only true matching rule is that shoe color should match belt color. The most important part of an outfit usually ends up being what you wear above your waist shirt, jacket, jewelry, hat.

Dan, We do not have a chart with all three, but not a bad idea. What about dark blue derby shoes with denim blue pants?

What Color Shoes To Wear With What Color Pants

If not what color pants would you recommend? For now, if you want to look into matching the colour a bit more have a look at the chart here. Hi blogger, do you monetize your thefineyounggentleman. There is easy way to earn extra money every day, just search on youtube — How to earn with wordai 4.

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

That just looks wrong. Michael, I think it is totally fine as long as the shade of brown does not clash with that of the blue or gray. That said, brown almost never clashes with blue so the gray can be more tricky. How to Wear White Jeans for Men.

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

Maybe chocolate brown cord trousers with purple suede chukka boots would work ok? I do not think that a pair of white trousers fit to any shoe; I never wear white trousers. What about Grey pants and light brown shoes. I wear brown leather converse with Grey jeans, looks good.

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

Hey, Nice combinations guide, makes life easier. What color pants or chinos goes with white shoes.

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

John, I would wear pretty much any color pants but black with white shoes. This has been tremendously helpful. Kumar, Glad to be of help, thank you for the kind words! This color chart is so incredibly awesome, thank you!!! I see black suits and brown shoes that work all the time? What are your thoughts on wearing forest green and burgundy dress pants? If your wearing mint green slacks what Color should your shoes be?

what color socks with brown shoes and grey pants

You can wear any colour shoes, just change your trousers before hand. Rolling my fucking eyes at the replies this got. What color loafers can i wear for a vine coloured trousers??

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