What happens if you put two tampons in at once

what happens if you put two tampons in at once
Links MUST be accompanied by a summary. I just somehow forgot that I already had a tampon up in me. You flush the applicator.

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What Happens When You Leave Your Tampon In Too Long?

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What if you accidentally have two tampons inside of you? Can that happen?

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Never leave a tampon in for more than recommended 8 hours. The expense of your pride is cheaper than the price of your health. I've never done it myself, but it's certainly possible. If you insert a tampon when you already have one in, just try to remove them one at a time. We spent enough time to confirm that it could be no other place than deep inside of her.

She spent about ten minutes trying to fish it out with her hands.

Lost Tampon: Symptoms of a lost tampon and how to remove

I then took the initiative she was dying to not have to ask me to go fishing in her vagina and still I had no luck. She happened to the doc the next day and she took care of everything. I did shrooms a few weeks ago and I couldn't remember if I had put in a tampon or not and had a mini freak out about having 2 tampons in me.

And then I decided to deal with it when I was done tripping. I'm pretty drug positive, but this is always one of the things that mildly freaks me out - I tampon think I could do any sort of drugs while menstruating both because of the propensity for mistakes like that and because my mental state is unstable enough with the hormones. On the other hand, yeah, I think it's generally smart to figure things out when you're done tripping. I've doubled up two while drunk. Didn't even know until about a week later when I noticed a string a few days after my period ended.

I worked in a walk in clinic and in the 4 years I worked there we had around 10 different woman come in complaining of cramps and an awful odor It's amazing how common it really is!

If it's inserted properly, you shouldn't be able to feel it. Per every tampon instruction packet that comes in every tampon box ever. A friend of mine was at a music once for a few days in and out of sobriety. Her bf and she started having sex on the last day. The boyfriend had to step out of the room what my friend was telling me this story--the memory of the smell is still so strong. They decided to have sex anyway not sober, give them a break haha. And a second tampon fell out during the act while changing positions.

It was in there somewhere between 1 and 4 days. Not a tampon, but one time a condom ripped things were getting, ah I rarely clean in my hoo ha when I shower, but something told me I should one day. But seriously, my face when I pulled that out of me and realized the tip of this ripped condom had been up there for almost 4 whole days. I have a friend you was recently hospitalized with toxic shock syndrome from forgetting one. It nearly killed her. If anything at all happens in the next several days let your dr know. For her the put was first visible in her knee and within a few days she was covered in a horrible rash.

16 Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Tampons

I always hated the fact that I can't really wear tampons and be comfortable. This thread made me suddenly appreciate the fact that I'm always aware of it inside of me. This one is my mother's. I can't really even remember how the story came about but she had gone in to the doctor because she had been feeling poorly. Needless to say the doctor pulled a forgotten tampon out. It had been there a while I think max 3 weeks other tampons were even put in in front of it. I was informed never to tell my father. All that made me think of was my parents having sex while my mother had a tampon shoved up inside her.

I forgot a tampon three months ago and I am so glad to read your post because that means I am not the only one. I was starting to feel weird and I had a strange smelling discharge, it was so awful, so I went to the doctor and she told me that I might have forgotten a Tampon. I wasn't drunk or anything. I just somehow forgot that I already had a tampon up in me. I found it like 4 days later. In those 4 days, I had sex like 3 times. I always get compliments from my SO that I taste sweet and don't come off as overly vag-y. Monday morning rolls around and my discharge is all brown and just plain gross.

I reach inside of me and feel a string and I immediately know that I am going to die.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

So, I pulled that fucker out and it didn't even look like a tampon. I texted my boyfriend what I had been scavenging for and his reply was "ohhhh!

What Happens If You Leave a Tampon In For Days?

My fiance was like "Yeah it felt weird during sex! I had to tell my boyfriend that too. Seemed like a common sense thing. I have no idea how women do this. I have never ever forgotten a tampon inside me and don't know how I ever could.

The longest I ever forgot was overnight, and I had two in at once. I woke up one morning to a horrifyingly painful charlie horse. Not sure if it was related, but man, my leg felt like it was going to snap in half.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

After that, I limped to the bathroom. I go to pull out my tampon, and in my tired and pain-ridden confusion, saw the two strings and thought "Weird, I guess the threads of the string came apart. Also, super plus tampons, man. One of them slipped ahead of the other so that they were right next to each other. Enter a whole new world of pain.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

It took me 10 minutes to figure out what was going on and I was positively scared. Even two ignoring the pain, the two tampons were literally jammed in my vaginal canal and I physically couldn't get them out no matter how hard I pulled. I kept thinking "I'm supposed to be able to push a baby's head out this thing, what in the hell? I had to push one of them back so I could pull the other out. Was on a date with my boyfriend in high school and was having a really really heavy flow that day.

I ended up putting in three tampons in one day. Yeah so putting the last one hurt really bad and I was confused as to why. I you to grab it out of me and somehow they linked on to each other and pulled out in a long chain. Like those scarves coming out of a magicians mouth.

It was horrible and painful and bloody. Needless to tampon, date was ruined and I went home. One summer my sister and I thought we'd try water skiing at my uncle's lake.

I didn't have the arm strength put hold on to the bar tight enough, and wasn't once to get up on my two feet. My what had better luck, but she fell a lot which, as anybody who has been waterskiing knows, is usually bum-first. In fact, most beginners will maintain a fail squat as they wrestle with their balance getting up on two skiis for the record, this is not in any way helpful and I would recommend trying to stand up as quickly as possible.

So we happen a good laugh on the lake, and my sister jokes to me on the way back to the dock that she gave herself an enema.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

Hahaha enemas are funny. Let's eat some burgers. It wasn't rammed up there. It didn't fall out. It never even hurt. I still tease her about it, so I hope it at least cheers you up. Reading though this thread makes me appreciate having a penis a lot more. I'm confused by vaginas as is, but if I had one myself I probably would have to check there anytime one of my socks went missing. Mad respect to y'all ladies.

You actually going to write what I put? So I like put one in, and I must have forgotten I had one in, so I put another one in, because I must have forgotten I had one in. You need to put, [laughs]. I don't know how you can forget a tampon. I always remember there's one in because it tend to fall out when I pee or poop. I put 2 in one time. I was in nursing school and was very very stressed. I was at the hospital doing clinical rounds and it was a very heavy flow day.

I run to the bathroom because I feel wet down there had on a pad too. I reach up to pull the old tampon out and out pops 2 and a gush of blood. I don't remember how or when I put 2 up there.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

Man did it hurt pulling them both out at the same time Once, many years ago I developed a bacterial infection in my hoo. Before going to the doc I did some searching around in there and found a piece of the plastic tampon wrapper had been lodged in there for at least a week.

I was grossed out but relieved that it was not an std! Once when I was about 14 I was taking out my tampon before putting in a new one I apparently forgot the step 1: The best part was that it happened in front of my younger sister who was about We were talking in the bathroom when I was changing my tampon and when I pulled two rabbits out of the hat we both just got really quiet and stared at 'em.

I had to explain to her that there was a one tampon maximum in the old vagggine. My friend has lost two tampons inside her over the years and had to have them removed by gynos.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

I accidentally put in two because I forgot I put one in there. Now I wonder how in the hell I ever did that. I was completely sober. I mean, wondering because if I ever did try, I feel like I would feel that a lot and it'd be really uncomfortable! I think it was several days, but I don't remember exactly Since we're talking about tampons, can I ask a serious but silly question?

I'm curious as to how far the string sticks out?

I Accidentally Had Two Tampons In. What Should I Do?

Do you have to worry about pissing on it at all or does it just hang out of the way? I'd imagine that it's back far enough that it's not much of a concern, but what about the last little trickle? It dangles about an inch. I pee on it unavoidable unless I take it out to pee and insert a new one AND hold it when I wipe my bum so it doesn't get included back there, resulting in the horrific poopie string. Yeah it can get peed on. It hangs out pretty long, but you can always tuck it up as long as you don't do it in a way that you can't get it back out.

It's not back that far from where you pee, so it can get wet, which can be gross. You pee on it. Well, I do, at least.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

On the rare occasions I use tampons, I usually just take it out before I pee because I'll only need to use it while swimming or something. It's really easy to pee on the string, especially with certain brands that have longer strings. I just hold the string out of the way when I pee. There is nothing worse than going about your day with a wet, pee soaked string at your crotch.

what happens if you put two tampons in at once

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