How to edit the weather on the iphone

how to edit the weather on the iphone
Repeat this process until each city you want to monitor is added. It's in the lower-right corner of the screen.

You can update settings related to your pre-configured locations, view a forecast and see information about your currently selected city using the Weather app. Using the Notification Center, you can see a basic summary for your default location when you select the "Today" tab. The summary includes the date, current weather conditions and a forecast for the rest of the day.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

Tap the "Weather" app and select the Settings icon, displayed as three horizontal bars in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap the "Weather" app to view the current forecast summary for your default city.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

Well i turned the location services on and then went to the weather app, deleted all the cities and kept only one with the current location which was Manchester and solved this painful problem. Hope it would work for all of you guys. You can turn the location services off after doing above procedure Add new comment Comments Thank you, this is very helpful.

For iOS 8 1. Click on the 3 Bars in the bottom right 3.

How to Set a Default Location in the iPhone Weather App

Slide to the left on the cities you want to remove 4. This wikiHow teaches you how to choose the city for which the iPhone Weather app first displays the current weather and forecast when you open it.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

Open the Weather app. Enter the name of a city. Tap the city to make it the default. It's a blue app that contains the images of a white cloud and a yellow sun.

How to Change the Weather City on an iPhone

It's in the lower-right corner of the screen. It's in the upper-right corner of the black part of the screen. Start typing the name of a city, zip code or airport location in the search field at the top of the screen.

How to Change the Weather Setting on the iPhone

Do so when you see the name of the city you'd like to select appear below the search field. You can arrange all the cities in exactly the order you want, and you can even remove ones you no longer want. The Weather app for iPhone will automatically keep track of the climate and temperature in your current location, if you allow it.

However, you can also add any other locations you might want to keep track of.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

Whether you're traveling or simply have family, friends, or colleagues around the world, you easily keep all the information you want, all available at a glance. Tap the List button at the bottom right or pinch to compress down to the list view. Swipe from right to left on top of the location you want to remove to reveal the Delete button.

How do I delete / remove a city from the Weather app in iOS 7?

In addition to checking weather information using the app, you can also ask Siri for the most important forecast and temperature information. If you have any questions about the built-in Weather app for iPhone, drop them in the comments below! Surely the fact that the Weather app is not available on the iPad should not get in the way of a helpful article about using the Weather app on iPad, right? Though I do notice that even though the article title and table-of-content links all mention iPad, the section headers themselves do not.

So it's not even self-consistent.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

I always found this really odd, why not include it? The extra screen space could make for displaying the weather in an even nicer way with more information. At least there's other weather apps I guess. There's two things it doesn't do.

Weather app: The ultimate guide

One is predict weather very well and two the provider can't be changed. I find the BBC is more accurate so would be nice to change to that service.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

I wish Apple provided their weather app for the iPad. I've always found it to be satisfactory, but I typically only need it for the current day to two or three days in advance. I've got four or five weather apps and haven't found any of them to be very accurate for the week or more.

how to edit the weather on the iphone

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