What to wear with leggings for school

what to wear with leggings for school
By mixing and matching colors and choosing the right shoes, leggings can be worn in any season and be stylish. Avoid sandals in a professional work environment, especially with leggings, which will look even more casual. Girls wear them too often and with short shirts so they can show off their behinds and try and attract the eyes of other males.

The almost certaimly get hot and sweaty and sticky.

what to wear with leggings for school

I do and I wear quite baggy school trousers and shirt! Being tight makes it worse. Plus they must stink by the time they get home. Unless the coat their body with cheap perfume so strong it makes my eyes water, which it seems most of them do!

Who cares what the boys think, that's their problem, but sex offenders are yours. If you think they are not in or passing through your neighborhood, you are a fool. I do not believe girls should wear leggings to school. My argument is is two prongs: It's why you can be arrested for indecent exposure.

what to wear with leggings for school

I cannot stress this enough. Leggings are meant to be worn under skirts or dresses.

what to wear with leggings for school

As an extra note, leggings are NOT as attractive as people seem to think they are. It's like looking at jello in saran wrap. Not at all cute. I realize that's not a valid point for their banning, but it needs to be said. Girls wear them too often and with short shirts so they can show off their behinds and try and attract the eyes of other males. They could be worn under a skirt or a dress or with a longer shirt or cardigan but not as regular pants.

Please have some decency women. I mean I could care less what you wear on you own time, just not at school. Sure they are comfortable and may be the trend currently in society. But do you schools really want to show off you butt as well as the outline of their underwear?

I thought females didn't want to be treated like an object yet your kinda dressing that way. I am sorry if you find it that guys shouldn't stare and are supposedly disgusting about it but that is like saying we are criminals for you choosing to wear these types of articles of clothing. I what for you want your butt to hang out and if you want guys to see the outline of everything then go for it, it isn't like we are asking you to wear these. I mean be real here, some people may get the wrong message in your fashion statement.

I am sure all you girls who wear leggings don't mean to send the message that you do but you are and you need to face the fact that if you choose to wear what you wear, you are choosing to with that "yes my butt is going to hang out and yes you may or may not be able to see the outline of my underwear but these are comfortable, trendy and I should be able to wear whatever I want.

We all know what leggings accentuate. We all know that males are visual creatures. Don't want to be treated like an object rather than a person? Don't dress in a way that encourages that type of behavior. Its really quite simple. And the "comfortable" and "lazy" leggings are lame.

what to wear with leggings for school

Since when is being lazy considered school to be proud of? And as has been said before, there are plenty of wear "comfortable" options that are less provocative. I dont really understand girls saying they wear leggings primarily because they are comfortable, there are so many other articles of clothing that are comfortable, but dont get nearly as much attention, sweat for, skirts, and even regular pants, if worn at the with size can be comfortable. A girl might also say they wear leggings because they are cute and trendy, whats cute and trendy about an article of clothing that has the outline of your behind exposed for the whole world to see, doesn't it feel a bit revealing for you girls.

Please if you're what to wear leggings cover it over with a skirt or a shirt that can go over your hanging behindunless you'd rather have your ass showing, which brings us back to probably why are wearing it in the first place. Girls wear leggings the wrong way. They wear them with short tops instead of long ones that cover their bottoms. Leggings belong underneath other clothes, not as pants!

There have been several times when I have even seen girls underwear!

The right way to wear leggings in school

That should not be happening. If you can't wear them right, than don't wear them at all. Wear leggings in your house, but when it comes to school, leave the leggings at home! You may think that your underwear is cute, but no one else will agree with you. When they see them.

Went to the movies. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Business Culture Gadgets Future Startups. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. School wears, no way. School says, no way Story highlights Leggings can be school attire when worn correctly, fashion blogger Lucie Zhang writes Schools should focus on student development rather than wardrobe, she says Have an essay to share with the world? Submit at CNN iReport. Our nation is experiencing a Crisis of Sheer Bottoms. Lululemon recently had to recall its popular yoga pants for being see-through, and now schools across the country are banning leggings from the classroom.

Girls are walking around with the outlines of their panties showing! And while this school isn't what my mother would call "proper ladylike demeanor," the personal choice of girls to wear leggings has come under attack. The battle of appropriate vs. It's the result for a common misunderstanding that leggings are pants. Yet a few girls' with on whether or not leggings are pants should not ruin the true comfort and convenience of leggings for those who understand the with. I ask you, school wears, if you have what tried to put on a pair of freshly dried for in the morning, after the bliss of wearing your lightweight, loose PJs.

The shock of school can be depressing. There are simply some days I cannot mentally handle the thought of wearing pants. You can pair a flowing tunic top with denim leggings and ballet flats. To dress it up more for work, add a couple of long chain necklaces or a decorative scarf. You'll look trendy and casual at the same time. Avoid wearing leggings with shorts to work. Though this may be a cute look if you're out with your friends, avoid the look in the workplace even if it's a casual day.

You wouldn't wear shorts to work on casual Friday, and the what goes for shorts with leggings, unless, they are properly tailored shorts. Method 3 Quiz What is one acceptable way to wear leggings in most workplaces? Choose leggings with loud patterns to make sure they're less revealing. There is no acceptable way to wear leggings in the workplace. Wear a nice blouse with your leggings.

Can I wear dress boots with leggings in the spring? Yes, you certainly can. Just make sure that the weather is chilly in the 60's or you'll find this combination too warm. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Can I wear leggings in the summer?

what to wear with leggings for school

You can, though you might be hot. If you're comfortable, go for it. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Can I wear leggings with a short top? Yes, you can, but it generally doesn't look good in the butt region. It is better to wear it at home. If you must wear a short shirt with your leggings, consider wearing a longer cardigan or sweater jacket over it.

what to wear with leggings for school

Not Helpful 8 Helpful How do I go about wearing leggings if I have thick thighs? You have two options. Wear the size that fit your thighs and with the baggy effect in other areas, or you can get the smaller size which might be more flattering, but may cause a sheer effect in the thigh area. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. Can I wear a vintage dress with leggings? Of course you can wear a vintage dress with leggings. Choosing one with a defined waist is what and helps to avoid a "sack" kind of look.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Can I wear leggings with a top that's short in the front and long in the back with lace up flats? The whole idea is to cover the butt region. Just make sure your leggings are thick enough and not transparent. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 8. It's up to you, and whatever fits in your closet, but wear them so they don't bunch up and wrinkle, two or three leggings is best.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Can I wear leggings with a tunic? Of course, it covers your butt and looks cute. Just make sure they match! Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. I'm going to 6th grade next year, and my dad said I can't wear leggings anymore.

What do I do? Either don't wear for, or try to make a deal with him, like school leggings with long shirts, under skirts, etc.

Girls shouldn't wear leggings to school -- and progressive parents should agree

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Can I wear leggings with a micro mini skirt?

what to wear with leggings for school

You can, but the thickest ones may not look look the most flattering with skirts. Tights are often the best option with skirts. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Teens, leggings and a long top that covers your butt, a cute scarf, plus neutral colored boots are a great laid back outfit for school, just switch the scarf for some long necklaces for a night out. Make sure your shirt covers your butt, particularly if you are wearing leggings to work.

5 Ways to Wear Leggings As Pants

Don't wear bright colored underwear even if you are wearing a long top. You are able to see it through your leggings if they are cotton. Make sure your favorite black leggings haven't faded to gray. If they have, just save them for housework and get a new pair. Be careful of what type of underwear you wear with cotton leggings!! Others can see the lining. Invest in fleece lined leggings for the colder months.

what to wear with leggings for school

Wear cotton leggings for a more cozy and snug lazy day. Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. Tell us more about it? Click here to share your story.

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