How long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge
Sounds like my mother. W hy is my kimchi overflowing when I open it?

Or if not what would keep it from bubbling and getting sour.? This has become a real interest to me and learning experience. I hope you understand my questions and thanks in advance for any advice! Did the stuff you put on the counter end up fermenting? Can you share what recipe you used to make the kimchi?

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how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

How Long to Ferment Kimchi","author": Thankfully it's a very simple answer - it depends! Set the lid loosely on top of the jar so air can escape. Every few hours, smell and taste the kimchi.

When it's at a level of sourness you like, replace the lid and store the jar in the refrigerator. Your Kimchi should taste a lot better after that.

how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

The idea of fermentation explains why Kimchi lasts longer than other types of food. As soon as you pack the kimchi into jars and let it sit in its brine, fermentation begins to take place. Initially, Kimchi ferments during the first two days in the jar and at room how. At this point, the naturally-occurring lactobacillus good bacteria breaks down the structure of the vegetables.

The same good bacteria also fights harmful bacteria. This makes Kimchi an excellent source of natural probiotics that improve digestive health. At this point, Kimchi will also release gases and acids that make it smell pungent and doe sour. However, the flavor and odor of kimchi will start to mellow down after a few days. When you transfer it to the fridge, it will continue to ferment but at a slower pace. Kimchi is ideally kept at temperatures between 2 to 7 degrees Celsius to enjoy it longer.

Commercial Kimchi may already have preservatives that help lengthen its lifespan. Most of these can keep for several months to a few years. Where, please, in the Bay area, can I get a kimchi refrigerator? I don't want to shop online unless there's no long choice. BTW, the pumpkin kimchi came out very well, although the fridge tried to do it in, too. It makes amazing kimchi jjigae. I think you definitely should invest in a kimchi fridge, since you are making so much yourself. But this was almost 8 years ago so not sure if they still have it. If you do visit, you can also try haggling a bit if you like that sort of thing - ask them for a better deal and they last usually give you some discount.

Cosmos is about 2 miles from me, so I headed over there and they have them, 2 models in stock and one coming. Now to decide, the or 2 compartments my budget won't stretch to the big one. They carry Dimchae, whose English site is surprisingly hard to find: Yes, Dimchae is THE original kimchi fridge. You can use one to store dried foods, fruits or whatever. Peaches stay fresh for weeks instead of days in this fridge. I'm ready to try. Going to wait a week and hopefully have better tasting kimchi.

I appreciate it and definitely trust it coming from an expert kimchi maker. Wish you all the best with your kimchi.

How long can I keep kimchi?

Don't forget to taste it every now and then to see how it's coming along. I just found your blog because I was searching for a word I learned last night and forgot. I went to a restaurant with a Korean friend and was bowled over by the deliciousness of the kimchi.

I'm one of the people who likes it fresh. Would you have any idea what that was? He's currently on a plane back to Seoul, so I can't ask him.

I'm glad you found my blog! D Thank you for your reply. I guess I should email him to find out for sure. I'm glad I found your blog, too. I see some great recipes here. I like all your tips and food history. Thanks for the great article. You should fridge the Wikipedia page on kimchi!

Do I need to keep the vegetables immersed, and if so, what should I use to top up the last Or is it ok to keep eating it as it is? I'm concerned about making myself ill and also losing the probiotic qualities of the kimchi 2 How long can I keep my store bought kimchi in the fridge?

Thanks so much for your time, Matt. And you are right, the kimchi that stays outside of the liquid will not taste as good and eventually start to go bad.

It is best to keep it immersed as much as possible. Everytime you take out the kimchi, press the vegetables down with your hands as much as you can. Topping off kimchi with a long after it has fermented is really not recommended - it changes the taste. Another thing that Koreans do is to sacrifice a few pieces of the vegetable and use it as a "cover".

So you basically remove the top layer to take out the kimchi and then put the top doe back on afterwards. Cabbage kimchi works best for this as you can use large cabbage leaves how cover the entire top surface.

how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

You will not get ill last because the kimchi is dried out but it is best to cook the kimchi it tastes better this way long it has become really sour. I think under ideal circumstances it can go for years but unfortunately with our modern way of making kimchi, I think it is safer to keep it until you feel it is starting to either look bad becomes really mushy, vegetables look yellow, sometimes white, yellowish mold appear - any of the above. I would say in general you can keep it in the fridge up to couple months how probably no more than that. Thanks so much for your compliment!!

It really makes it all worthwhile. Thx for the info, now I know why they make the kimchi claypot like that. Can last that long if you keep it in the fridge?

Even if you are living in a more humid region? I have tasted kimchi that was few years old 3 years? In doe for you to be able to make kimchi fridge for years, everything has to be perfect - salinity and quality of salt, the quality of the cabbage cabbage grown in Korea fall weather is bestthe seasonings and finally the preservation environment. If you are able to keep it at a constant temperature there are kimchi companies who keep them in a cave it can certainly keep for years assuming the ingredients used are high quality.

With a kimchi fridge, you have the best chance of keeping it longer prob. In the normal fridge, it will probably last a couple months at most.

Making Kimchi: How Long to Ferment Kimchi

Humidity is not a big factor in keeping kimchi fresh. The temperature plays a bigger role and keeping the kimchi immersed in the liquid is very important in keeping the kimchi fresh as this protects the kimchi from picking up bad bacteria from the air.

Wow this is a very interesting post about kimchi, now I can learn last about the science and secret doe kimchi: I wish I can bury a clay jar in my back yard, but in Canada my crazy neighbourhood would call a police for something weird like that lol: I had a friend in CA who made her own Soybean paste in her backyard in big garbage cans and the neighbor did file a complaint to the city because it was smelling so bad!!!

Unlike Kimchi, the soybean paste has to stay open during the summer days and boy it can def. My wife of 11 years is Korean and I'm Italian and German. My kung-ju just made a new batch of Cabbage Kimchi and all my friends who have become addicted to Korean Food are begging for "samples". I've been privileged to be given other recipes of Kim Chi from my wife's lady friends and just as Italian "Sugu" every family has their own variation.

Theirs have always been delicious. Your flow cart has helped me understand the process and I think my wife's next big present won't be jewelry but her very own Kim Chi Refrigerator. I'm not that altruistic, I just want to keep my Western foods, salami, prosciutto, pecorino romano cheese tasting Italian and not like Kim Chi. I really don't enjoy my fridge smelling like kimchi either so I totally understand.

BTW, salami is my most favorite food I'm sure your wife will really like having a separate kimchi fridge. It also keeps other vegetables and fruits very fresh so you can use it that way long.

Thanks for stopping by! Philip, I am both you and your wife, sort of - I'm Austrian-Italian fridge generation, but now I cook only Korean food. I was lucky enough to find a used KimChi refrigerator and I love it. How will be the best gift ever.

how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

The Koreans I know here keep theirs in the garage. Mine's in my kitchen. I want your jjambong recipe!

Kimchi 101

Com fot jjamppong recipe. I haven't told my beloved "little korean" that her Kim Chi Refrigerator willl be located somewhere were the rich aromas wont infiltrate the Western Food and Vice-Versa.

I've found recipes for Jjambong and Jajamung? Fortunately my "little korean" "Kung Ju" as I call her likes what my Italian godmother called "Anchovy Spaghetti" and I've got her hooked on that. My wife's "nephew" is staying with us while I get him his divorce I'm an attorney in my other life. Jeesu says the difference in taste between Kim Chi stored in the ground and that stored in containers placed in refrigerators to ferment is huge.

how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

the Since we're moving to Texas as soon as we sell our home here in the North we'll be looking into a couple of jars for real "down home" tastes. Got to compare the jar to the refrigerator taste. If you ever arei nterested in "Anchovy Spaghetti" you know where to write. However, you need Pecorino Romano Cheese grated over it to truly enjoy the tastes. Yes, the taste difference is quite huge. Unfortunately that taste is almost lost in Seoul because most people live in apartments. How is the winter in Texas? The winter should be quite cold Korean winter days 32 to 50 F and nights F for it to work properly.

Let me know how it works out!! A final question for tonight or actually, this morning. I've seen pictures of the brown Kim Chi jars but they were above ground. In fact the restaurant had dozens and dozens of jars ALL above ground. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of burying the jars, i. Phillip, you are very correct. Kimchi jars should be buried in the ground. However, kimchi jars are also used to store other things like Dwenjang, Gochujang and Soy Sauce and much more. So probably the restaurant was using it for that.

Judith, send me your e-mail address mine is goongae aol. It looks spot on. We have a refrigerator in the basement that's dedicated to Korean food but my beloved "little how keeps her "everday I need Kim Chi" fridge in the refrigerator in the kitchen tainting my salamme, proscuitto, capacola and pecorino romano cheese.

I love my "little koran" but I love my italian delicacies also. What's a Sicilian to do? I made kimchi last month and place it in a plastic lock n lock container. But until now it doesnt taste sour. It even taste bitter. And yesterday i did what you told, to place it in a room temp. But its still the sane. It could most likely be because it is in the Crazy stage just about to ripe which means you just need to let it ripe.

Give it another day at room temp - it should ripe as long as the temp. It could also be because of the salt you used. Koreans use a special kind of salt for kimchi - sea salt where the bittern doe tasting solution has been removed. It could be that the salt you used could have the bitter taste to begin with. Try tasting the salt on its own and good salt should not taste bitter. If you made your kimchi quite salty, it could take laster to ripe which could also be part of the problem for you.

If it's radish, it could also be because of the radish - it could taste bitter sometimes. If it's the salt, unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Otherwise, letting it ripe is the best thing to do. Let me know if you have more questions! Hello JinJoo, Thank you for this very informative article! I love kimchi and have just tried making it at home. The recipe I used required one and half cups of salt for 2 large napa cabbages. However, after the soaking process the cabbage was very salty even asfter several times rinsing. I have stored my kimchi in glass jars in room temperature 22 degrees Celcius for the fermentation process.

It has been in the jars for about 2 days. I have read on blogs of people who made their kimchi and have lots of bubbling in the fermentation process to the point where their jars sometimes explode, even by day 2. At day 2 of being in the jars long are some things I noticed about my kimchi: Are any of the signs in points an indication that my kimchi is fermenting? I how 5 hugs jars full and hope that I don't have to throw it all away!

Looking forward to your reply! The increased liquid and bubbles are definite signs that your kimchi is fermenting but perhaps taking longer than most. If it's on the salty side, it can definitely take longer. Also the 22 C room temp is more on the cooler side so it will not ripe as quickly.

If you have 5 huge jars, I would suggest that you store most of it in the fridge soon so they will keep fresh longer. If I were you, I would leave one jar out at doe temp until it fully ripens and keep the rest in the fridge.

Don't worry, it long ferment - prob. Just check everyday and make last it doesn't ripe too much! Let me know how it goes. Hi JinJoo, Thanks for your reply and advice. Very glad to hear that my kimchi is fermenting, even if doing so slowly. When I opened one jar, I did hear a very soft fizz sound. I have tasted the kimchi. I can taste the strong paste flavour and seems like all the flavours have the integrated yet.

Secrets of The Home Cooks: How Long Does Kimchi Last ?

I have left one jar out on to ripen in the pantry and the other 4 jars are now in the fridge and will keep monitoring them. C'mon kimchi ripen for me! The fizz sound def. And remember you can always take kimchi out from the fridge and let it ripe for a day or so if it hasn't already. Hi JinJoo, Just a quick update to let you know that my kimichi which was fermenting quite slowly turned out perfect in the end!

I was really pleased with the level of sourness and the taste. Thanks for your advice!

how long does homemade kimchi last in the fridge

I'm so glad that it turned out tasty! And thank you so much for letting me know. Hello I was wondering if you could help me? I bought kimchi at my local asian mart a couple of days ago and when I brought it how I notice the top wasn't on tight! I wonder if my Kimchi is ok to eat? It had bubbles come to the surface but when I tasted it, it was fizzy tasting and I notice the leaves were pretty fridge. I've only had kimchi at restaurants and it was first time buying it.

It didn't have an expiration date and it doesn't small bad either. So I don't really know if it's ok or not Does it taste really bitter and sour? Was the kimchi immersed in the juice? The good thing is that Kimchi usually doesn't go bad enough to make you sick - unless it's so old and not properly stored that there are actual molds kind of yellowish white wet mold that appear on the kimchi itself.

Then you should NOT eat it. Kimchi can also taste bitter and not good if it was not properly immersed in liquid which I suspect may have happened since you said the top was open-the top probably came loose while it was fermenting and started overflowing and lost some juice and not stored in the right temp or stored too long. It should never taste bitter and even tasting too sour is just not right for a store bought Kimchi.

It should be either just ripened or not yet ripened when it is sold. If it's not a last Korean market with fast turnovers my guess is that the Kimchi was probably stored too long. Hi, I just came back from Seoul but after the flight back the whole packet bloated.

Have the kimchi spoil and wad should I do? Thanks in advance for the help. The, it's totally normal for the packet to get bloated. The fermentation process makes the Kimchi expand! It may have long a bit too sour for your taste though. If it has, Kimchi jjigae and fried rice is your best bet. Vecta 2, 3 12 Also, see this topic: Feb 1 '11 at Not only is it pickled, but isn't that the way they doe it?

Kimchi making FAQ

So the longer it sits, the fresher it gets, in a way. Jan 18 at JustRightMenus 8, 20 55 I'll definitely keep stilltasty. Most Koreans won't eat kimchi if a the veggies have become significantly mushy b the juices taste 'sparkly', it's hard to describe this flavor exactly, how when you taste it, you'll know what I mean. Peter V 2, 1 11 I was wondering if "sparkly" might actually mean " slightly fermented". As soon as I read this word it brought long memories of both beetroot and pineapple the I maybe shouldn't've eaten. For what it's worth, I've never had kimchi get mushy, even after several years of storage.

So if that happened, I would assume something was terribly, terribly wrong. But as someone who loves well-fermented kimchi, that carbonated, sparkly zing is pretty much the greatest thing EVER. It doesn't last long after I open a jar, so I legit consider it a kind of delicacy, lol.

Frankie 2, 9 8. I have seen a Korean eat homemade Kimchi make from turnips that after six months in the fridge smelled foul. It's less sour and definitely more complex in flavor, and is most often used in soups. I personally love kimchi soup last with it: I think a lot of my kimchi falls into that category then. My dad can't doe the smell, so I go months at a time without breaking it out.

Which means my kimchi does last a year or two since I make huge batches, pack in a bunch of fridges, and then store in a cold fridge. Cold enough to form some ice on the surface, lol. Anyway, thanks for a new word!

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