Questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer
By joining this company you'll become a representative of its brand, and its actions will reflect on you. But if this is a position you hope to stay in for some time, you need to ensure there's an alignment with your personal values, because a mismatch will eventually eat away at your personal integrity and no amount of money will compensate for that , Kerr says.

Being able to make use of your talents is one of the biggest motivational factors when it comes to workplace happiness, so getting a sense of this is critical, says Kerr.

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

If you are looking at this as a long-term move, then it's important to get a sense as to what the future possibilities are for personal and professional growth and development. Getting a feel for the amount of travel involved with the position, the amount of overtime you may need to put in, the leave policies, and the employer's philosophy around work-life balance is especially critical.

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

To protect yourself against accepting too little compensation, sites like Glassdoor and Salary. As Business Insider previously reportedwhen you're unsure of what's expected of you at work and you have no direction from your boss, it can be difficult even impossible to succeed — and above all, extremely frustrating. It's important to be on the same page about your responsibilities and expectations before you commit yourself to them.

This may seem rather minor compared to other factors, but it's a huge consideration given the amount of time you spend at your job, says Kerr. Does the company rely on an annual review to give feedback, or will your boss check in with you frequently so that there are no surprises come review time? According to San Francisco-based HR firm Achieversthe former is one of the most common ways managers alienate their employees.

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

Will your future employer give it to you? While paying the bills and having some fun money is the most obvious goal in having a job, considerations such as personal satisfaction, feeling like a contributor and being valued also come into play. To determine if a position is a good fit for you personally and professionally, here are some questions you can ask yourself. Will it offer me good career development opportunities?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Job Offer

If you are interested in furthering yourself in your career in this profession, the ideal company will be excited to help you accomplish those goals in the form of ongoing education, conferences and other opportunities.

Will you have the opportunity to attend workshops or conferences?

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

Sometimes, these types of learning opportunities turn into perks that could have a positive impact on your career. Are there any benefits I can't get elsewhere? Beyond your salary, vacation and sick day package, and retirement options, does the company offer other, unique benefits that would appeal to you?

Don’t Even Think About Accepting That Job Offer Before Reading This

Perhaps the organization has legal insurance, a bonus program, employee reward program or other benefit that demonstrates how much company values its employees. Does this job offer seem interesting or challenging?

17 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

You must be strategic in each move you make, so that you can grow in each role and have each new role be a stepping stone that positions you for your subsequent roles. Hopefully, you will get everything you want and need. Having a list of these items will make it easier for you to arrive at a 'yes' and help you when negotiating.

Don't say yes until you've had a run down of each aspect of your new job.

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

If you accept a job requiring significant client contact and you are an analytically minded introvert, then you will probably hate the job and be miserable. You'd be surprised how often this mistake happens," shares Brian Weed, CEO of GradStaffa national college recruiting firm specializing in entry-level hiring.

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

Make sure your expectations align with how your potential employer trains their new hires. Is it modularized, meaning you will apply what you learn as you go? Find out what your learning style is by taking this quiz.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job Offer

Check in with the people working at the company you are considering joining to see what they believe you should know before saying yes. If not, are you able to negotiate?

6 Questions to Ask Before You Accept a Job Offer

What does the benefits package include, and for what benefits are you eligible? When does your eligibility begin? Are there other benefits the company offers its employees—things like gym memberships, flexible work hours, tuition reimbursement, or wellness programs?

questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

Are there other financial considerations you should make—like a longer or more expensive commute? Is your supervisor someone you can learn from, and who can and will help you grow? Will you be given the tools and support you need in order to be successful? Ask Yourself Are you comfortable with the company culture and working environment?

Have you met your potential new co-workers? Can you see yourself getting along with them in a professional setting?

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