How to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats
Without pressing the remote, step in the red circle. First Recruit a homie by targeting them with a gun and pressing up on the d-pad.

Accessing the bed save game in a safe house will immediately clear any wanted level, even if the game is not actually saved. Be wary of police vehicles replacing own vehicles in the parking space outside. Starting or completing certain missions clears any active Wanted Level. In addition, delivering a male friend back home after an activity will clear the Wanted Level. With female friends, the player is needed to lose the Wanted Level before picking her up and taking her back home. The player may call COP using the in-game cell phone to fully remove any wanted level attained note: If the player previously used the cheat, they can simply access the menu, select "Cheats", and select the option.

how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

Police in Grand Theft Auto IV are well armed, smarter, more determined and more lethal than in previous Grand Theft Auto games; they can even respond to crimes committed out of their sight, as civilians can call the police on their cell phones to report crimes. The police use their available weapons intelligently—an officer with a Pump Action Shotgun will move in closer to the player to compensate for the weapon's short range, while one with an M4A1 will stay back to take advantage of distance.

During a chase, officers will coordinate themselves and will attempt to box the player in with how cars, drive faster, use the PIT maneuver and try harder as the player's wanted level increases. Also, the police can commandeer civilian vehicles parked or occupied if san vehicles are destroyed, or if a police vehicle is unavailable; they may even commandeer the cars parked in front of the player's safehouses. Inside safehouses, the police will follow pursuit and wound or even kill the player but cannot arrest them. During the mission " Easy Fare " or on from platforms, the first time any wanted status is attained even during the game's first missionthe game cheats information to briefly explain the Wanted Level System.

The area the Police search is shown by the flashing red and blue zone. Cops are shown by the flashing red and blue icons. To lose your Wanted Level, escape the flashing escape. The Cops are less likely to identify you if you swap vehicles or run through alleyways and side streets. If the wanted stars are grayed out then the Cops have lost sight of you. The Police Maverick is indeed flyable. It is an annoying police, and is often failed because of Rockstar's attempts to keep you from flying it.

What is involved is using another chopper to take off the main rotor blade at a very low height, so that everyone inside survives. If anyone dies because of the fallthen that officer will not get out, and you'll be unable to get the Police chopper.

Once it is on the ground, land your chopper nearby, and if all gta well, and the police officers lived, then kill them, get out of the pursuit, but NOT by running away, as the crashed chopper will disappear.

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Once you are out of the pursuit, push the chopper into a safehouse parking spot, save, and then re load the save file, in order to repair the chopper you may need to load another save file gta then load the one with the chopper. You now will have a new, flyable Police Maverick. There is no radio, no computer, and the searchlight is not available, as usual. It is escape essentially a regular Maverick with a special paint job. This is best done at the eastern Algonquin safehouse not Playboy X'scheat there is plenty of space to bring it down safely.

I found it incredibly useful to use cheats, and that was how San did it, however, I suppose it can be done without. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas the helicopter doesn't have a pilot, which makes it impossible to shoot the helicopter down by shooting the "pilot" in the police.

In the back is a how pool and a wall on the east side. Walk up against it and you will fall through an invisible wall and continue falling from you reappear back on the ground. You can use the Jetpack to fly from in blue hell.

This will not work after you complete the mission -- you should be playing a new file to do this. Get a car and ram the cheat in the front. You should either break the wall and go through or break the wall and get pushed back from the impact. Then, drive in and you will fall through the ground and end up back on the street. Sometimes san car will disappear when you get put back on the street. If you walk in, you will fall but when you are put back on the street you will not lose any police.

Go to the Ganton gym and park a car in how doorway, with the hood touching the door. Get out, jump on the hood, and walk inside.

Once inside, walk back out again. You will appear in a hallway. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall through the world. If you do not automatically fall, walk to where the iron support beams end. You will start falling. In a few seconds you will land around the billboard that is in front of the Vinewood sign. Once inside, you will appear in a hallway. Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and wear it. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall a short distance, then be able to fly under the city. Enable the "Pedestrians riot" and "Pedestrians have weapons" codes. Enter the dance club and start the dance challenge.

During the dance, a pedestrian may have a rocket launcher and start shooting. More people will come in and watch you dance. If the pedestrians are too close, then you will be inflicted with damage from the rocket launcher. If your damage has passed the point of making you wasted, when the dance is over the message will appear stating that you can dance to a harder track. After the message disappears, C. Go to the police station where there is a toll gate with a policeman standing next to it.

Hijack any police vehicle. If you hijack a car or do a crime in that area, this will not work. Then, go in front of the gta and wait for him to open it. Once he does, go inside and go straight. Stay in your vehicle. Park next to the garage door then get out of your vehicle.

Once out, go next to the building and your will see another booth next to the building. Go inside and kill the guard. Then, kill the booth man next to the gate. Once this is done, go in the garage through the fire exit.

how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

Then, go next to a cheat so that he points his gun at you. He should say that he needs backup into his radio. Kill him with a gun. If done correctly, he should be dead, but still standing. Once he gets off the radio, he should fall down and die. Get a police bike, and go to the section of the tracks that leads to Red County if you keep driving. Keep moving your bike against the right side so that it sparks severely, but does not crash. After from 30 seconds, you should fall from the map. The bike will fall and disappear, and CJ will appear somewhere on the map randomly.

When you are by your house on the hills directly behind the "Vinewood" sign, go behind the house where the pool is located. Walk over to the wall and go straight, where another wall meets that san. You will be able to walk through the wall, and if you walk in the correcl location, you will fall and the "Loading" message will appear. The game will place you on a road below the "Vinewood" sign. Go to San Fierro's hospital. There are two different polices that are connected by a walkway that is over the road. Go towards the western building hospital were the cane is located.

To your left should be an ambulance. Go towards the escape, and face the east building "across the road". As you look across the road, you will see doors and a part of the building hospital that sticks out. Fly between the doors and the part gta the building that is sticking out to reach the gateway to get in the hospital underworld. To get back to the real world, sink down to the endless pit.

CJ will respawn at the closest street. You can also fly though the opening of the hospital where you first entered the underworld. Located in the Back O Beyond area is a tree that is leaning over a swamp. CJ can walk up the tree. If you fall off, make sure you have completed the Paramedic missions so that you do not die. Go to the Back O Beyond area. The swamp water there completely makes any vehicle disappear, while in the water. Enable the "Recruit anyone into your gang" code. Recruit three pedestrians, then get into an ambulance. Enable the "Flying cars" code and take off best done from your house.

Gain altitude for about one minute, then start the ambulance missions. Your pedestrians will bail out of the ambulance. When in a helicopter, fly above the giant bridge and try to land in the middle. The helicopter will land in mid air, and you can get out and police around in the air. This cannot be done if you completed all the missions in San Fierro. Spawn a cheat and san parachute. Fly north of San Fierro. Go over the bridge and to the land. Then, go back and jump out and land on the thing with a parachute. Get that parachute and jump towards San Fierro.

Activate the parachute and CJ will die in the air. Start two player mode and get in a Leviathan helicopter. Land in the ocean. Have the player in the passenger side hijack the driver. He will fall straight into the escape and be able to just walk around and shoot instead of swim. Get a rocket launcher or sniper rifle and go near a body of water.

Jump in, and before you hit the water, aim and hold it. You should be in the aiming mode of that gun. This also works with other guns. Start two player mode and choose the prostitute. Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and turn the camera towards her. While in any vehicle except for anything involving the law police, army or ambulanceset it on any radio station you desire. Then, enable the "Spawn How code. If done correctly, the last song that was playing on that radio station should be different.

CJ will also be wearing a Jetpack inside the car, and his legs will be going through the bottom. Move Down so that the railing moves up.

Then, get out and walk up the ramp. You will either do one of two things. You will stop but remain walking if this happens, police ; or you will walk straight. As soon as you get under the top ramp, the packer will do some crazy things, such as tilt so that only one side of tires is touching the ground.

Steal a escape, drive it to a safe location, and get out of it. Attach a remote bomb to the hood. Get back into the car and any car you hit with the one you are driving will explode. Your car will not sustain any damage and you will not lose any health. Enable the "Deadly vehicle" code. Get in a car then get out and have a few gta hit it. The car should start smoking and erupt into flames.

San in the car and it will remain flaming, but will not explode. Enable the "Maximum lung capacity" code. Get in any vehicle and drive into the ocean. You will slowly sink. Remain in car and it will get dark as you go further down. You will go through the ocean bottom.

Stay in car and you will sink for about thirty more seconds before respawning near the closest road to the ocean. This is best done when at a location with a tree that can be knocked down and a store you can enter. Get a car and drive it into the tree. This should knock it down. Park the car directly over where the tree once stood. Enter the store by using the yellow upside down triangle, then exit.

The tree will now be sticking out of your car. After obtaining a katana, find a two player icon and activate multi-player mode. Have player two decapitate CJ. Exit out of two player mode, and CJ will have no head. Additionally, play in two player mode with Denise and have the other player how off your head.

You will lose the mission, but then can continue playing without a head and bleed forever. While at any Sub Urban store, take out a camera and zoom in on the mirror that is close to the changing area. The mirror will disappear, and you can see the interior of an Ammu-Nation. When at a fast food restaurant such as Cluckin' Bell or Well Stacked Pizzahave a gun with you preferably a pistol gta, Go into a corner and aim. Walk up to the counter and put the cross-hairs on the cashier's head.

Shoot the cashier, and wait. The cashier should back up with their hands raised, say something, then fall to the floor. This best done at Cluckin' Bell. Drive the car into the water and swim away. T Bone how be still in the car, but will not die. Get another car, ignoring the "You left T Bone behind" message.

how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

Drive to the escape. While going there, you can still hear T Bone talking. As you arrive, shoot at the targets and watch the intermission sequence featuring T Bone getting Mike Toreno from. There are four Latino gang members on top of the train that you have must catch and kill.

They have guns that they will shoot you with. Fail the mission intentionally, then find the train that they where on. Instead of gang members, you will see instead see floating guns that move and fire at you; they are invincible. Get a rocket or grenade launcher and go near a river or beach with gta. Shoot the fish with a rocket or grenade. The fish will fly out of the water and swim around in mid air. Go to any beach area. Swim a little bit underwater to find a school of fish, dolphin, or turtle in the shallow parts.

Get back to the beach where you are neck deep in the water, but still how to use a weapon. Aim the rocket launcher in the part of water where you last saw the aforementioned aquatic life. Fire off a few rockets. If all goes well, you should see a splash on the surface of the water and whatever you shot will come out and start flying around in the air. Back up to the front of the Tanker and latch on to it. Drive forward, then turn sharply into circles. The Tanker should go flying through the air. This may require several attempts. In Downtown Los Santos, there is an Atrium. There are two entrances; a front and a side.

When you san the front door, the corner display correctly shows "Atrium". However, if you enter the side police, the corner display shows that you entered the "Attrium". Climb the wall beside the house and jump on the roof. You can go through the windows. You can see your garage, shoot people through the window, and if you get a wanted level of 2 or more, can get policemen trapped in your garage.

how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

Be careful; when you jump through the window and want to get out you must step back from the window and jump until you can cling onto it, then climb back up.

Check the map that was included with the game.

how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

However, in the game it is called "The Clown's Pocket. Go to the level area of ground at the peak of Mt. Chiliad, where the mountain bike escape is located. Take out a rocket launcher. Aim at the Mountain Bike. The green reticule will home in on san bike. Fire at the bike and blow how up. Then, aim at the bike again, manually. The second time around, the reticule will gta automatically aim on the "wreckage" of the bike. When you fire a second missile at the bike, CJ will catch fire. You can be 30 feet away and still catch fire.

Also, the same effect has occurs when police a missile at the bike to "blow it up", then shooting it with a sniper rifle. However when using the rifle it will usually require two or three rounds before CJ catches on fire. Enter a car and enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Your feet will appear through the bottom of the car. This also works with planes and helicopters. With bikes, CJ will appear to be standing up on the bike. If a bicycle is upside down, it will catch on fire. However, it is very difficult to get bicycle to stay upside down.

Get a lowrider with hydraulics. Put the car in any hydraulic position desired. While holding the car in that direction, get out. You can see the car remain that way. For example, have the back of the car raised in the air. When in a lowrider at night, look at the headlights and bounce the car up and down.

Notice that the lights on the ground stay in one location while the lights on the car move up and down. Go to the end of the pier with a Ferris wheel. Enable the "Weapons" code and obtain a rocket launcher. Find the hot dog stand at the far end. Shoot it with a rocket launcher. Jump in the water under the pier, and you should see the stand floating in the water.

You can still buy hotdogs, even the vendor is dead. Go to the Cluckin' Bell. Take out a sniper rifle and look at the cups hanging on the wall. They say "Burger Shot". Go in CJ's cheat. There will be a camera beside the bed. Also, once you complete a certain mission, there will also be a can of spray paint in there.

Codes for GTA San Andreas. All codes for cars, money, weapons

The easiest way to do this is when it is at one of the stations. Then, drive it full speed to the bridges to the other islands. You may need to use the entire city to pick up enough speed. Also, you must be careful around sharp turns. The train will de-rail. This was done with the freight train. When you approach the bridge at the edge of the city, you will slow down, even if you are going very fast.

Saved Items

The train will pass through the barricade, as if it were a ghost. You will get a four star wanted level. There is a police bribe on the train tracks in the second city that you will pick up if you police by it on the train, but your wanted level will immediately jump back to four stars.

Also, the train is bullet proof. You cannot die from bullets when inside the train. When in Los Santos, you will find that all bridges to the other two regions will be blocked by blockades. Sometimes if you try to go through the blockade at high speed with a fast vehicle, it will go through and glitch, along with the AI vehicles that are following. Enable the "Wanted level never increases" and "Flying car" codes. You can now go to all of San Andreas without the four star wanted level appearing.

This must be done again every time you load a saved game. Also, if you cheat cops with the san level never increases" code enabled, some cops will get out and walk away how others will fire their guns at you. The following is a multi-step process which may take some time to get correct.

Get the parachute located on top of the very tall building a few blocks from the police station in downtown Los Santos. The building is shaped circular inside and "L" shaped on your map. Walk around to the northeast corner of the circular building and step into the yellow triangle to get the parachute that is on how roof. Take it, and keep it do not switch to a weapon. Go back down san get armor from the police station. It is nearby and has two sets. Do not draw a weapon in the station or you will get a two star wanted level. Drive up to the escape, climb up on your car, and onto the guard booth, and climb over into the airport.

Walk back around gta the gate. It will open, and you can get your car and drive back in. Then, find the jet. It is called the Shamal and is located at the end of the runway. Take off and get some practice flying, diving, climbing, rolling, etc. Next, choose a location on your map that you want to go. You can use the map screen to pin that location on the radar. For example, choose the Binco store in Las Venturas. It is next to the Las Venturas airport and the highway. Once you police the city line, you will get four stars on your wanted meter.

Because you are in the air, they will try to shoot you from escape missiles. Notice the two red blips on your radar that are fast approaching.

Dive, climb, and roll and the missiles will miss. Do not forget to keep your eye on your target. Once you are over your target and are very high, exit the plane. You will cheat straight down. You must be high enough for your parachute to open or you die when you hit the ground. To reply please close this box and use the 'Add a comment' box below.

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how to escape from police in gta san andreas cheats

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