How to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower
The Electrical Kind 17 Comments. Instead of screwing up your engine why not just inject a flamable fuel into the tail pipe directly kind of dangerous. Any way this works on carbed vehicles where you can choke the carb.

Darren Cassey 2 years ago Here's How To Make Your Car Exhaust Spit Flames If you have any kind of attachment to your exhaust system, turning it into a flamethrower shouldn't be high on your 'to do' list - still, there's no denying that a flame-spitting motor looks badass, so here's a handy guide to getting that fire breathing look.

Share Tweet Email Whatsapp. Why do cars spit flames? Are some engines better at causing flames than others? What's the most ghetto way of making sure I spit fire every time? What are my options if I'm feeling a bit more sophisticated? How to build a fire breathing dragon mask by LetsBuildOne. Lego Flame Thrower by strongman Pyrotechnical Application for Potato Cannons by shoemaker.

How could I make an exhaust flame kit.

Flame Thrower Robot by FollowNikko. Simple Flame thrower by Dharanidharan. Pest plant burner caddy with 3 D printed parts.

Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything! Classes Contests Forums Answers Teachers. How could I make an exhaust flame kit. One like this only a lot cheaper haha. Flag this comment as:. We have a be nice comment policy. By popular demand, here's the Diesel Weasel video with natural audio. A bunch of folks said they wanted to hear the engine winding out, so I stripped the music track out and re-rendered it!

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

With over a million apps and games, AppNation has something for everyone. Browse and install your favorite apps and games on your phone. The system was fairly inexpensive to build, and produces foot long flames from the tailpipe. The stunt device shown was created by the author for use as a video prop only, for and by the author. Yeah, a friend did this using a cc injector off the fuel return line i beleive, he controled the injector and sparkplug with some switched in the car.

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

This mod seams to be a little more high-tech as compared to just purchasing a blast coil and a spark plug and some wires. If the engine is left just a touch on the rich side the exhaust gases can be reignited. This goes for carbed engines.

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

Also an engine always goes to the rich end during acceleration and deceleration. During both the uptake and downside the engine is rich by design thus giving the flames. Propane has been done, And as far as I can tell it is safe since you will be pushing the propane out with the force from the exhaust. Where did that come from? Resistors have no polarity.

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

I love how he points out that it matters which direction you install the resistors. Is there such a thing as polarized resistors? I guess you learn something new every day…. I did something similar, quite by accident, with my car. So all that unspent fuel got dumped into the catalytic converter as I was driving.

Here's How To Make Your Car Exhaust Spit Flames

Which is where it ignited and caught fire. When I parked it and discovered a strange smell, I was sure the car was going to blow.

The red hot metal eventually cooled and everything was back to normal again. No long term damage that I was aware of.

Exhaust flame throwers

Except, perhaps, for less treatment of my exhaust. While going down the freeway, put in the clutch and turn off the ignition.

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

Pump the gas pedal several times to make the accelerator pump in the carb pump in a bunch of extra gas- which flows through to the exhaust uncombusted. Turn the key back on and let the clutch out. That depends on the state pretorious, a few have wording so vague even a backfire could get you tagged if it produces a visible flame.

And it will be perfect add somthing like this http: This will also work in an EFI car. Also, I have only seen this work on a turbocharged car, not that it should matter. How does this work with catylitic convertors? I made one of these for diesel trucks. I used a propane system and a taser for ingnition spark plugs foul with diesel smoke. I got 10 foot flames with the flow set on high. I will post pics when I get to my other computer.

Home Made Small Engine Flamethrower Exhaust

This mod actually CAN be done on a fuel injected car, but one would require a specially made kit yes, they exist, and in quite large numbers, too! Either that, or a Mazda RX-7, a car which normally runs quite rich and has been known to spit flames from the exhaust regularly all by itself. This was shown using propane the very first build for the monster garage on discovery channel the Lawn mower car.

Dodge Cummins Flame thrower Kit

Does this little unit that you make continuously spark like spark, wait a second, spark again, …. Wire the other terminal to a switch, and wire the switch to a ground somewhere on your car slip the wire under a bolt that touches the chassis, or something metal would usually work.

how to make a diesel exhaust flame thrower

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