What to do in tokyo if it rains

what to do in tokyo if it rains
A good place to hang out. Ah, bowling—the great American classic in leisurely fun. Well, in their company, anyway.

Pick your favourite from art, history, science, characters and so on.

what to do in tokyo if it rains

VR Virtual Reality took the world by storm last year! Have you guys tried it??

8 Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Tokyo

Nowadays, more and more facilities are… jw-webmagazine. This evolving aquarium is… jw-webmagazine.

Enjoy Tokyo even in the rain

Tokyo is paradise for shopping as you can probably find everything you want… medium. A Timeline of Christmas in Japan. Top Tokyo Indoor Activities.

what to do in tokyo if it rains

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4 Places to Go in Tokyo on a Rainy Day

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what to do in tokyo if it rains

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5 Things to Do in Tokyo When It’s Raining vol:2

Nice views, nice gallery, plus cool city models of New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc posted by dydecker at 6: Ooedo Onsen Monogatari though if it's a date, I guess this one's out. I used to frequent Odaiba, can you tell? Oh, and if you've never been, going to the top of Tokyo Tower can be a fun experience did you know that about a third of the steel that makes up the tower was taken from US tanks damaged during the Korean War?

Besides the view from the top, which might not be so great on a rainy day, there's a really cheesy wax museum on the third floor if you're into that kind of thing. Odaiba mall is fine, which is where Joypolis is.

what to do in tokyo if it rains

Across from Odaiba is Palette town. More Mall shops, but also large car exhibition hall, with ride-in car things. Next building to that is a large arcade hall.

🎧 EPIC Tokyo City Rain Sounds

Like Est in Shibuya. There are the even larger places like that out of town a little, which had air-cannon battles etc. I fail to remember what it was called though. Kid's area was reserved for drunk adults at certain times. Ok, these are some good ideas, thanks. Had the weather been better I was planning on riding from Asakusa to Odaiba via the Sumida River on a tour boat of sorts Would it still be worth doing even on a somewhat rainy day?

Sunshine City is a large shopping complex with more than just shops.

what to do in tokyo if it rains

In fact, inside this seemingly normal mall, you can find an aquarium, a planetarium, an observatory tower, and two indoor theme parks one of them has plenty of gyoza! This makes Sunshine City a perfect spot for families, couples, and travellers to take shelter from the rain and still have a full day of activities. Tokyo Skytree opens its doors in mid and quickly became a popular destination for tourists. Most would visit for the chance to see Mt.

what to do in tokyo if it rains

Fuji from the observation deck, however did you know that there are so much more to see and do around the Skytree district? Skytree is home to the Sumida Aquarium and a special night planetarium viewing with healing scent of aromatherapy.

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