What shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers

what shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers
Loading comments… Trouble loading? And give my best regards to Mr King. And I am NOT a fan of pumps so the boots, wedges and flip flops are great!

Speaking of shoes, then keep in mind one important thing: If you have short legs, then it's better to use high heels, those luckies who have long ones can try on flats. Speaking of tops, then the best way is to keep the balance and the entire body proportions.

Some women like balancing the look, by adding a belt, tucking in the top or slightly loose top which will highlight the waist. Anyway, I think it's better to see everything by yourself and make some notes or grabbing favorite images into your pinterest.

what shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers

Some ladies love wearing mannish styles. Here we see camel inner double pleated trousers styled with white flat masculine shoes, cocoon shaped cream white coat with fur collar and awesome aviator sunglasses.

Here we see cuffed wool version, which ideally looks teamed with peplum sleeveless top in cream white styled with black pumps embellished with rounded studs. Most of girls love to wear black formal outfits. I advice to add this flannel shirt for a modern twist. Here are six to try now F orget floor-skimming strides, trousers should sit just above the ankle to create the illusion of length.

what shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers

Socks will detract from this, so avoid preppy looks and keep feet bare. Before purchasing a short trouser try rolling up existing styles to find the ideal length for your size. C ome summer that flouncy bohemian look tempts even the most religious maxi hater.

what shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers

Stay strong; an A-line mini skirt looks far chicer on a shorter frame. Team with a simple white tre or crew-neck knit and pumps gladiators or lace-up flats will only disrupt your lean, leggy look.

I live in Maine, where nobody would know a stylish shoe if it flew out of the woods and struck them on the head, but I work in Boston, where people might know better. A shoe flying out of the woods! It's like the opening of a Stephen King novel! And what is this?

Why, Stephen King lives in Maine, I do believe. Dan, there is a small but growing suspicion in me that this image you have conjured up is no mere figure of speech, but one borne from personal experience. Strange things happen in Maine.

what shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers

I went to summer camp in that northern state, and there is nothing more unlikely than the words "I" and "camp" in a sentence together.

Now, firstly, I must correct you on one assumption.

Trendy Ways To Wear Peg Leg Trousers

As a New Yorker, I can assure you that Bostonians have no sense of style whatsoever. They can't play sports either. Secondly, of course you don't have to give up your beloved shoes!

Pay no heed to the fashion mags

All of the big fashion bloggers pair them with heels and sky-high wedges which isn't realistic at all! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Loafers or brogues would also look lovely with peg leg trousers if you can't wait that long!

How To Pick The Right Shoes To Go With Your Pants

Choosing footwear was the hardest part of this week's feature! I'm glad this has helped you a bit! Congrats on winning my giveaway too sweet, going to give you a mention in today's post, like an announcing the winner type thingy!

What to wear if you have short legs

I need that dog belt in my life - too adorable! Loved this post as I just got myself a pair of chinos! I had in mind wearing them with my brown loafers but was struggling with any other options, so this was really helpful, as always. I'm glad you enjoyed it and this helped you: I'll probs wear my loafers when I get my hands on a pair of these badboys!

Explore Peg Leg Trousers, White Outfits, and more!

This is brilliant and a mahoooosive help as I think most will agree! These trousers are a bit of a nightmare to dress, footwear especially.

what shoes can you wear with peg leg trousers

And I am NOT a fan of pumps so the boots, wedges and flip flops are great! Thank you miss and the giraffe. Home About Contact Shop. A blog of moments by Michelle Chai. This week's item is a pair of those popular-but-pesky-to-find peg leg trousers, tailored hareems, chinos You know the type. While these are ridiculously popular at the moment, the main issue with peg legs is choice of footwear, which I have attempted to tackle in this week's Ways to Wear installment.

For those who don't quite fancy a pair of tailored trousers, there are plenty of hareem ones out there at the moment, which won't make you look pyjama-esque too. Great post xoxox', 'timestamp': You, Michelle, are a genius xx', 'timestamp': Rose 9 March at ScienceGeek 9 March at Alex 9 March at Sophie Isobel 9 March at Katie 9 March at Nicola 9 March at DO 9 March at

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