Why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese

why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese
It started with swiss cheese about 6 months ago, now I cant even have a slice of american. I have been searching for this topics for years and never found a result! We finished soon after that.

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Please type your first name. Please type your last name. I have always felt a weird, very light, sweat forming when I eat moderate amounts of cheese, under my eyes next to my nose of course. I like you have been told I am crazy! Diabetes is one thing they test specifically for, so you need not sweat about it! Just eat more cheese and sweat away…. Does that read as odd as it sounds?

Well, carry on everyone, and all the best to my comrades, wherever you are from! Hi, im from canada, im Not when its melted tho, like pizza or a burger is fine, but when its just raw block cheddar or shredded … i cheese like as soon as it touches my tongue light up and feel very warm on my cheeks and under my eyes. This so weird that i actually found a site about it!! For as long as I can remember when I eat any cheese my nose and the soft parts above and underneath my eyes has the temp crancked up straight away. It has gotten worse over the years and happens with more an more foods other than my cheesy favorites — this morning my culprit was a bagel with peanut butter!

why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese

I also get sweaty eye and cheeks but usually also my neck and scalp. And I get this crap frequently! After I delivered, the sweaty eyes and neck came right back. Am I condoning alcoholism?

Oh wow this just made me sooooo happy!! To find out this is normal and we are in a small group…. I feel like I have a superpower or something! Anyways everyone comments made me laugh: Ate a pizza last night. Never noticed it with normal cheese, but will be on the lookout. A bit like a mild hangover. But yes, I randomly googled it and here I am. I have a high-powered job and am regularly required to eat cheese with clients and am always complaining to my team — who suggested I look it up.

I have been searching for this topics for years and never found a result! I severe eye sweats with tuna also!! I also get it with really sharp citrus flavours and Greek yogurt!

Why do i sweat under my eyes when i eat cheese

So happy to find other cheese sweaters! My co-workers told me I was crazy. Feta is a huge trigger. I have light skin, cheese also fucks me up. Has since Eat was a kid. I became a vegan about 6 months ago and when eat a slice of provolone. The sensation made me google it. I have been experiencing this for as long as i can remember. Only Feta triggers it. As soon as i eat Feta my forehead tingles i call it a Feta buzz.

Glad i am not alone. For as long as I remember I have suffered from damp eye or cheese sweat as most here are calling it. I have been stigmatised as a mad, lying, cheese eating sweater by my friends and family. I too have suffered the sweat and embarrassment of having slightly moist eyes whilst trying to make polite conversation over a bit of Bree or Stilton. All your comments are informative and interesting. Hey all, have been getting the icy under eyed, cheese-sweats since I was a child. Just the smell and even the thought of it actually triggers the response… Have always thought it had something to do with the blood from non-vital areas being redirected to the tummy as I cheek strong cheeses must take a bit to digest….

I have the exact same cheese I am light complected and always sneeze when I look why the sun. I have also been type one diabetic for most of my life, could someone please explain how cheese sweats could be linked to this?

why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese

I check for sweat but nothing is usually there and there is no visual difference. And like everyone else, the stronger the cheese the wierder it feels. The feeling I get feels a lot like the feeling that I get from cheek allergic reactions.

I heard somewhere the exact reaction you are describing which i also have is a reaction to tyramine! Someone made an interesting point earlier. Pale Skin, light eyes, freckles. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thinking I was the only guy in the world. The slightest bit of strong cheddar cheese or vinegar, and my glasses are sliding off my face! Firstly i get tingling sensation in my cheeks, then i sweat badly under the eyes and either side of my nose.

The diabetes references worry me, but are we just all allergic to something maybe Why do think the when maybe? If anyone has any further info that would be great. Incidentally, I am photosensitive I sneeze whenever I look at bright sunlight and am blood type B-negative possible reptoid. I, myself, am not eat cheese sweater but, my husband is.

The stronger the cheese, the more he sweats. Not cheese under the eyes either. Forehead, under eyes, upper lip and if he eats a lot which he usually does he will sweat like he has been running a race.

I mainly get lots of beads of sweat from my scalp, my hair gets real wet then my back starts sweating and I get really flush. Alcohol sweats it worse. My fingers will turn red and sometimes swell, eating brie and heavy cheeses.

I sweat from cheese as well but my sweat is different. Nothing happens as I eat the cheese. But at night after going to sleep I wake up drenched in sweat. I sweat so much the nights after eating cheese, that my clothes and sheets are completely wet everywhere. It seems the sweating is worst around my tummy area, but I even sweat in my arms, legs and feet.

Why Does Eating Make Me Sweat?

I used to get these night sweats for months on end at the time I was a vegetarian who eats cheese. And I ate cheese daily. I ate almost the entire Italian mozzarella pizza and then had the worst sweat all night. Now I think this was probably the last time I ate cheese ever! I am 52 male but I read at a year-old level. I went to the Dr. He did all the bloodwork and found nothing wrong. He had no clue as to my symptoms. I already knew I was a cheese sweater…all the classic symptoms from way back in my youth.

As a youth — milk, chocolate and peanut butter gave me headaches and our family physician said I was allergic to the proteins in those foods. I still have a hard time staying away from milk and cheese but am getting better at it because I get tremendous night sweats too, just as Anna described. When you sweat that much, you are sure something is seriously wrong with you. Only through a rigorous process of elimination in just the past year was I fully sure that it was purely a reaction to milk products.

why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese

I have an advanced degree in the hard sciences…well versed in the scientific method and have no doubts. I share here because I know that the medical world is behind on this issue. Not a hypochondriac…just an astute observer. Several times I have noticed an almost instantaneous reaction to eating a sharp cheese by a tingling in my anus.

How it happens so fast is beyond me…but being rich with blood vessels much like the lip and eye sweat for the classic cheese sweats- and about as fast…. And im 33 white male olive skin so I tan super easily I why cheek in sun I cheese the sun growing up on beach surfing I have blue eyes that change to green n goldish and i do have freckles but not that many freckles I would say and im a mutt like most of us im German Jewish French and Indian Cherokee eat Blackfoot im a true mixed mutt.

I sweat all around my eyes when I eat strong cheese not sliced deli stuffand especially ketchup. No health problems that I know of. It lasts at least an hour for me and is pretty annoying. No diabetes anywhere in my family, or me, and I have hazel eyes and fairly normal skin no freckles but plenty of moles. I read the possible explanation about cheese causing a release of adrenilne thus the sweat But the sweat is specifically only under my eyes as well.

It kicks in usu halfway through a meal. Then followed by severe gastric turmoil. I also have this to some degree, and I would say what happens to me is most like Benjaninja who posted on December 27 It happens particularly with strong cheeses.

Has anyone found any medical problems with these cheese sweats? To assist with our world domination, I am an Aussie with Irish and German lineage. Fair when, blue eyes and freckles.

Why does eating cheese make me sweat?

No problem with slices or melted. Like everyone else I have been laughed by those close to me at but never associated it with ill health. Mine are isolated to my cheeks with a cool sensation but no pouring sweat. Will keep looking to see if anyone comes up with a medical explanation. Until then we shall all unite. Same thing — only with good, sharp cheese. Also catsup for some reason.

And only about the eyes.

why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese

I would love to know what causes this. I was told as a child I was allergic to penicillin, which is derived from mold? Ever since childhood this has occurred and changed from a cool sensation below the eyes and upper lip to now a light sweat and flushed feeling in these areas as well as the cheeks and sometimes the neck. My parents did not believe me as a child and recently I mentioned the cheesey sweats to my mother and she is adament that it was my brother that had them!!

One of the great things about the interrnet is however weird you think your condition is there are probably thousands of other people with the same thing. I also have light skin and freckles but no diabetes as far as I know. Top sweat inducing cheeses are: Cheddar matureComte and Gruyere. Strong blue cheeses seem to have no effect, what is that about? I am also obsessed with cheese generally, does that apply to other cheese sweaters? I always sweat under my eyes and sometimes forehead, when eating cheese, especially strong mature cheese. I also have the same reaction when I have HP sauce!

I love them both tough so carry on!

Why do scalp sweat while eating foods? - Dr. Sanjay Panicker

Anyone found a cure yet? I personallywill wind up being back again considerably more often. Thanks a lot -Laverne. HP sauce causes the same reaction for me. Me too, with fruits also. Had a cracking sweat at lunch today with some serious brown sauce which is why I Googled it tonight. I have never met anyone else this happens to. Are we all related???? The thing that made me google it was breaking out after a large slice of cheesecake.

Melbourne here, I googled this as I was concerned. But alas I stumbled on this and now I feel like one of the priviledged few…chesse sweaters!

I was doing some research before I found this site and I read that it could be an ingredient called tyramine that causes this reaction but why i searched i could only find that tyramine gives headaches and migrains but when I found sweat called gustatory sweating which is caused by damage to the parotid gland, because it is damaged when it regenerates it may become mixed up with other nerves so that when you bite into foods with rich strong taste instead of producing only saliva your face will also start to sweat, but reading more into this usually only occurs to people who have had trauma or surgery on the parotid glands so im very unsure whether that is the problem.

I have that at odd eat and not usually when I have the cheese sweats. I know exactly what it is though — it happens immediately and cheeks away within 5 eat. I find that the 3 things that give me the sweats are strong not processed cheese, catsup and mayonnaise. Tomato sauce also, which explains the catsup. Is their vinegar in cheese? It has to be an additive. That's not what some folk say: Biologically active amines in food: Yes, some people do say that tyramines might be implicated in headaches and migraines. Some others blame it for a myriad of other symptoms.

And that should be sending up an enormous red flag telling you to run away as fast as possible. Perhaps instead you should take a few biochemistry courses where they sweat about the weird and wondrous effects of exotic amines. You did notice the peer reviewed refs before getting all dismissive and stuff, didn't you?

Of course you did. Now if you've a different worthwhile hypothesis, how about you quit bitchin about mine, and tell us all what yours is. You haven't got when, do you? Let's get it on. I've had the same problem which has seemed to branch out to more than just cheeses, but cheese does it the worst ever since I had a surgery Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy. I believe it's called gustatory sweating. What's really weird is that I can get my forehead sweating just by thinking of cheese or imagining a dish like nachos my face is flushing a bit just typing this post.

Last edited by BrandonR; at You've no better explanation to offer, and I've no desire to help some guy save his ego over the internet. Originally Posted by Autolycus. Are there any bioactive amines in bad puns?

To make it clear even to dimmest reader, when I wrote: Queso, you prefer it no quite so sharp? OK, but puns grate on my nerves, so please curd your enthusiasm for Krafty wordplay. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. All cheeses are GMT why The time now is About Us "Nam ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam integre usu. ST's vBulletin 3 Responsive Styles Our newly refreshed cheeses inbrings the old vb3 to the new level, responsive and modern feel.

Contact Us Straight Dope Homepage. Straight Dope Message Board Join us cheek Find all posts by SurveyorAlpha. New York, New York! I sweat when eating anything. Can any thing be done about this as it is very embarasing. I get that but only when I eat cheese. I don't know if it's a side effect of metformin though.

I used to suffer from sweating while eating as well but funny enough that was before becoming diabetic.

why do my cheeks sweat when i eat cheese

It just stopped a few years ago, no idea why. I found the below link that might be of help. I suggest you speak with your GP who may be able to help. I got that when I was first diagnosed but it went once my sugars were under better control. I use to get a lot of it before I was put on Insulin, I'm assuming its linked to high blood sugars.

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