How to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi
This tutorial teaches you how to convert videos and watch them on a Nintendo 3DS. Answers Mark as irrelevant Marked as irrelevant Undo.

You can use this information for fun and not for serious browsing, until, of course, Nintendo launches an updated version with a dedicated Internet browsing feature. Till then you can always connect and play Nintendo Switch on TV without dock. If you have downloaded numerous games on your Switch, you should transfer Nintendo Switch games to microSD card to create some space on the console.

So, are you going to watch YouTube videos on your Nintendo Switch? Please enter your comment!

How to watch a video on a DSi?

Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! The old DS lite wifi browser was not built in the same was as the new one so it couldn't recently watch Youtube videos.

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Upgrades with the DSi Shop I would guess would allow future faster videos. Wii - Yes, I've done it several times, no problems. DSi - Not sure. Nobody's really had time to play with the updated version of the browser.

How To Watch 3D YouTube Videos On A Nintendo 3DS

Wait until the system comes out, and read some impressions from other people online. But you can watch flipnotes if you go to the shop, click on free, click on the frog, install, and go to flipnote hatena. You can see many flipnotes from there. No you can't watch videos on the DSi because you need adobe flash player and it doesn't support it. Just click on this link http: No because you would need Adobe flash player but in the DSi, you can't download anything.

You can use any video converter … to convert them is what i have heard.

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

You're mine and mine alone now. Sure I could just use my phone but where's the fun in that. You're my lovely little web browsing Switch, yes you are. Browsers on gaming consoles are meh. Now, if you got Netflix or Crunchyroll working, then that's another story.

Not that its terribly important or anything considering I can use my PS4 for all that, but it would be nice to not have to. Well, there goes the security reason not to have a web browser, I wonder how much time will pass before clients to connect the Switch to PCs to dump and replace files start to appear for the Switch as well admittedly, they made modding and data mining way easier.

I hope if they do implement a browser and YouTube and what not there's an option to disable them. I really don't want all that rubbish clogging up my system. This is really cool and I might try it someday, but in the meantime I'd rather wait for Nintendo to release something officially. You know you're desperate when you tell people to subscribe by using the unofficial Nintendo Switch browser. They are cheap and you can connect hdmi via 1. Seems a bit counterproductive. Or at least redundant. That turned out well, I feel. If you need a laptop with internet access to do it, that renders it pretty redundant don't you think?

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

Firstly, how does Google analytics register your session? Does it come up as a Switch hit or something else? I think the Wii U had one of the better browsers for a console, so I trust Nintendo to make a good one for the Switch.

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

Add enough useful apps and the Switch might be my go-to tablet on top of my go-to handheld. That would be great, seriously, imagine if this would compatible with Google Play store. Have you tried taking your computer monitor into the bathroom with you?

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

I also take the Game Pad into the bath with me not into the water obviously so I can watch videos while in the bath. Lets see I can use browser on 3 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 ipad, 2 phones.

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

And why do I need a browser on switch. EternalDragonX You got problems if you don't need to get on the web this much with your Switch. Meh switch don't need a browser, everyone has phones, tablets, other consoles, pcs and laptops do we really need another?

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Make it like the GameCube! Just games nothing else! Our Wii U is not allowed to be used for Netflix.

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

That's why we have a smart tv. It's a gaming console.

how to watch youtube videos on a nintendo dsi

I'm ok with switch never getting these apps as long as it has a great library of games.

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