What should i wear to an indian wedding

what should i wear to an indian wedding
For the ceremony, the priest, groom, bride and bride's parents sit beneath a mandap , a canopy similar to a Jewish chuppah. For the religious ceremony, you should wear a traditional sari and attire, but that is not required. Here are some different ways the jewelry can be worn into a hairstyle.

It has been my experience that in a traditional Hindu Vedic-based ceremony people are not sitting still in rows and watching all of the ceremony. Vedic ceremonies are several hours long mine was four hours.

It is normal for people to come and go, to talk, to eat, for life to carry on around the ceremony. The invitation lists tend to be much bigger than your typical western wedding. Expect a lot of people. People that even the bride and groom may not know.

what should i wear to an indian wedding

What To Wear to a Hindu Temple. How To Wear a Sari Saree. Thank you to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who make it possible for me to stay home to raise my son….

what should i wear to an indian wedding

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How to Rock an Indian Wedding...as a Guest

They are basically long tops that have a flow like feel about them paired with leggings and an odhani. Anarkalis nowadays come in various styles and colors and are quite easy to wear and carry. Just don a small bindi and a matching set of earrings and necklace and you are all ready to rock an Indian wedding. For guys it is quite easy to decide. Because honestly boys, all the dressing up is left for girls in an Indian wedding! Guys could go with a dapper kurta pyjama. You might want to take help from one of your Indian friends while shopping for one.

what should i wear to an indian wedding

A nice, simple shirt and trousers would also do the job. You can buy your outfit online and have it shipped to your hotel from Jabong or Myntra. Or, you can just buy one from a shop when you arrive.

How to Dress for Indian Weddings

As India is a country with diverse cultures and religions, the wedding customs especially Hindu weddings also vary a lot throughout the country. With all the pre and post wedding rituals, an Indian wedding can last anywhere from 5 days to a week. Here we are listing steps of a typical Hindu wedding, their significance and what to expect. You would really want to get used to this term since nothing in an Indian ceremony starts without a 'ShubhMuhurat'.

A Muhurat is an auspicious time allotted to a ritual or 'Vidhi'. The ritual should start around that time as it is considered holy.

What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Once the bride and groom and their respective families agree for the wedding, mangni is carried out. It pretty much involves exchange of rings followed by lots of banter and sweets. It is the finalization before the actual wedding.

what should i wear to an indian wedding

It could be clubbed before the wedding ceremony or could be performed months or days before it. A mehendi ceremony is usually a big deal for the bride and her friends. Mehendi ceremony involves decorating the palms and hands with designs drawn with a mixture prepared from mehendi leaves. All the ladies in the wedding have their hands adorned with mehendi. With its soothing properties, mehendi helps in relieving the stress and maintaining normal blood pressure. A dulhan's mehendi is considered special and her husband's name is hidden within the mehendi in artistic way.

what should i wear to an indian wedding

The color of the mehendi symbolizes the love between the couple. A paste of haldi and other ingredients is applied to the bodies of bride and groom by their relatives. Haldi has medicinal properties and naturally enhances the body color leaving the body with a radiant glow. The ceremony ends with all the relatives playfully applying haldi to each other.

Every Indian ceremony starts with a customary prayer to Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and protector against evil entities. The presence of Lord Ganesh is summoned to ensure that the event becomes successful. It is done by both the bride and groom families separately in either the mandap wedding hall or their respective homes. Baraat is nothing but the entourage of dulha groom and his relatives.

what should i wear to an indian wedding

The groom usually comes to the place of wedding riding on a decorated horse along with the baraat. The baraat is full of dance, music, orchestra and all the pomp. Once the baraat reaches the door of the mandap, bride's parents welcome them by greeting them with aartiki thali.

After that, they are gracefully invited inside the mandap. Among constant hymns of spiritual shlokas, the bride arrives into the wedding hall. Embellished Front Slit Bridesmaid Gown. French Lace Deep V Gown. Satin Halter Twist Gown. Floral Ruffle wrap tea Dress. Plisse Bardot Midi Dress. Bridesmaids Strapless Dress with Removable Skirt. Mary high-neck denim dress.

what should i wear to an indian wedding

Natasia high-neck crepe dress. Your apparel should compliment the Indian wedding atmosphere, which will make you feel the true essence of the rituals. Also, ideally, you should not be wearing black or white to the traditional ceremonies as they are considered inauspicious.

Your footwear can be high on style, but make sure you can slip your feet out with ease, as a lot of rituals demand you to sit bare feet. Looking for a great way to help finance your honeymoon?

what should i wear to an indian wedding

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