How to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3
Saboteur Get stunt driver points. March to War Hints a..

At the entrance of Panau International Airport, get the sports car, drive it to a runway, and wait for a plane to appear.

Go into stunt position, and attach the car to the plane with the grappling hook. Enter the car, and the plane will take off with the car in tow.


You will accrue stunt points quickly as long as the grapple is not released. Drive a fast car or motorcycle on a highway or long road while dodging traffic in the correct lane.

Alternately, drive as fast as possible down the middle of the road.

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

Grab the rocket launcher in the temple. There are also five small boxes in the building to the right of the temple. Destroy all five boxes to spawn another rocket launcher. Then, use your grappling hook and parachute to go a little ways away from the area you may have to leave the island. Go back to the area now, and the rocket launchers should have respawned. Repeat this as many times as desired.

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

Grab the C4 and grenades on the lower deck by the water. Then, use your grappling hook and parachute to go a little ways away from the area. Visit the Mile High Club airship at X: You have to base jump a height of meters for this trophy, which means you can't jump from a moving flying vehicle. Take a flying vehicle to the coordinates X: There is also a skull collectible up here.

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

Top Agent 20 points: Bonus for completing the game on Normal difficulty. Heroic Agent 30 points: Bonus for completing the game on Experienced difficulty.

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

Legendary Agent 40 points: Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty. Gaining a Foothold 10 points: Complete 3 stronghold takeovers Conqueror of Panau 20 points: Complete 9 stronghold takeovers. A Trusted Ally 20 points: Complete 49 faction missions.

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

First Taste of Chaos 10 points: Cause chaos for the first time. Professional Hitman 20 points: Up to the Challenge 1 10 points: Up to the Challenge 2 20 points: Leaving No Rock Unturned 25 points: Collect resource items.

Finders Keepers 15 points: Faction Benefactor 20 points: Collect faction items. Freeroamer 1 10 points: Freeroamer 2 20 points: Body Count 15 points: Unarmed and Dangerous 15 points: Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks. There is also a Ular Boys skull at that location. Aircraft can be landed if you manage to reduce your speed and approach a smooth surface; the landing gear will automatically appear if your aircraft can land at that location.

how to put cheats on just cause 2 ps3

Mile High Club Co-ordinates: If you jump from the top of the two airships you have more than enough height to get the m base jump. Bubble Blaster Weapon Coordinates: At the top level of a small stone tower. It does no damage, but firing it at the police gets your heat up. An armor part can be found inside whale. Roams around the small lagoon at this location.

A motorized shark fin - there is no shark beneath it, just some sort of motor beneath the waterline. Hot air balloon Coordinates: Shoot off all the sand bags, then activate the burner a bunch of times to get it going.

You have no real control over its direction and you cant do a base jump off of it. When you're in the hidden hot air balloon, you can actually control its direction by continuously running, dive rolling, or melee attacking in the direction you wish to move. It's terminal velocity isn't exactly fast, but you can still outrun those slow driving civilians! The small island in the top left of the map; the hatch is at x Your plane blows up when you are over the island; you can still order stuff from the black market.

Just Cause 2 Cheats for PlayStation 3

A very fast car can be found here. Mount Rushmore Clone Coordinates: X, Y Fake Shark Fin towed by propeller at lake: X, Y Gambler's Den: X, Y Mountain Sculpture three large faces: X, Y Racetrack with Sports Cars: X, Y Three Kings Hotel: X, Y Upgrades at the top of the four smaller towers and the main larger tower: Why are you reporting this submission?

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