How to bake cake in lg microwave oven

how to bake cake in lg microwave oven
Plz reply thanks in advance. You can put the silicon baking cups directly or you can put them on the quartz grill, but plz careful when you are moving them, coz they are not very stable.

Farzana - Am glad! Hi Suma, Thanks for such nice post. I have tried baking white bread with my LG convection oven. The bread came out nice but the upper crust is not that how as shown in videos I followed. Secondly it breaks while I cut it. Any suggestion will be helpful. Now i have bought a convection samsung microwave 28l and when i make a pizza on it the base remains soft.

Thanks Suma for insights into the functioning of microwave ovens. I have a query. What can be a roast-equivalent as in roasted vegetables,etc in such 3 mode microwave ovens. I tried the Grill mode I have LG but was not quite satisfied with the results. Anushma - I do not like grilling in the microwave either. Try baking them on convection mode. The liked Pioneer Woman's potato parcels microwave on the blogtry that way too.

Awesome oven thanks for sharing. Now i will follow these tips while baking food in my microwave oven. I've had my Half Time Oven for a few years and have yet to cake use it. I knew that i can bake in my bake apart from heating purpose. Thanks for taking time in writing this. Can I use the non stick tawa which how with starter kit as pizza pan? What is the right temperature for the oven to be pre heated when the recipe does not indicate it?

Yes, you can use your pizza tray for baking cookies and breads, pizza on the inverted tin. If a recipe doesn't specify the temperature, better to look for another recipe: I haven't tried placing the baking tin directly on the turntable. Get a rack from the service center. You can use silicon tray, but I find it too wobbly.

Hi Suma, Had this doubt Hi suma, Thanks for the wonderful info n here. Reduced the temp but the cake never got cooked on the inside. Can u plz suggest how to avoid this and would it help using aluminium foil in the initial part of baking. I was directed to your blog by one of the members from microwave bakers guild.

I cannot say how thankful I am. I ruined my initial cakes on the microwave. So witched to good old cooker. Now, your post gives me some moral support to try the oven once again! The post was very detail and moreover it is very clear in every bake. Appreciation is a small token for your efforts. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I always wondered about Convection Microwave Oven and what it's use was even though I own a LG one and have never once touched the Convection button.

I've always been scared of that button not cake what it could do. So thank you for taking the time out to teach us oven mortals of the use of the MW when baking! I have bought Samsung oven before one year, but I used it only for reheating purpose.

I was looking for baking tips to make cake,your article sounds microwave yaar I've a Samsung Convention oven, I tried to bake a cake with the steps mentioned above for 2 times, both the times the cake is not baked inside. The outer part is cooked, but not the inner, its not bulged.

In Samsung Oven, after Pre heat, we have to oven the option for Baking Cake which automatically sets the temperature. I feel that temp is not sufficient. Please help me to bake cake perfectly. Thanks very nice post it help me alot Plz reply thanks in advance. Hi Sumathanks for the informations on MW. I bake cakes only in Usha otg till now but never tried in my LG convention oven till date but today am gonna start it but I don't have my booklet.

And also what tem I should bake a normal and chocolate cakes etc. I am a mother of 7 month boy. My main purpose to purchase microwave is to prepare some healthy food for my dear son. My question is that in many recipes it says pre heat the microwave for 10 min etc…. Can you please explain how to do it. Also can you suggest me any how for my 8 month old. You can revert me on my ID komalpersonal gmail. I have convection oven since 4 yrs but never experimented convection mode. Was baking only microwave cakes. I tried and failed everytime i baked and come up with either too hard or not properly cooked cake Also the guy who came to install my oven gave a strict no-no to metals in convection.

Have u tried baking with aluminum pans. Can i dare to use aluminium cake pans in my convection microwave??? Hi, Suma, great post!!

I have a question though. I bought a LG convention oven recently and preheated the oven for the first time thx to your post: I had placed the lower rack while pre-heating. Harika - Definitely you can use aluminum pans! Please go ahead and use them in convection mode. Will try with aluminium pans and let u know and i am a new visitor to ur blog and i am very glad that i found ur blog. Can we use carbon steel pans in convection microwave too?? Not necessary if you put the next one immediately.

If you bake minutes then, pre-heat again. Thank you Ma'am for this exhaustive and wonderful post. After i preheat by using the convection mode, the timer automatically starts for 10 mins as soon as the pre-heating is completed. Thankyou for your help. Once the oven is pre-heated, it should maintain the temperature for the time you set.

Did you try setting the time? No Ma'am, as you showed in your how that after pressing the convection button we should bake start. Should i set the timer for pre-heating microwave because i thought timer is automatic for pre heating at required temperature. I don't hv any rack. Thanks so much for this video!

Our regular oven broke and it will take a couple of weeks to have it replaced. Your video saved the day! I didn't even realize my microwave was a convection oven, and your good instructions have shown me how to use it I couldn't even figure out how to preheat it before I watched your oven and was feeling pretty stupid.

Thanks for taking the time to help!! Now I can make cake cookies for my kids: Please do get a rack from the Godrej service center and then place the tin on tin when you bake. Thanks for the concept of pre-heat. I have cake been confused about how to use pre-heat in our Indian microwave, as most of the post are about foreign MWs. Thanks a million for the info. U saved me from buying an OTG while I have a microwave oven.

Thanks a lot Suma. I have an IFB convention oven. OTG or Conventional microwave as a beginner Recently i bought a IFB convection oven and they've given me one metal rack to use only for grill options and one black colour plate like rack Niranjani - Sorry, late in responding. You could be using the a smaller tin than needed? Please do choose a bake recipe and follow the instructions.

Am sure your cake how turn out great! Priya - You could go in for an OTG as you would be able to oven larger quantities. Do check out models in Morphy Richards, buy one with atleast 40 liters capacity. Do cake reviews for the model you plan to buy. Ferwin - The higher one is for grilling, use the shorter one for baking. Does the manual specify anything? Thanks for these good instructions of Microwave oven user. This is a whole new learning experience for me so I really appreciate your informative video. My settings look quite a bit more involved than yours with lots of helpful buttons for melting and softening etc.

It also has a Combination buttone which you don't touch on and I don't know when I'd ever use it. Am sorry, you will need to check the manual for instructions on pre-heating your oven as it varies from brand to brand and the model too. Its so useful and thank u so much. Mine is Godrej eon MW oven. Awesome post, very informative thanks.

how to bake cake in lg microwave oven

One question I have a springfom pan the latch is of cake can I use it in my microwave? Hi Suma, I have Morphy Richards MW Convection oven, when ever i bake a cake the upper part and the side become crispy however the batter remains the same in the lower middle part. Request yout o guide me on this please. Yes, even good plastic can be harmful. Glass is difficult to maintain agreed, but the safest. Mam, thank you so much for this article. Its been a huge relief in helping me narrow down my choice to convection microwave. What I would like to know is that recipes mention oven temp and tume.

Hi thank you so much for the info it was microwave useful and it is only in your blog did I learn to Preheat, it was very clear and easy for beginners like me. This again is just sharing my personal opinion from my experience in using a convection microwave for about 2 years. One which comes with a microwave mode only. Allows you to set the time and the power level of cooking - high, medium, low power, defrosting food and some auto menus.

Comes with a glass turntable on which you place your dish. This kind of microwave can be used for re-heating, cooking and defrosting frozen food. These get cooked really fast, as in a minute or two for single serve portions and around minutes for other kinds of cakes and brownies, depending on the size of the pan and quantity of batter. If you do not bake a lot, this rack can still be put to use as a cooling oven. This is the mode used for baking where you need the low metal rack to place your baking tray on.

My oven sets at a minimum of 40 degrees C and a maximum of degrees C. You need to how your oven just as you pre-heat an OTG. For example, the recipe says, pre-heat oven to degrees C.

Your microwave takes about 5 minutes or less to pre-heat as compared to the minutes in an OTG. The display will show degrees temperature by default. Your oven will have buttons to increase and decrease the temperature. Once the oven reaches degreesit will sound a beep a series actually and the display shows C.

Put your bake in, close the door.

how to bake cake in lg microwave oven

Set the timer as needed, say 30 minutes. Now your bake cake is baking at degrees for 30 minutes. How prefer to write down the time and the duration for which I have set my oven in my recipe book - just in case of power failure or re-setting the timer by mistake - cake you lose track of how long the cake has been baking.

If you need to pre-heat the oven to a temperature less than bakes C, then use the decrease button to set the temperature needed. In my friend's Samsung oven, you press Convection, then press the pre-heat button. Your oven starts pre-heating and sounds a series of beeps when heated. Please notethe microwave once pre-heated will automatically turn off after a certain point of time if you do not proceed with baking.

Microwaves don't like being ignored! Do not leave it inside the oven though the oven turns off by itself, the heat still remains, over baking your cake unless the recipe specifies you to do so. After you bake, and the oven goes microwave, the oven switches off and then does 'cooling'. Wait for sometime if you wish to use it on microwave mode before you use it again. Capacity of your microwave: Your microwave, could be anywhere around 20 and 38 liters depending on the brand. Knowing this helps to have a rough idea about the sizes of tins that can fit in your oven and gift yourself a new bigger one if needed!

If you own neither an OTG nor a microwave and just begun baking, it makes sense to buy a convection microwave as you could use it for both cooking and baking. Helps economize on space too. Buy a big OTG too later like me.

Convection microwaves come with a fan for even circulation of hot air inside. A microwave pre-heats in about 5 minutes as compared to an OTG which takes minutes. Really useful for quick small batches of baking, seriously useful when you have your batter waiting and there is a power cut!

Microwaves also come with digital settings for the temperature and time, so more accuracy and less guess work here. If you are an occasional, small batches only baker, this will work very well for you! When you turn an obsessed baker wanting to feed all you know, think about buying an OTG too! Check if the highest and lowest temperature you can set your oven to and the intervals its sets at, 10 degrees is fine, but 20 is a little hard to digest! Also most ovens here come with a maximum temperature setting of degrees C which in itself is low for baking pizzas, so make sure the maximum temperature is at least degrees C.

I oven personally prefer microwaves with digital controls how compared to the microwave ones for greater accuracy and consistent results. Having used an OTG first when I started to bake, I had my own reservations about using a microwave for baking. But I must say, I have not found a great deal of difference between the bakes done in either. Please do watch the videos in this playlist for more tips for beginners. Basic baking tools, baking tins, measuring flour, using yeast, how to use eggs, separating eggs, simple techniques, recipes and more! Baking For BeginnersBasicsmicrowave.

March 7, at 8: March 7, at 9: March 7, at Thabks for the info suma March 7, at 3: March 7, at 5: Indeed a very helpful post for all the new bakers!! Very informative and precise. Will keep coming back. March 8, at Yes, I think you must get a short rack for baking. Rozz - Sorry, missed the question, check with IFB service center or try online. Shailaja - have never really tried cake a how, does it microwave without it?

March 19, at March 23, at 6: T A April 7, at 1: April 10, at Rashmi Sethi April 17, at 7: Nitya May 2, at May 9, at 2: May 19, at 8: Glad it bakes useful: I am sure you'll do bake when you'll start baking. Yes, moved to blogspot now: I can't thank you enough for taking pains and writing all this down. I baked my first sponge cake through microwave even without having any proper baking wares, and I and TBH are elated with the results. Will post a detailed account soon: I never knew microwave can give such delightful results, all thanks goes to you this time.

Thoda Noida bhi bhijvao: Hey Leshita, i have never made sandwich in convection mode. I normally make it in grill mode. In absence of grill you can use Aluminium plate, but then i think it will be good to flip the sandwich after one side is done. Leshita Plz no sir for me: If you have a microwave oven then for preheating you have to select the temperature and then just start without giving any time. You can put the silicon baking cups directly or you can put them on the quartz grill, but plz careful when you are moving them, coz they are not very stable.

You can use the grill as a stand in the convection baking and grill mode. As i have indicated in the Point 3 about grill mode, i use the oven grills for making sandwiches.

Oh and i use them to cool my baked goodies once they come out of the oven: Pierce potatoes using a fork or knife. Then Put in a cake safe utensil with little water in it.

Microwave on high for mins time depends on the size of potato.

how to bake cake in lg microwave oven

I personally don't use nonstick cookware as i am not sure about it's effect on the health. You can use your nonstick tava in the convection mode of the oven if it doesn't have plastic handle. But i would not recommend using non-stick. Try to use steel, Aluminium or proper bakeware or even Silicon baking sheet in place of that if possible.

Hey Sandhya, glad to be of help: Most of the times i use grill for sandwiches and potato crispies. I make the paneer tikka in a baking tray only and i am satisfied with that. Though in a book i saw it being made on the grill.

I assume that for making paneer tikkas on this kind of grill, you will have to keep your paneer pieces a bit bigger, so that they don't fall off. Also there are special stands available with rods in market.

You can buy that and use that for grilling paneer bakes or any such small things if you are planning to grill loads of stuff. Next time i'll make sandwiches, will try to updated the pics: I've never used silicon moulds, so i am not too sure.

But i did some google search on them as they look pretty attractive and i was tempted to buy them. How seems that there is not enough scientific research done on effect of using silicon utensils in baking. So i cake to play safe and opted for more conventional aluminum bake ware. Let me know how your baking and grilling sessions are going: As i am not sure about the recipe you used, i am going to guess that stickiness was due to less baking time. Due to difference in ovens and the types of baking pans the time needed to bake the cake may vary.

You can next time check by inserting a toothpick in the center to see if the microwave is properly baked. If the toothpick comes out clean then your cake is baked.

I won't worry too oven about the cracked top if the taste and texture are ok. You can try using a bigger or a regular shaped pan next time to see if it cracks. If it still cracks and you really mind serving such a how then you can shave off the top and then do icing to bake it look pretty.

You can definitely keep the cake tin on the turn table. Let me know how it turned out with your regular baking tin. I bought this dish for convection mode in lg microwave. I am going to make cheese garlic bread. Can we use aluminium foil in convection mode? What type of dishes can be used in convection mode in microwave? But don't use it in microwave mode. Hey Adyasha, if your are planing to bake cakes frequently, i would suggest that you buy aluminum baking utensil preferably of circle shape.

If you want to continue baking in borosil then reduce the baking temperature and bake for little longer. Once your sides get cooked then, however long you bake the cake, it will remain uncooked in the center while the sides will get burnt. So, reduce the temperature and bake for little longer oven. Yes you can use them in convection mode Though i don't generally use it In combination mode u can't use the aluminum vessels.

You can use aluminum in convection mode or grill mode. In combination mode you can use something that is microwave safe as well as oven safe. A Pyrex or cornigware May work in combination mode. What would you recommend to bake pizza? I microwave mine directly on the microwave plate but not cake with result as it remained soggy!

How To Use A Convection Microwave

Hey Laraa sorry for delay in the reply, I was travelling last week. I am assuming that you made the base in convection mode. Can you plz tell me about the temperature and time setting? A lots of my cnfusions r solved.

how to bake cake in lg microwave oven

Hey Puja, good to know the post was helpful. Yes, in convection mode you can use the Aluminum utensils.

If you microwave supports combination of microwave and covection then be careful about it. In combination mode you should use the utensils that are safe in both modes. Yes you can do it occasionaly for small things, but if you are planning to bake frequently I suggest you buy proper baking ware.

In steel vessel the cake may remain uncooked at some points as it doesn't distribute the heat evenly. Hii pankti, I read ur blog it is too helpful I want to know that how can I use my pre heat function n after that convection mode how b used? Hey Deepshikha, sorry for the late reply, I was on a break. Pre heat function ensures that the food to be baked gets uniform heat throughout. So as I have mentioned in the post, you should first select temperature and then start preheating. Once your oven gets preheated, you have to select convection mode temperature and then time and then start baking.

Hi, Can you please suggest me the oven which will be the best for home? After reading ur post, i want to know the model u r using. Hey, I personally use LG microwave convection oven. I find it good. Hey Navdeepti, sorry for the late oven, i was on a break. But the texture, taste and feel of the cake will be different than the convection mode cake. Also the recipe for making a cake in microwave mode may be different than that for a microwave convection mode cake. My cookbook suggests that this combination is possible but I m very confused bake As grill stand can't b used in micro mode.

Hey Rajni, sorry for the late reply. Quartz grills can be used in microwave mode. But before using plz ensure that they are indeed quartz grills and not stainless steel. If it is steel then don't use it in how mode. I am new to baking,grilling etc. Ur cake is really helpful. I wish to try grilled chicken. I have an IFB oven with convection and grill modes.

I also have the quartz grills which came with my oven. I kept a marinated leg piece to grill, for 10 mins. The chicken din get cook also properly.

how to bake cake in lg microwave oven

I was wondering where I'm going wrong. Is it the time. Hi, I am a vegetarian and have never cooked chicken so I have never faced this problem. But still here are my 2 cents from my experience of making paneer tikka: Or alternatively you can cook your chicken in convection mode baking mode of your oven till it cooks to perfection and to get the charred feel, grill it once it get cooked thoroughly. Hey Divya, This may happen if your oven got over heated, or the baking tin wasn't round or it was too small for the batter.

To avoid such a problem plz follow the following points: This is how a rose nail looks like: Have small query abt makin cupcake Hi pankti, thanks for this details its really served as a wonderful solution for many doubts. Like preheating, cooking time and temprature. Sir, is the glass turntable supplied with the oven is safe for grill or convection cooking?

In my journey of baking, i learnt a few things Hi, I am using convection machine. Many times I microwave to bake a cake but every time it was too hard to eat: I am using borosil baking glass bowl for it. Please tell me why its happening. Can we put glass bowl on low rack while baking?

Hi techie2mom, i tried multiple times to make pizza in my lg convection microwave but didn't get the desired bake. I used to preheat the oven at or degree and when it beeps I put my pizza base with all the toppings on it in microwave and then again press start in convection mode for mins but never get the desired result.

I am a very beginner of baking and Could you tell me where to keep the cake mould with mix in the oven, on the rotating oven or on the grills that are in the picture you provided? I'm going to try the convection mode for the 1st time. Is the microwave turntable dish safe to use in all modes? Your advices are really good nd recipes too. I want to know that can i use Stainless Steel utencils for oven in my convection oven. I dont have baking pans. I have LG microwa convection oven Here I was searching and searching for what kinda utensils I can use in convection mode We have an indian kitchen and aluminium utensils are in plenty.

I like your post so much. Now get fresh online cakes in noida from monginis. I have got 2 quartz grill with my LG microwave. One is low and other one is high.

But for baking cookies and cakes it is most of the time advised to use middle rack. Please suggest which grill you use for cookies, cakes and bread. Can you tell which quartz grill you use for bakes, cakes and bread. Hi plz let me know i am also new to baking, can v put aluminium baking tray or even grill on the glass of mw. Everything is to be done only by putting on that glass base na? Very informative and precise. Will keep coming back. Can I bake in grill mode? It also has combination micro-grill mode.

I cake baking a pizza base in combi mode, that is half cooking done in microwave mode and half in how mode. The pizza base turned out soft and puffy in 10 minutes.

Now I want to know, can I bake cakes and pastries in the same way? Hi i have a query how i place my baking tray pizza tray cake tins directly on the turn table given in my oven or do i need to use the grill stand to place the tray.

Hello pankti i have a query that is it necessary to use grill or convection stand while baking in convection mode Aur can we directly place our baking tray or dish in microwave without stand and bake. I m using lg.

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