How can i make money while going to college

how can i make money while going to college
With a service called Swagbucks , you can play trivia games and win prizes for doing it. What about remote controls?

There is a huge market among web site owners to buy unique content for their sites. On the web, content is king, and who ever has the best content is able to attract more traffic to their sites. If you are good at writing, you can make good money selling articles online at places like Helium.

Writers and other online talent for hire. Freelancing Similar to selling your articles online, there are thousands of freelancing jobs online that you can do from the comfort of your home.

how can i make money while going to college

Sites like odesk and elance offer freelance jobs, from writing, to programming and web design, and much more. If you have any of these skills, you can browse thousands of freelance jobs and get paid for doing them. Get paid for your opinions You can also get paid for taking surveys, participating in focus groups and writing product reviews.

There are many survey sites out there that will pay you for market research. I have also seen some people make money from participating. Just be careful while you choose which sites to sign up with. If you have to pay to use their service its can a scam.

Most of the legit survey sites are totally free to sign up with. Create and flip websites with Flippa If you know how to create and design a website, you can make serious money in your spare time making and selling websites on Flippa. Flippa is auction based, you can list a website for sale, and how will bid on it. If anyone else has any going money making ideas, please post them in comments!

Last edited by jeffrey; at Tutoring is something I wish I had always done as a college student. It is extremely easy to market yourself as a make as a college student and many parents are willing to pay to have their colleges tutored.

There is so much more flexibility in part time earnings on the Internet. When I was in school, I did Navy experiments, normal part time work or other psychologial tests. There are great lists, this is not need to be college students only but applicable also to home based job where housewives take it as part time Another money way to make money is to become a mystery shopper. You not only get paid for doing assignments but you get paid for expenses too. Sell articles online "If you are good at writing, you can write about anything and try and sell your articles online.

how can i make money while going to college

On the web, it's not that content is king, it's that VOLUME of content is king, meaning that many, many websites like ezine or any of the others don't really care how good the writing is, they just want volume, and to have every subject area covered. The reason these sites succeed is because there will always be an unlimited pool of non-professional writers with egos big enough that they're willing to work for ridiculously low rates.

The really good writers steer clear of these sites because it's really an insult to their profession. Also, seek out seasonal work, sell expertise, and seek out experience in your field of study. I share because this is how my spouse and I paid for college. Though hours were VERY part time. My spouse only worked summers at an amusement park.

how can i make money while going to college

Selling back your used textbooks to the campus bookstore has one of the lowest cash redemption values. When you sell your books, you only have to package them and can mail them for free. You can set your driving hours and only accept the trips that appeal to you. Keep in mind there are some minimal qualifications you must meet such as being at least 21 years old, have at least 3 years of driving experience, and own a 4-door vehicle. Many fast-food and pizza joints are happy to employ college students as cashiers or cooks, but, you have the potential to earn a few extra dollars if you can deliver because you earn tips along with a base hourly wage.

This can be a good option if you only need to work one or two afternoons a week as these positions are often part-time. Tutoring is a great way to help high school students gain an understanding of courses like Chemistry, Foreign Language, Math, etc.

how can i make money while going to college

Parents are always looking for affordable music lessons. If you have a musical gift, teaching music lessons in college can be a great way to gain teaching experience and use your skills.

If you have hands-on experience mowing lawns, fixing leaky faucets, painting bedrooms, moving, etc. Petsitting is a big business across the country and some people make a six-figure income from it.

By connecting with professionals and pet owners that need somebody to walk the dog or spend an hour playing with their pets while they are away at work or traveling the globe, can be good money. You may need to gain some certifications before you can start pet sitting and you can also find leads at your local pet stores and veterinarian offices. Taking surveys in your spare time can be a great way to earn some extra dough fast. Check out Survey Junkie which will pay you instantly with cash via Paypal. They have over 6, members and they have an 8.

While in college, I earned quite a few bucks with freelance writing. It took a while to build up a good reputation, but it was all worth it. Would a great gig as a college student.

23 Ways to Make Money as a College Student

I imagine you could be writing articles in your dorm room or at the library, on a flexible schedule. If you feel you are technologically savvy or have limited transportation options, working remotely might be a great opportunity for you.

how can i make money while going to college

This allows you to work from home and is a very flexible work environment because you manage your own time. The downside is that finding work depends on your skills and qualifications, and you must be wary of scams. How to Make Money while in College.

10 odd ways to earn money during college

Seek part time work in the area surrounding university. Work placement programs are available through most universities. Be a tutor and earn money while you study. Surveyors can sometimes be found at malls or grocery stores.

Make sure the company is legitimate first. There are people out there who will pay you to walk dogs or do their grocery shopping. There are over license plasma collection centers in America. Fraternities and sororities typically have weekly events and will often hire a few people to clean or cook. But if you can sacrifice a few hours, you can earn some easy cash and most likely a free meal in the process.

You can make money each time someone clicks on an advertisement. Relevant ads will pop up on your blog and you get a portion of the money earned. Lukin did this when the PS3 came out.

He hired his roommates to wait in line with him for a couple days and sold the consoles on eBay for much more. Many legitimate companies pay people to shop at their stores and share about the experience.

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