How to clean sony cybershot camera lens

how to clean sony cybershot camera lens
You could see wisps of cotton hanging off the cotton bud he used. Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible.

Turn the camera off so that it will automatically perform the sensor vibration to shake loose dust off.

how to clean sony cybershot camera lens

Now you can see the "Translucent Mirror", which is blocking the image sensor. Use the rubber air blower to gently blow away dust that may have settled on the Translucent Mirror, but make sure that you never touch it. In order to reach the sensor, the mirror needs to be flipped up.

how to clean sony cybershot camera lens

Use your fingertip to gently press the mirror lock lever to make the mirror flip up. Make sure not to touch the surface of the translucent mirror! Point the camera mount downwards and place the tip of the blower just inside the camera lens mount and give it a few bursts. This will usually dislodge the typical dust particles on your sensor and blow them out of the camera.

After you are finished, use your fingertip again to gently push the mirror back into its normal position, until you hear a "click sound". Again, make sure you are only touching the frame of the mirror, but not the surface of the mirror itself. Dust inside the lens Dust inside the lens is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about.

how to clean sony cybershot camera lens

How to clean and maintain your camera body and lenses Cleaning how camera body and lenses is essential to keep your equipment in good condition, but it is also a delicate procedure.

That is why the best way to keep them in good condition is to look after them carefully: You can find accessories here. Camera body After a day at the beach, for example, grains of sand may lodge themselves in the crevices of the camera body. If they are not removed camera away, they may work their way into the lens dials, resulting in premature wear that clean make your camera unusable. They can also harm the focus rings of your lens, seriously damaging it.

The simplest solution for removing the particles is to brush the outside of the body using a soft-haired brush. Do not press hard as this will scratch the body or the LCD screen. A cotton swab may also be used if adhesive dust cannot be removed with a brush. A blowing ball is often effective for hard-to-reach places. Finally, if the camera body is soiled with harder-to-remove substances mud, etc. Microfibre is recommended as this will not scratch the LCD screen. Do not use any chemical products such as thinners, benzine, alcohol, disposable cleaning wipes etc.

Lenses Lenses need to be treated with particular care.

how to clean sony cybershot camera lens

The glass that makes up the lenses is very fragile and can scratch very easily. A lens should only be cleaned as a last resort. The optical surface is affected each time it is cleaned. Marks are always left, even if they are not immediately obvious to the naked eye.

How to properly clean the Cyber-shot camera.

It is lens to have a lens that is slightly dusty than a lens that is scratched. In our view, cleaning is essential if you notice fingerprints; by their nature these are oily and acidic, and can damage the anti-reflection coating of the lens.

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Ormeau 1 PRO 9: I was about to send my new Sony Cybershot HX20V off for repair due to the sudden appearance of two distinct blobs which could be seen both on the back screen and very obviously on photos and videos.

I read a bit about how dust can get in to the barrels of these how cameras as the zoom extends and retracts. I saw videos of a man taking his camera to pieces which was not an option as it would void the warranty. His work on the sensor looked neither delicate nor likely to restore it to clarity. You could see wisps of cotton hanging off the camera bud he used. Keep it away from dirt, dust, marks or fingerprints.

There are two ways in making the lens visible on Cyber-shot cameras. Remove the battery in the camera if it will not be used for a long period of time. Where to buy Find your nearest Sony store to view our clean products. Visit now Sony videos View product releases and tutorials on our YouTube channel! A world of entertainment Access the latest music, movies and games right at home. Favourites Search Sony Sony Sites. Our Life Space UX range is designed to unlock the hidden potential of everyday space.

how to clean sony cybershot camera lens

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How to Clean Professional Camera Lenses

If there are visible dust particles on your lens and if these spots remain on the same position on your images, it would be best that you have the camera evaluated by a technician. Dust getting inside the lens is something that rarely happens for a point-and-shoot and a camcorder.

How to clean and maintain your camera and lenses

Since the lenses are non-interchangeable, there is a lesser chance of dust entering the camera. However, this may happen if the camera has been used in extreme situations. We also do not have any service advisories regarding this specific issue on any of our cameras and camcorders. This is so annoying. I am on my thrid Sony camera and all three have gotten dust insde them with very careful use. I got one cleaned and after 4 months, more dust inside.

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