How long to cook 8lb pork shoulder in oven

how long to cook 8lb pork shoulder in oven
Already have an account? Transfer the pork to a large bowl: Followed this recipe exactly and it was perfect.

Warm the oil in the Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Sear the pork on all sides, working in batches as necessary so as not to crowd the pan. For more detailed 8lb instructions, see How To Sear Meat. Add the vegetables if using: Onions, pork, and other vegetables also deepen the final flavor of the pork, but are optional. If using, nestle them around 8lb oven in the Dutch oven. Pour the liquid and liquid smoke if using over the top of the pork.

The pork should be only partially submerged, with some of the pork remaining above the surface of the liquid. Bring to a simmer: Set the Dutch oven with the pork shoulder medium-high heat and bring the liquid to a simmer. Cover and transfer to the oven: Once simmering, cover the Dutch oven and transfer the whole pot to the oven. Cook for 2 to 4 hours, until fork tender: Let the pork cook shoulder for 2 hours, then begin checking it every half hour.

Total cooking time will be 2 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of pork and whether it's bone-in long takes longer to cook. The pork is done when it is fork-tender when the meat can be easily pierced with a fork without resistance and easily falls apart with a little pressure. If you're cooking pork on the bone, the meat should be long off the bone. If in doubt, cook the meat another half hour; it's almost impossible to overcook meat with this method. Transfer the pork to a large bowl: I have to cook a couple of roast for the weekend and wasn't sure what pork to cook at and for how long. Didn't want to overcook them so this chart will be helpful.

I will have to try it using this cooking chart and see if things change. A meat thermometer should read around degrees when done. I use a little meat sausage seasoning and some salt and pepper. Very simple and the kids love them. Reviewed By Michael Wayne. Just what I was searching for. Magnoliasouth, they might have updated the chart since your comment. I was able to see results for chops in a couple areas. Pork chops are much more common than the rest. Roast Beef Cook Time.

Quick Links To Popular Pages. Pigs in a Blanket. Recipes A to Z. Used Rose Vinegar instead of white vinegar, a bag of coleslaw mix, and added a teaspoon of horseradish. This was very good slaw. Electric Pressure Cooker 43 min, then glazed and added potatoes and carrots for another 7 min. I had a Boston Butt Pork Roast and I didnt want to use a crockpot and dont have a grill, so I came up with this method. And thought it came out pretty well. How added a teaspoon each of onion powder and ground ancho chili to the rub but otherwise followed the oven exactly.

We no longer need to cook pork dry. However, if you go and read up on pork BBQ or making pulled pork or if you take a BBQ class they will tell you that to get that fall apart tender roast that you can shred with two forks, you need to start with a pork butt or shoulder and then cook it low and slow how hours until it is over F.

Think of it as the difference between doing a Prime Rib Beef roast nice and rare versus doing a braised pot roast e. If you want, you can use this basic method for a pork loin or other cut and cook it to your desired internal temperature.

Then let it rest and then blast it in the heat to get a crust. Then let the roast rest and then put it in a very high oven for a short time at the end. Thanks to your wonderful recipe and directions, I served an absolutely delicious and very moist 9lb pork shoulder roast for dinner to-nite!

I will be doing this method from now on! Everyone was amazed at the flavor and really enjoyed it!

how long do i cook my pork shoulder?

Do you put the roast on a rack above the liquid or submerse the meat in it? Also do you cover the roast with foil during the resting period? But you can also use a rack. I made this exactly like you suggested twice and it was awesome, flawless! My family raved about it and this time I tried the gravy too. BEST gravy Ive ever made! It turned out amazing! When picking it up it just fell apart. Thanks for coming back to let me know.

And do try the gravy. After cooking at deg for about an hour then covering for another 15 minutes the chops came out absolutely beautiful — and the second high temperature cook at deg was not needed. I dry roasted my vegetables in my cast iron skillet above the roast and used a roux gravy just like your recipe. What a wonderful dinner! As a matter of fact while I am writing this I have 2 x 2.

Your site is now in my favorites list and I look forward to the next recipe. Jeff, Thank you so much! Now I definitely have to give that a try! Hello I am making a 4 pound bone in pork butt but I want it to be for pulled pork so I was reading the comments that the internal temperature should get to for that.

how long to cook 8lb pork shoulder in oven

Angie, you can cover 8lb. Typically, even without covering, the outside ends of drier and crunchy while the inside is moist and juicy due to the low cooking temperature.

How did it turn out? I used your recipe yesterday and I am thrilled with the results! I thought that the best part was that it really is a very easy meal to make…until we used the leftovers to make lunch today. Hands down the best part has to be the unbelievable roast pork sandwiches the next day!

Sliced thin, heated in the gravy, served on a crusty roll with a slice of provolone, and a pickle on the side — I felt like I was in a deli! Going to try the technique with a roast beef next if I can figure out what cut to use. Thanks for the how recipe! Thanks for letting me know! We have always enjoyed bone-in pork loin roasts with sauerkraut and riced-potatoes for dinner. A bacon coverering to baste helps, but is still lacking. Day one, sent DH to buy the pork loin. Kid brings pork butt. Getting ready to start dinner when I notice that the cut is not a pork loin.

Delighted that you enjoyed your roast in the end. I would like to try this method for a pulled pork result. I have two 4lb boneless pork shoulders. Just make long that each oven has space around it so that the air is circulating between and around them. Well…I followed directions but my pork still seemed shoulder tough versus tender.

Thank you and Happy New Year! Sue, Do you know what the internal temperature of your roast was when it was still too tough? I find that it has to reach above F to be right, higher is even better. I just made this 2 nights ago, WOW! This is my go to for pork for ever. I only had a small roast, brought the pork down to about 17 minutes per pound,while roasting, finished if off at for 15 minutes. Also, should it sit on leftover liquid or should I move it to a dry, clean plate?

Charles, There is actually some debate about this. But really, if you cut into a steak or roast right after it has been cooked, liquid comes out of it. If you wait a bit, the liquid stays inside and everything is juicier and tastier. I hope that helps. Just made this tonight, and OMG!!! It was so delicious! This is my first pork butt roast, and I wanted something with simple spices that cooked in the oven so I was drawn to your recipe.

how long to cook 8lb pork shoulder in oven

I was VERY liberal with the salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and it made a crusty delicious coating. I actually was wanting to shred my pork and have it eat during the week, but I decided to try this first. Definitely pay attention to your oven thermometers!

I saw the previous comment on cooking the roast until it reaches an internal temp of degrees for shredding, so I would probably try that next. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. Hi, I would prefer to make a pork roast that turns out fall apart tender like my beef chuck roasts do when cooked low and slow in the oven. I do not want a pork roast that needs to be sliced. Definitely go with a pork butt or pork shoulder. Cook it as directed, low and slow, until it reaches F. Then you can pork go in and shred it with two forks, it will be that tender. Made this 8lb my New Years meal and it came out amazing!

I seasoned it with a Cajun rub and olive oil which gave it a shoulder spice overnight. I baked it as suggested and was pleased with the results as this was my first time making a roast. I will definitely make again.

Ive made boston butt roasts several times before and I thought they were good… until I made it this way! The dripping were good as is skimming off the fat of course.

My roast was 6. I cooked it at degrees for 4 hours. Temp reached degrees at this point. I let it rest as suggested for 30 mins then degrees for 15 mins. Bridget, A center cut is a loin and will be too lean to cook in this way. The only difference though is the length of time you cook it for and the final temperature. Then let it rest for 30 minutes and give it that final blast of high heat. Going to try this tomorrow for New Years Dinner, sounds great. Just wait it though. Leave the temperature alone. Thank you so much for the info. I hope it turned out for you.

We made this roast for a Boxing Day get together. It was deliciously juicy and so flavorful. I followed the recipe and the end result was long Thanks so much for posting this! Made this roast for Christmas, it how delicious. Followed this recipe exactly and it was perfect. Thank you so much. Will definitely be making this again. Christine, this recipe is on point. Had one guest tell me the gravy was an overkill, because the pork was so good that it seemed crazy to cover it with anything.

Only sad part is no leftovers, people just kept coming back for more even the young kids. You made me look great.

How To Cook (and Shred) a Pork Shoulder for Pulled Pork

FYI, I used an injector to infuse the prok with a creole marinade before spicing up the how per your recipe, definately a hit! Thank you and Merry Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

I love the idea of the creole marinade injection. Or just place it fat up in the bottom of the pan? I need to prepare enough pork loin for Christmas Eve dinner. I purchased 2 large, long pork loins trimmed them and cut them into 4 hunks of meat in order to be able to fit it all in my oven to cook. I bought 2 long disposable cooking trays and plan to put 2 per tray and hope to position the hunks far long apart in the trays so the heat can circulate well enough to cook. Each hunk of meat is approximately 5 pounds. So do I cook this as if I am cooking 20 pounds of pork, so 30 mpp at which would be like 10 hours of cooking?

Jennifer, I would not use this exact method for pork loins. They will be dry and shoulder. Instead, you could use this method but cook the roasts to an internal temperature of F. Use the weight of each individual roast, not of the total amount of meat. So it will be about 1 hour and 15 minutes — 1 hour and 40 minutes at F. Then let them oven and then blast it in high heat for a pork time, as instructed in the recipe. The fat will add moisture to the lean cut of meat. I like to add golden yukon potatoes, carrots, onions and celert to roasts.

Is there any reason to not do so with thos recipe? Could they be added to the roasting pan with 30 or 45 minutes to go before the standing time for the roast and then be left in while the roast is standingm. James, Yes, that would work.

Remember that the oven is at a low temperature so you might want to put them in for longer, depending on how much you put.

I just want to post a bit of a warning. I had never made a pork shoulder roast before—there are only two of us, and I pork it would just be too much food. But I saw a 2-pound boneless pork shoulder in the market this week and how it looked like the perfect size.

8lb was held together not by oven, but by netting, if that means anything. I followed this recipe to the letter, and ended up with a very dried out piece of meat. Hi Christine, I seasoned it this morning and my daughter is cooking it as we speak. Thank you for the recipe! Your recipe and the feedback you have 8lb look great. Do you have any other suggestions for a piece of pork that large? Your resipe looks great and has some great feed back.

Do you have any suggestions for a roast that large? It will still be hot in the middle at that point and that final blast of heat at the end will warm things quite a bit. The great thing about that is that the timing is less crucial. You have an hour to play with long.

Estimate a longer cooking time rather rather than less.

how long to cook 8lb pork shoulder in oven

But truly, anywhere between will be good, around is ideal. That flexibility makes your timing easier. Making sure that your gravy is hot when you serve the roast is a great idea. Even if the roast has cooled a bit, the hot gravy will make that not at all noticeable.

Finally, I recommend getting an inexpensive electric carving knife for slicing. It makes quick work of it and you get nice slices. You might want to try getting one and then testing it out on a small roast for yourselves one night first.

Had to tell you that I have made this recipe 3 times now and it is just phenomenal! The roast always comes out super moist and flavorful. I like to add pinot grigio to the chicken broth in the pan, too. Excited to check out more of your recipes!! Ashley, Thank you sooooo much for letting me know. And I love the pinot grigio idea. Did this today — worked great.

The pan was really easy to wash afterwards no burnt on bits and there was plenty of nice crispy bits of meat for everyone. I will definitely use this method again. Will definitely be sharing this recipe if it comes out good!

how long to cook 8lb pork shoulder in oven

Thanks for this recipe. I tried it last night and it came out perfectly.

Easy Roasted Pork Shoulder – Low Carb, Paleo, Whole 30

The whole family loved it. This was absolutely the best pork roast I have ever cooked. It has always been dry and not very tasty. This was moist and absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for the recipe. So happy to help and delighted that it turned out so well for you. Following your directions, like Martha on Nov 7, my shoulder butt rst with bone-in would not rise above degs. It was 3 lbs and I kept roasting it for 3 hrs but it remained too pink and rare, pink juices flowing, so I upped the oven temp to for 15 minutes then to for another 15 minutes. By then, the interior temp finally hit and the meat was no longer pink.

Perhaps is safe for eating but the pork just looks unpalatable. No time to rest the roast, but it did look look and taste good. Also, we must adhere to a very low sodium diet so used no salt but it wasnt missed, and the gravy was still very flavorful.

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