How to make a galaxy design shirt

how to make a galaxy design shirt
Rinse the shirt in lukewarm water and let it air dry. DIY bow back shirt. Hi Kyla, that is great you are making these galaxy shirts!

Below are photos of the Merchandising and Purchasing team wearing their shirts at the Trade Show:. I would love to do these as a craft. Kids are all over 10, most in the 14 yr old range.

How to Make a Galaxy Print on a White Shirt

I love this idea and will be using it next week at my vbs! My question is, how far in advance can I mix the paint with the textile medium…or does it matter? Hi Joy, so glad you love the idea! The shirts are really fun to make. You can mix the paint and textile medium a few days in advance, just make sure you shake the bottle or stir your mixture before you use it for the project.

how to make a galaxy design shirt

Also, if you would like to share photos of how the shirts come out, we would love to see them and share them in our blog. Looking to make these with about 65 students. For the supplies, how much would we need of each to have enough for this many people? Hi Kyla, that is great you are making these galaxy shirts! For 65 students, we estimate you would need about 3 orders of the 8 oz metalic paint, 2 orders of the Chromacryl Textile Medium, and 1 order of the 8 oz white acrylic paint.

This is based on an estimate of what we used to make about 12 shirts. You may have extra, but it is best to have more than you need, because even with adults we found they tend to use excess paint! You can do a quick demo to show them the only need to dab the sponge in the paint and not overcoat it. Since my shirt was a weird shape, I needed to make my insert from scratch.

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BayForever author Reply Barrelrider12 author Reply I love the way you did the layout! And thanks for sharing the pic!!: Out of curiosity, did you leave the back of your shirt white or paint both sides? I did leave the back white. Pwag author Reply It's from a brand called ZOA, I actually bought it at a sample sale. Feel free to share your pics! Do not rub your hand back and forth, since doing so will smear the dots.

Merely pressing down on the dots of paint will thin them out, making them stand out less. Purposefully add a few larger dots of paint. If desired, you can create a constellation effect by purposefully dripping a few larger blobs of paint or bleach at various places around the shirt.

If used, these larger blobs should only be about twice the size as a normal speck. Do not add too many larger blobs, since these have a tendency to be distracting. Sponge on a few other colors. A normal palette consists of blue, yellow, and purple, but you can get more creative if desired.

how to make a galaxy design shirt

Use a sponge brush to lightly dab these colors around the edges of your bleach star clusters and in the midst of your white-speckled stars. For a more feminine look, you can use shades like magenta, deep purple, and lighter pink. If you do not have a sponge brush, a plain sponge will also work. Choose a sponge with small holes, however. A dish sponge is too porous.

How to Make DIY Galaxy Shirts

Use thin acrylic paint for this step. Fabric paint tends to be more opaque, and you need something a little more translucent to create the desired effect. Blur the colors with water. Lighten and smooth the appearance of the paint by dabbing it with a water-soaked sponge or paper towel. Blend until you achieve an effect that appeals to you.

Some portions can be darker than others, but these extra colors should only be used to create depth.

They should not be the focal point of the shirt. Alternatively, spray the color on instead of sponging it. You can use multiple colors, but it may work better if you only use one or two similar colors, like purple and blue. Water-down tie-dye paint will also work if you cannot find spray fabric paint.

how to make a galaxy design shirt

You do not need to dilute the paint with water afterward. Dry, rinse, and dry again. After all is said and done, let the shirt dry flat overnight. Rinse it with cold water and let air dry. Why can't a galaxy shirt be white?

how to make a galaxy design shirt

You can use any color you like, but black makes the most sense, since space, where galaxies reside, is black. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Do I have to use fabric paint or can I just use acrylic paint? You can use acrylic but you will not get the best results.

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