How to polish scratches out of stainless steel

how to polish scratches out of stainless steel
I use it when I want my SS products to shine. Trust me on this. So, I did and little more and again, good-bye scratches.

The scratches seem to vanish, but use gentle pressure and a good quality cotton cloth.

how to polish scratches out of stainless steel

When you are done polishing your watch, make sure to use a good jewelry cleaner to get off all of the residue left by the polish and use a toothbrush and use gentle pressure. This worked so well, that I just cleaned and polished my whole watch and removed ALL of the minor scratches and nicks! I never thought that it would work so well. I just removed all scratches from my Tag Heuer Link. I wanted to try the Mothers mag polish, but all I had in the garage was automotive liquid "Wheel Cleaner" which apparently also has some abrasive qualities. I removed all scratches some were deep. Made my Link watch with brushed aluminum band completely like new.

I went to Home Depot. Although it is not yet in all the stores, they sent me to one that was carrying the product now. I had scratches on my refrigerator door and on my Viking range from the grills and I used the product. The scratches are gone and best of all the area I treated blended in with the rest of the surface. It was so easy to do! This is problem is quickly remedied using Scratch-B-Gone. The product will remove surface stains, water spots, rustNOT to mention scratches This product really works!

How Do You Get Deep Scratches out of Stainless Steel?

Two posts after that recommending the same product are from Carlsbad. Let's research this some more before we get "taken" by a very obvious advertising ploy! You're right that testimonials are a poor subject for the virtually anonymous internet! It's drowning in spammers, phishers, and shills posting with fictitious names.

How to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel - Refinish Stainless Steel

But my guess is that Shari, Pamela, and you are real people posting with real names. Shari didn't actually "leave a link"; rather, because Scratch-B-Gone is a identified supporting advertiser of this site, we linked her mention of the product to their ad.

On this page a competitor of Scratch-B-Gone claims their product "holds up longer than anything in the market" -- yet who paid for the posting of this claim? Not his company, but our supporting advertisers including Scratch-B-Gone. So another way of looking at it is that Scratch-B-Gone is paying the cost of maintaining these hundreds of postings describing all these alternative approaches to trying their product. Please come back and tell us about the scratch removal problem that brought you here. It's okay to get distracted, but not so distracted that we lose the thread: My 30 year old very scratched stainless steel sink is now shining bright.

how to polish scratches out of stainless steel

I couldn't get the 3m pads here in Aus but instead used grit 1stgrit 2nd and finished off with grit sandpaper. Thank you all for your advice. I must say I was very nervous using sandpaper so I did a small area first using the three grits and was amazed.

Oh I also wiped down with vinegar. I just wanted to thank all of you for your comments and suggestions. What a relief to know that there are solutions that work.

how to polish scratches out of stainless steel

I'm going to try Scratch-B-Gone and not because I'm from California and not too far from Carlsbad - great waves for boogie boarding! I've read their material and like that Restore Solutions mentions their product blends the repaired area with exiting areas.

I'll let you know if it works. I recently used Bar Keepers Friend to clean my stainless cooktop. It had very brown spots on it due to water boiling over while canning tomatoes. The stains eventually were removed but now I notice fine scratch marks on some areas of the shiny part of the stainless. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to remove these scratches. My husband and I are at the end of our 8 year, complete home remodeling project of our square foot home.

You can imagine my excitement in bringing home our new JennAir stainless steel refrigerator. I was so ready to clean the tags and plastic and get it into my new kitchen. Now, imagine my horror, when trying to remove the glue, from the tags stuck to the door. First, soaking them with hot soapy water, and using a green "scrubbie" to gently encourage them from the door, and "poof" my brand new, never been used fridge now has three patches of scratches!

I have been searching for answers, for 5 days. Thank God for your web site.

how to polish scratches out of stainless steel

I guessing I should try the scratch-b-gone product. What is the success rate with the scratch-b-gone product? Is is easy to use? In response to the inquiry from Patricia about removing sticky tags from new appliances: The gentlest and most effective way to remove glued-on stickers is to use baby oil. The oil removes the adhesive with a a bit of gentle rubbing with a cotton cloth or paper towel cloth is the gentlest.

Then to remove the oil, just wipe with a bit of rubbing alcohol to cut the grease. It works great and doesn't harm the item.

Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel Appliances

Don't use the product called Scratch B Gone on your stainless steel appliances! I bought some after reading recommendations, and am sorry I did. Even with the mildest of the four pads included, it did more damage to my refrigerator.

how to polish scratches out of stainless steel

Now the whole area treated is scratched with the grain, instead of a few scratches running down the grain. I wish I never used it! The liquid product is supposed to make the treated area blend in with the rest of the untreated stainless, but it doesn't work at all. You will end up with a shiny scratched up patch. It is WAY too abrasive. If you are having a problem with this product being too abrasive you then must not have "brushed grain stainless steel". I have used this product several times for my own refrigerator, stove, and dish washer and also some of my own clients appliances and it really does work.

If you notice in the instructions its says for "brushed grain stainless steel" only. You just have to start with the lightest abrasive that will remove the scratch or blemish.

STEP 3 Gently wipe the surface with a fresh, barely damp microfiber cloth to remove any compound residue. Dry with another fresh microfiber cloth. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 if needed to completely remove scratches from stainless steel surfaces. For larger imperfections that cannot do not respond to the compound, use a stainless steel scratch removal kit such as Scratch-B-Gone or Siege Stainless Steel Sink and Cookware Scratch Remover. Scratch remover kits generally contain a polishing compound and a set of abrasive pads.

Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel Watch

Identify the direction of the grain in your stainless steel. STEP 2 Starting with the appropriate grit pad recommended for the specific scratch you aim to banish, rub the scratch with the grain, in one direction only—going back and forth with an abrasive could cause unattractive circular marks. STEP 3 Move to a smoother grit pad, if recommended by the manufacturer, and continue the buffing process, adding water, or any compounds included in the kit, as called for.

How Motion-Activated Screwdrivers Work. Is stainless steel really impossible to stain? Be gentle when cleaning your stainless steel appliances.

Even the finest abrasions will appear if you're using a heavy hand. How All-in-one Food Processors Work.

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