What is the definition of evacuate

what is the definition of evacuate
Temporary but rapid removal of people from building or disaster or threatened area as a rescue or precautionary measure. The first evacuations came ten days after the disaster.

Definition of 'evacuate'

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Значение "evacuate" в словаре английского

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The troops evacuated their position because of the enemy's advance.

what is the definition of evacuate

Children were evacuated from the city to the country during the war. References in classic literature?

what is the definition of evacuate

Tell General Fournier he has barely time to evacuate his position, force a way through this crowd, and cross the bridge. THE Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is billowing ash into the sky and sending super-hot pyroclastic flows surging down its slopes, causing authorities to evacuate nearby villages.

what is the definition of evacuate

Heavy rains fed rivers under the Tatra mountains in northern Slovakia, flooding towns, including parts of Kezmarok, and forcing people to evacuate their homes.

Poland and Slovakia battle floods, more evacuated.

what is the definition of evacuate

Police were in attendance and helped evacuate the area around the building at an industrial park on Cobham Road, Bordesley Green. Chapters cover recommended personal inventory and supplies to keep handy in case of emergency, homeowner's insurance concerns, how to evacuate if there is need, financial planning to take into account, what to take when evacuating by car, food and water concerns for after the storm, and much more.


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what is the definition of evacuate

To excrete or discharge waste matter, especially of the bowels. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Freaky 60s Slang Explained.

what is the definition of evacuate

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The unique language of J.

what is the definition of evacuate

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what is the definition of evacuate

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