What causes brown spots on your lips

what causes brown spots on your lips
Use a cool makeup remover to wipe away the cosmetics. Amalgam tattoos are a very common form of mouth discoloration. User assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury.

Sutera at the University of Milan. Number 6 deals with certain conditions and diseases that produce dark spots on the lips. Number 7 deals with oral cancer.

What Causes Black Spots on Your Lips?

It is important to get any newly formed dark spot on your lip, mouth, or body checked by your doctor. While these spots will typically be benign, if left unchecked, the cancerous forms of these dark spots can spread quickly. Sun exposure usually causes these harmless brown, gray, or black spots to form on the skin.

what causes brown spots on your lips

In common vernacular, these spots are known as age spots or liver spots. Usually, the only problem these dark spots will cause is emotional. Yes, liver spots are a sign you are getting older. If you wish to prevent these spots on your lips and other body parts, you should wear sunscreen and avoid intense sunlight. You should definitely avoid the tanning bed because, otherwise, you might be a young person with liver spots.

what causes brown spots on your lips

Liver spots may soon be a thing of the past, according to a report from Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

Liver spots, technically called "seborrheic keratoses" rely on a particular enzyme called AKT to survive. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, melasma is a common skin problem that produces brown to gray-brown spots on the skin.

what causes brown spots on your lips

Doctors are unsure of the true causes of melasma, but since it is especially prevalent in pregnant women or women on birth control plus, it is rarely seen in menhormones are generally thought to play a role.

The dark spots will correct themselves within a few months after delivery or the cessation of birth control. For the few unlucky women with hormonal imbalances that cause permanent dark spots, the only real treatment options are laser removal or skin creams.

Amalgam tattoos are not caused by an artist they are caused by your dentist. Amalgam tattoos are created during dental work when high speed dental equipment embeds small metallic particles into your skin. In the situation that you have tried natural remedies and the black spots did not improve, you should consider going to the dermatologist.

Black Spots on Lips

If you have noticed that the black spots are actually small lumps, you should definitely make an appointment to the doctor. Keep in mind that, in rare situations, these black spots can be signs of cancer.

what causes brown spots on your lips

Skin cancer is very aggressive and it has a high mortality rate. The longer you delay going to the doctor, the further the skin cancer will progress and it might not be possible to treat it anymore. The procedure targets the discoloration with a laser, which destroys the cells that create the darkened spots, as well as the spots themselves. The spots will completely disappear. Please select your gender. Please enter a valid email address. What Are Age Spots?

what causes brown spots on your lips

Brown Pigmentation on the Upper Lip. How to Repair Cracked Lips. Causes of Dark Spots on Your Legs.

What Causes Dark Spots on Lips

Dark Pigmentation Around My Mouth. This becomes pretty bad when you develop this habit.

what causes brown spots on your lips

You may not notice it almost immediately but will notice dark spots on the lips with time. Not only these burns from beveragesbut also hot eatable or solid foods can come with discomfort while eating.

So, be careful on hot foods.

what causes brown spots on your lips

Do not be in a hurry and take them when they are warm. If you suspect or realize that these drugs are what causes dark spots on your lips, you must consult a physician or dermatologist.

10 Best Home Remedies To Cure Black Spots On The Lips

However, it is advisable to stop taking these medications after you have been given an alternative or your doctor has shown a green light. Black spots on lips due to medication can be linked to sorts of allergic reactions and in many cases this could be the main reason. More luckily, not all individuals are likely to encounter formation of spots or lip discoloration due to medication.

A bad lip product could be indicated by its expiry date, actual formulation or ingredient quality. Due to the fact that the skin of the lips is more sensitive, use of a lip product whose expiry date is already due, can cause not only lip problems but also is potentially a health risk. An unlikely increased quantity in melanin due to pigmentation problems can lead to dark lips or formations of dark or brown spots.

In most cases this may occur at lip borders.

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