How to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone
I followed advice from instagram site and uninstalled and then reinstalled. Check out Scosche's full line of wireless and traditional mounts, and get the best for your new device.

You can remove an Instagram account from your iOS device.


Log out of the unwanted account using the following steps:. If you select Log out of [username]you'll remain signed into your other Instagram accounts. Selecting Log out of all accounts will remove all of the accounts you've added on your phone. Add and Switch Between Multiple Accounts You can now add up to 5 Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in. How do I add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts?

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

Their main help desk is help. We set up 3 separate instagram accounts and linked all three to the one Flickr account.

How to Add Two Instagram Accounts on Android and iPhone

Thank you for this information! Hi love2snap, I have a question since you said you are one of the many people who has multiple IG accounts. Well, I already have one IG my main account and I wish to make another one. But whenever I try to click submit, it says Error, and my only option is to dismiss. Have you ever had this problem?

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

How do I fix it? My IG account is private. I use it to post some pics of my daughters. And I do not want these pics to be public. But I also would like to publish other pics with a specific hashtage like plane by example. Hi Sth, There is no possibility at the moment apart from the one we explain here to manage multiple accounts. Probably IG will add on a next version release? You have to chose between public profile or private but cannot filter by pic. I had this problem once, and the way I solved it is log off of your account again then log back on.

It refreshes your IG and it should go back to normal! I have a problem conecting my second Instagram account to facebook. The problem is that when i select upload to facebook, it uploads to the facebook accuton conected to my first instagram account??! I am having the same problem. Anyone have a solution? Im working on an app, that will allow the management of multiple instagram accounts in a push of a button.

How To Manage Two Instagram Accounts on iPhone and Android

I cannot wait for this function to be available. I was hoping it would be avaialble on the new Update. Instagram is seriously lagging on this issue.

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts on same device

I have two separate accounts and my usage has declined, because logging in and out is such a hassle!

This apps is very cool. One can also get more followers and accounts from http: I just thought of 3 different accounts I want to create. Hey i have made a couple of Instagram accounts and forget the passwords to all of them because it was the same password.

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

So i tried to make a new one but it says that there are too many users on this device. You go to your profile, select the menu the 3 dots in the top right cornerand at the very bottom of the menu is a logout option. From there you can… sign in or create a new account.

The information you provide is quiet helpful, why I was not able to find it earlier. I love my friends I Care about them. I love every one who cares about me. Okay I have a weird one. Even though I log out, when I started my new account second one and try to link a new twitter and new Facebook to the second instagram account, it only links the accounts from the first one.

Does this make sense? Any help on this? Am I just a moron?

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

It seems that even if you have multiple accounts, you can only link to one Twitter and FB account. Then you could email a photo to the account. Similar to what Flickr or Evernote do. Ideally, we would be able to login to multiple accounts, and then tag the ones we wanted to use for our post. Almost like a TweetDeck approach. The problem is, for those of us who have a business that utilizes IG, and our own personal IG, the current app is essentially useless.

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

They have it set up where you can swap between multiple accounts. With tumblr you pick which account you want it under before you submit it.

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

It would be nice to keep the same look Instagram has now but allow us as users to be able to operate everything from one specific app instead of two. I have tried the app you guys recommend above and it has many flaws. If I have 2 instagram accounts and both are linked to the same Facebook account will they both show up in the find Facebook friends feed?

I have seen my question asked twice with no answers yet. I have a personal and a business ig account. When I set up the business account it linked to my personal Facebook account even though two separate emails are used.

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

Now, scroll down and find out Add Account option. After tapping on this, you can add your second account of Instagram. Now, if you want to switch from one account to another account, just expand the drop-down menu from Accounts tab and select the other account. This official method is really very useful for them, who have to manage more than one Instagram accounts. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.

How to Make a Second Instagram (or Create Multiple Accounts!)

You have entered an incorrect email address! Either tap Search for Contacts or Skip. Instagram will direct you to your new home page and your other Instagram account will automatically be connected to this new one. Ready to switch between your two accounts? To add an account on Instagram:.

how to have two instagram accounts on 1 iphone

The next part of our article will show you how to switch between your accounts. I even logged out of all of my accounts, thinking that would do the job.

According to Instagram, this should have worked. Let me know if it worked for you in the comments below. Only do this if you want to delete the account, not just remove it. Remember that if you do this, everything associated with that account will be deleted. However, the other accounts connected to it will remain untouched. Despite how easily you can add or create a second or third Instagram account on your iPhone, you need to get on your computer or use a mobile browser in order to fully delete your Instagram account, which I find silly but alas here we go. To delete an Instagram account:.

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