How to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free
Even had data but kept losing data connection. All times are GMT Providing you have followed the steps above you should now own an unlocked handset and be free to use it on any carrier anywhere in the world.

Anyone have any idea why when I press the Menu button it took me back to my Home Screen instead of proceeding to the next level shown above.??

I have a Samsung s4 model sch with Verizon any ideas on how to unlock this phone because none of the codes worked. I got a message from Samsung that I am trying to access an unauthorized area in my phone. How did you make out. Were you able to unlock it? Can i ask something if you know! Newest update disabled this so You can't get to it Samsung would lose lots of money if people got this to work so this is their latest attempt to stop people. Hi there i have a galaxy s4 on 3 network could you tell me will this work unlocking my phone has anybody unlocked a s4 on three network please help thank you for your cooperation look forward to hearing from you.

I'm hopeless when it comes to technology and was sure I'd have to ask my husband for help, but thanks to these easy to understand instructions I've just unlocked my galaxy s4!

If you get a message that says no service or after entering the menu via you get "service: Limited" at the third line from the bottom on the menu page, then you are not going to be able to unlock your phone. It must say "service: This is an excellent tutorial but, it does not work for me because I have a gs4 active. T doesn't work for my Verizon SCH Did you ever figure out how to unlock your Verizon s4 phone?

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

I have a sprint samsung galaxy s4 SPH-L The only problem with Sprint phones is that they do not operate on SIM cards that you can swap out. Sprint and Verizon use different networks than the rest of the world. Thanks for the Info Works Like a charm on t-mobile S4 I followed all the instruction to the T". I just tried this step and thesse steps gotten me further than most I have found so far, unfortunately security changes in J. Anyone cracked this yet I need help You guys have to downgrade the galaxy to 4.

Good lucks on finding the program. Verizon S4 is factory sim unlocked just have to add the APN settings for Straight Talk and volla ur running I have sch-i and run straight talk on it.

In about deviceit says my model number is SGH-M I successfully went through all the steps and my S4 rebooted. On my S-G S4 GT-ientering it goes to the menu screen indicated I follow the directions but after inputing 1 nothing happens.

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

How do you down grade the firmware? Or what can be done?

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy s4 & Note For Free

I have a samsung galaxy s4 model sch from Verizon that had a contract plan but now have no service and want to unlock it and which it to tmobile prepaid.

Having trouble getting to UMTS menu. I seem to be stuck in service mode menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

I have a Verizon galaxy s4 without doing any of this I put in a T mobile sim an it seems to be Excepting it but My Verizon service is still Active if I Let the Verizon service get cut off will the phone then lock an not Allow me to use the t mobile sim??? Dialing does not pull up the menu page is does nothing on my Samsung galaxy s 4 from us cellular I have a galaxy s4 from us cellular, my screen doesn't do anything after I put a code in someone please help I need to switch my phone to tmobile.

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

I have to comment on this. Someone doesn't have all his information right about GS4 from Sprint. My daughter gave me her samsung galaxy s4 sch but it is verizon and I'm on Cricket. Cricket is telling me I can't use their sim card in a verizon phone. Has anyone done this and will the unlock work?

I also called US Cellular ad was given an unlock code but it does not work with any of the entries you suggested. If you have any counsel, I would be most appreciative.

I was wondering if I unlock it will it be usable on Straight Talk. Also is there any way to downgrade my version like with rooting to allow me to access the U- menu? Hi guys my name is manolis and im friom greece. My phone does not go to the debugged menu it stays on servicemode. I need help with unlocking my S4, I am in Canada and my device is locked to rogers one of the service providers in Canada. I have followed the steps above but it somehow does not take me to the debug screen.

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

I dont know what wrong am i doing with this. My phone doesn't have the phone control option under the debug menu. Are you confusing where to buy the factory code for your device?

Don't worries we will help to take you the most reliable unlock service.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 Active by Code

This is permanent, one time and complete unlock solution for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active i any model. This unlock is compatible with any 2.

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

Once you unlocked your device successfully it remains unlocked even after firmware updates. Mobisource and Codes2unlock have teamed up to bring you best and reliable unlocking service. Also you can get your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active i unlocked in low price. Use the Local Sim card and save on roaming fees when you travel abroad. Increase the resell value of your device as it is available to more carriers. Your phone will be permanently unlocked even after firmware updates.

Views 67 Like 67 Likes Comments Comment. Please sign in to like this Guide. This Guide on ebay will help you unlock your phone without paying for an unlock code.

how to unlock a samsung galaxy s4 active for free

It will virtually unlock it like magic. You dont need to pay for an unlock code If you bought the handset from Verizon then you can only use it with that carrier.

Have something to share, create your own guide View previous How to: Tmobile Unlock Code Guide Image. In just a couple of minutes, following our simple 1-step directions, anyone can do it. Friendly customer support Our staff is highly trained in unlocking procedures and can talk you through the process should you have any difficulty.

Would it be possible to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (i9295) to Metro PCS or similar carriers

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