Strong ref cursor in oracle with example

strong ref cursor in oracle with example
The output from this script is listed below. The Definitive Reference by Boobal Ganesan. Notice that the three variations on the record return type work correctly, while the scalar return type fails as expected.

Another possibility is to declare and define a Record Type object to be a container for your query results.

strong ref cursor in oracle with example

This could be useful if the query is a JOIN query, returning columns from several joined tables. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

Strong PL/SQL Ref Cursors

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strong ref cursor in oracle with example

Why can't we use strong ref cursor with dynamic SQL Statement? When c2 is assign the value of c1both variables point to the same cursor. Remember that c1 and c2 are variables that point to or reference the actual cursor.

strong ref cursor in oracle with example

The same basic example is shown below except, the output is generated by a local procedure. First, the body is pretty simple to understand. Get the authors, print the names, and close the cursor.

What is diff between strong and weak ref cursors

Second, you can pass cursor variables to procedures and functions, and functions can return the variables. Lastly, it can become confusing about when a cursor variable should be closed.

strong ref cursor in oracle with example

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strong ref cursor in oracle with example

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strong ref cursor : ref cursor « Cursor « Oracle PL / SQL

The more direct way to create this translation program eliminates the collection entirely. You can implement an Adapter pattern if you use an OCI8 external programming language to read the cursor as a dynamic result set really only a multi-dimensional array of strings — or technically because the index is sparse a list.

If you like this, you should check out another wrapping technique here.

strong ref cursor in oracle with example

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A cursor variable is a pointer that distinguishes the current row in a resultset from a multi-row query. Cursor variables have several advantages over explicit cursors including:. Cursor variables can point to a variety of queries provided the queries have a suitable return type.

strong ref cursor in oracle with example

In contrast, explicit cursors are tied to individual queries. Cursor variables allow cursors to be opened independently of being processed. Cursor variables can be passed as parameters between application layers, as well as between server side components.

strong ref cursor in oracle with example

Cursor variables can be used to reduce client-server network traffic by allowing several cursors to be opened on the server in a single round trip.

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