What is it like to live in guatemala

what is it like to live in guatemala
In my experience, it is somewhere in between. Each of us homeschool following similar methods, so we do book clubs, art and music classes, sign language and cooking lessons, not to mention all the cool 'field trips' we do together, and weekly date nights for the adults.

I can testify to the intestinal hitchhikers you speak of in point 3. I too have had that experience and can only liken it to an extended version of a colonoscopy prep! Skyyour blog discrives Guatemala so well, I know I share a lot if your storiesbut every day I look forward to read your blog!

What It’s Like to Live in Guatemala (And Why We’re Still Here)

Have a great holidays. You always make me laugh! You've bloomed where you've been planted in Guatemala, and you've done justice in promoting the thrill and adventure of that beautiful country. Good lord, what a place!

what is it like to live in guatemala

I can see a From Dusk til Dawn style movie as I read your blog. Makes my expat experience in the US seem so lame - although I did survive a trip to Harlem recently It's amazing to see how many people can fit inside a chicken bus. Our favorite gringo store in town. Do you think this place is hard to find?

what is it like to live in guatemala

Our weekly delivery of drinking water. Exclusions Thinking of moving here or some other locale? Here are a few things you'll want to factor into your budget as they are not mentioned above: Excursions - You're in a new place with tons of new things to explore.

Especially when you are traveling with a family. One cheap ticket or event times four is no longer as cheap.

The cost of living in Guatemala

Treats - You'll want to pamper yourself or loved one s. Insurance Health, Life, etc. Yes we have them. Most importantly they can make a big dent in your budget. Education - By law expat kids are not allowed to attend public schools in Guatemala. You also may want to budget for language lessons. Initial Purchases - There will be things you could not or did not bring, or perhaps they did not come with your rental and you had hoped they would.

We had to buy a bed and furnish a kitchen.

7 Reasons Why Antigua Guatemala is Expat Heaven

Costa Verde Hotel near Manuel Antonio. The red airplane is actually hotel room. The white one will be too. They are not lying This is a real store in San Jose, Costa Rica. Note to store owner I found the Internet. The only thing is they need to be developed a lot. I have a chain of http: Thank you for making us aware of such things.

Benefits of living in Guatemala!

Im very curious, not sure if it could happen, Im thinking about work and bringing in some sort of income that is actually my biggest concern Would love to chat with you more if your ever free??? Thank you for this article!! I read it to our family consisting of my husband and 3 girls! We are planning on spending three of our winter months January to March, in Antigua.

Expat Family Travel Blog

We will be attending a Language School while we are there. This gave us a good idea of what to expect!! Thanks again for this informative post! We ended up on an alley off the main road and had a lovely time seeing some hidden markets and taquerias and greeting the locals. Actually… wondering if I saw you today! Thank you for sharing! Im a little bit worried about the weather in june and july, is it very little sun? Im thinking about going to Antigua Or ecuador galapagos or costa rica for 8 weeks. It is rainy season, but mostly only rains in the afternoons.

Otherwise sunny and beautiful. Of course Ecuador would be awesome, and we love Costa Rica. RachelDenning hippieamanda Thank you for answering! And congratulations with your baby girl! As I am not an experienced traveller and would travel alone, im also thinking about safety.

Ive heard about students and tourists being attacked, assaulted and of course robbed. Where would you say is the safest cities in wich countries, and the safest place to go? My options are Quito and Galapagos, Antigua and Hawaii- monterrico, and costa rica.

what is it like to live in guatemala

What im thinking is that galapagos will be a little expensive and that guatemala seems the most unsafe. I would love it if you could make som recommendations based on your experiences and what youve heard.

what is it like to live in guatemala

Where do you believe i can be most safe? And do you have any other suggestions, a country or city i could go? I have not been to Quito or Galapagos yet. Costa Rica is of course a great country, although more expensive. But you would be safe in either location. Now I have two children, ages 8 and 10, and would love to move to CA again. Thanks for having an informative article from the perspective of a family.

Here I homeschool, but would it be possible for my children to attend school there? There are schools that your children could attend if you would like… one is called Life School in Panahachel. Thank you for the information! A few questions… what about taking a pet. No, it is not necessary to show proof of exit when you arrive in Guatemala, at least not when we were there.

what is it like to live in guatemala

If any of you have been I would love to hear from you. Or anyone who has been to Honduras seeing as how I will be very close to the border. My only similar Hispanic culture has been Puerto Rico. Not San Juan either. Any help, advice, or info would be awesome. Guatemala will be one of the episodes! I would love to hear about it. Shoot me an email: I am a soon to be mother and the father is currently in guatmala and loves it! I love the idea! My wife and I have been looking into Guatemala.

What if one of your kids become ill? How close is decent health care? What if you are in an accident? How close are professional health care people? There is excellent health care in Guatemala City, as well as Xela Quetzaltenango.

6 Reasons to Move to Guatemala

They are about 1. Won't that be fun? Culture If there's one thing Guatemala's got, it's culture. People As a people, the Guatemalans are wonderful, kind, and hard-working.

what is it like to live in guatemala

Terrain Although Guatemala is small, it offers a diverse terrain. Food When I wrote about our time in MexicoI really spent some time raving about the food - tacos, tlyudas, tortas, tamales and much more.

what is it like to live in guatemala

I'm not sure that I'll have as much to say about the food in Guatemala Other destinations in the country offer different fare -- like iguana stew something our friends tried when we visited Xocomil While I may not rave about the tipica Guatemalan food like I did Mexican food, don't worry, we're not going hungry.

Here's a sample of what you might spend in Guatemala: So why are we still here -- we who are supposed to be nomadic, driving from Alaska to Argentina? Well, there's 3 main reasons: Why was there genocide in Guatemala? Why is Guatemala poor? How do I not look like a tourist in Guatemala? How do you live safely in Guatemala for a white American?

What is the best time to visit Guatemala? How safe is it to move to Guatemala? How do I find a wife in Guatemala?

what is it like to live in guatemala

Where do you get the best cars in Guatemala? Still looking for an answer?

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