How to start your car with a broken starter

how to start your car with a broken starter
The next thing to do is turn the engine on. Find all posts by Sofa King. Listen for the sound you get.

It need a complete rebuild or replacement.

how to start your car with a broken starter

You turn the key and nothing happens 2 You turn the key to start, and either nothing happens, or there is a very quiet single click. Sometimes if you keep trying it will start.

This starter is probably worn out also.

how to start your car with a broken starter

There could be a wiring problem, anything from the key switch to any number of safety interlocks and antitheft devices, but most of the time it's the starter. On starters with the solenoid on top GM, most others the solenoid grounds through the starter brushes, so when the brushes make bad contact you get the "silent treatment" when you turn the key. The small wire going to the starter solenoid shouild get 12 volts or so when the key is turned to "start".

If 12 volts is there and there is no action, then the starter is probably bad. Use a regular hammer, and tap lightly on the side of the starter towards the rear. Very often the starter will spin the engine over one more time. What happens is the brushes wear out in the starter, making a bad electric contact.

Car Battery or Starter? Diagnosing the Problem

If the alternator is not the problem, it could be that your battery is old. The cells inside the battery can dry up and rust. When they get dry they lose charge and die very quickly. Some newer batteries are sealed units and you can no longer check inside them to maintain their health.

If you are able to look inside your battery, make sure all the cells are covered with clear fluid.

how to start your car with a broken starter

This clear fluid is usually distilled water and you can top up the cells with the same. It is a very similar sound to a completely dead battery, so check the battery first. My experience meshes with that of people who say you can't do it in anything remotely modern that has an automatic tranny. Here's how you start an automatic transmission-equipped car in the absence of a battery charger a method approximately as safe as pushing one car with another: Remove battery from functioning car e.

Remove battery from dead car and replace with battery from functioning car.

Auto, Car, Truck Starter Repair

Without turning off engine, remove battery from car. Yes, engine keeps running because alternator makes electricity.

how to start your car with a broken starter

If battery is dead due to alternator being dead, see Appendix A again. If you have something akin to a rubber boot to stick it in, so much the better. Place dead battery in battery cradle. Rehook battery cables, making sure to hook them to the correct posts. At the precise moment of making contact between negative cable and battery, turn head away from battery as eyeball insurance against rare but not quite dismissable possibility of bad things happening.

how to start your car with a broken starter

Tighten clamps or cable bolts. Return other battery to car from whence it came. Find all posts by AHunter3. If you cant git a fast enough speed to successfully turn the engine, try useing a higher gear it puts the wheels at a bigger advantage. Your altenator, puts out The tractors they used would probally do 40 and they would run them wide open.

how to start your car with a broken starter

Besides if your into racing you know that the alternator it riged with a switch so you can cut it from kicking in while racing it robs power. I have wrecked and had the battery pulled out of its box I just killed the start from the battery to the electrical and ran with only an alternator and vice versa. In a modern car you very well could fry the electronics by removing the battery and ru solely off the alternator. The broken car I ran off the altnator soley was a '80 dodge omni AHunter3, in a car equipped with an alternator if you remove the battery with the alternator running, you'll most likely fry the alternator regulator diodes.

I was reading on howstuffworks. Man if a 5 litre is the best I can do I shouldnt even leave home. My truck has a modified 6. I am sure you dont starter me to explain the mechanics that gear ratios play when push starting. Basically the higher the gear the less of an advantage the engine has while under its own power this is why we have trannys.

With the low 3. So if I push start I use 3rd gear or even 4th but the engin turns it will lock the wheels in 2nd or 1st which isnt used for anything other then pulling 3, pounds or better. And to git a better picture the truck weighs about 5, pounds at any time weighed it unless its loaded. So wheel adheasion would seem to have a better chance as well. But still in 2nd and 1st they just lock down. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is About Us car ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam how usu.

If you can locate the starter motor sometimes a sharp tap on it with a spanner does the trick. If nothing happens push start a manual gearbox car or call for help if the car has automatic transmission. No sound from engine. Lights and windscreen wipers work O. Faulty ignition switch, wiring, solenoid or starter motor. Try jiggling ignition key whilst turning it. If you can locate solenoid by battery check if there are any with connections, if so tighten them.

If this doesn't work push start a manual gearbox car or call for help if the car has automatic transmission.

Starting a car with a bad starter??

Starter motor turns engine strongly, but engine doesn't start. No fuel in tank. Petrol hose broken or disconnected Don't rely on fuel gauge. Remove petrol cap and rock car you should be able to hear a sloshing sound if there is any petrol in the tank. Disconnect the spark plug leads one at a time to avoid confusing their positions.

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