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How to format c drive using ms dos

how to format c drive using ms dos
Thanks for your response. When using the format command, remember all information on the drive you want to format will be completely erased. Insert the disc and start the computer.

how to format c drive using ms dos

The installation utility continues, prompting you to ask whether it should create a file system on the hard drive. The utility formats the hard drive.

how to format c drive using ms dos

Continue pressing "Enter" until a blue screen with a status bar appears. After the files are copied, the utility displays the message "Press any key to continue.

After a moment, the computer restarts and loads FreeDOS.

How to Format a Computer Via DOS

15 Sep Format command information for MS-DOS and the Windows command Note: of

Share Share on Facebook. You can install DOS to make a hard drive bootable.

how to format c drive using ms dos

Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Forces the format to a specific UDF version 1. The default revision is 2. Use large size file records. By default, the volume will be formatted with small size file records. NTFS compression is not supported for allocation unit sizes above Zero every sector on the volume.

how to format c drive using ms dos

After that, the volume will be overwritten "count" times using a different random number each time. If "count" is zero, no additional overwrites are made after zeroing every sector.

Need a bit more details.

how to format c drive using ms dos

Exactly what is happened and what was done before the issue started? If you need to format the system and install Windows again, just boot off the disk or to the system recovery partition, it will let you delete and create a new partition from the setup.

how to format c drive using ms dos

Keep in mind this will wipe all the data off the disk. Can't find your answer?

How to Make a Hard Disk DOS Bootable

I tried following your directions with no results. Ok, So I type not what you told me, but this: So I type Y and enter, and it goes back to c prompt.

how to format c drive using ms dos

Thanks for your help. Have had it for tonight.

Microsoft DOS format command

And again, it would only work if the partition was fat But regarding that particular command, that's the way it's syntaxed. If it was fat32 you could boot with the 9X or ME bootdisk and just type format c: Of course you'd still have to boot with an XP cd to install the OS. Why haven't you made any progress?

But then, if you boot from the XP cd you don't have to reformat--just delete the existing partition and recreate it and do the reinstall.

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    Bravo, the excellent answer. How do I format drive c using dos command.

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