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What are the strength of learning resource center

what are the strength of learning resource center
This type of learning is important because the learning can occur without an individual ever having to perform the behavior. So what I did was to read and understand the details in every chemical reaction so that I can give correct examples. This email is already subscribed to Understood newsletters.

It was high school days when I started making a board display.

FS 3^Technology in the Learning Environment

the strength of learning resource center is based upon the teacher on how he/she utilize it or organize in order the students learn is a career resource center? centers that help organizations of gays.

The content was the whole topic that covers our third grading period. I learn how to make boarders and design a letter specifically the Old Text English Style because that was my favorite font text. It was my first time to make a board display, thus I still need to improve and practice those skills for future.

I practice those skills every time I do artworks such as making portfolios and scrapbooks. I think I need to develop my artistic skills because in designing a board display I must know how to combine colors, make designs appropriate to the theme and purposed of the board display, and to make it attractive. There is also a need for me to accept criticism from others towards my work in order for me to develop or improve my work.

I need also to develop my informative skills by reading books and magazines, searching through internet, and most of all to be updated about the events or happenings in this world. At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in determining the appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks.

As I observe the class, the topic was about idiomatic expression using participle. Through the use of visual aids, the teacher delivers her lesson effectively. The topics were written in a manila paper and there was legibility in the content because it can be quickly and clearly understood by students sitting at the back.

There was experiential learning that happens inside the classroom and one of the reasons was that, students interact on the learning materials that the teacher provides. The teacher let her students read every detail in the visual aids, actually what was written on the visual aid were questions for the students to be answered.

Those simple gestures of students were the indication of attentiveness, eagerness and understanding. The inquiry approach was used as a teaching approach. There is legibility on the content because students can quickly and clearly understand what was written. It will be only weak if the teacher do not know how to efficiently utilize the material and if the content is not clear enough to students.

Clerical errors could be also its weakness. It assists the teacher in delivering her lesson, so it is appropriate to use this material for a large number of students inside the classroom and it is necessary for the teacher to use it because most of the students were visual students. It will only be weak if the teacher does not know how to efficiently utilize it.

The appropriateness of this material can maximize learning inside the classroom. In my own understanding, the teacher wanted to let her students to be attentive and participative in their lesson, and also let her students utilize their analytical skills.

what are the strength of learning resource center

The instructional materials used were the perfect fit because the purpose was accomplished. The instructional materials serves as a clear representation that was capable of giving clear information, through this, ht students were actively engaged in the discussion and the teacher was trying to use her creativeness and resourcefulness to facilitate the learning.

As I closely observed, there was no difficulty that the teacher experienced. The class was well managed and the teacher did not find it hard to convince her students to participate in the discussion and activity. There was an interaction between the students and the teacher, and the teacher makes sure that her students stay on task as observed. Yes, all students were actively engaged in the discussion by answering the questions written in the visual aid and some of them were able to answer what was asked.

The teacher gives appreciation to those students who answer the questions correctly and to those who were not able to give their correct answer; the teacher gives feedback to improve learning. Through the score of students on their quiz that shows a positive result, I can conclude that learning material was used effectively. If I will be the teacher of that class teaching with the same lesson, I will also provide activities in order for students to have an opportunity to practice and apply their learning after learning a particular knowledge, skills and attitudes.

I will also use the same teaching approach which is the inquiry approach. If it is possible, I will integrate the use of ICT tools because the concept of computer literacy for students has been redefined creating web pages, digitizing multimedia and the use of social networking sites thus I have to be aware of this trends, as my own teaching effectiveness will depend on my understanding of these recent technological trends. With this reason, I will create a game through the use of projector in a way that has relation to the tropic.

what are the strength of learning resource center

I will also present a power point presentation that contains my topic for that day. Through this, the students will be attentive and participative in the lesson and it brings convenience to my part. If the resources are not available, I will use the chalkboard and I will provide them an interactive activity by dividing them into groups to be followed by a short discussion, this is to facilitate the visual, auditory and bodily or kinesthetic learners.

At the end of this activity, we will gain competence in preparing instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content. Some learning resources in the resource center seem to be useful for my chosen topic which was the parts and functions of microscope. As I parts and functions of microscope as my topic I also choose several learning resources such as chalkboard, books, power point presentation, mock ups, realia, photocopies, pictures and visual aids.

I choose those several learning resources because for my topic because I believe that it can help me achieve my lesson objectives and to maximize learning inside the classroom. Since my topic is about parts and functions of microscope, so I can say that available materials are appropriate for my target year level which is the second year. Aside from power point presentation and visual aid I can also make flash cards, cut out letters, and as much as possible learning resources that are made from indigenous or recyclable materials.

what are the strength of learning resource center

I Use graphic organizer to present the learning resources relevant to the topic chosen. Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials your own materials? I can also insert pictures, video clips and even sounds.

My purpose of selecting power point presentation among other instructional materials is to make a clear representation and while presenting a topic, it is necessary for me to monitor and facilitate to make sure that students stay on task. I believe that making power point presentations aids in enhancing creativity. I do not encounter any problems in making presentation because the power point program has a guide on how to use it.

Making a presentation using power point program is just an easy task for me. The chosen materials must be appropriate and can contribute to the achievement of learning objectives. The teacher may also do surveys to the available materials or can search through the internet. Name of Fs Student: Aspero, Jay Ar B. At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in preparing instructional materials hand —out that are appropriate to the learning content.

Decomposition reactions — this type of reaction occurs when a compound breaks up into its component parts. It can be two or more substances out of a compound.

The electrolysis of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas is an example of a decomposition reaction: Replacement reactions — this type of reaction occurs when an element is set free from its compound producing a new element and new compound. An example of a substitution reaction occurs when zinc combines with hydrochloric acid. The zinc replaces the hydrogen: An example of a double displacement reaction occurs between sodium chloride and silver nitrate to form sodium nitrate and silver chloride.

A good handout must be concise and can be understood by the readers. There must be subtitles that make it easier to read and the key words must be in bold type in order to have an emphasis. To shorten it, the use of bullet point format may contribute as well as the use of diagrams, flowcharts and etc… Make sure that all the important pints of the presentation are on the hand out and do not include too much information, otherwise it can become cluttered.

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what are the strength of learning resource center

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what are the strength of learning resource center

My child is in. Integrated Learning Strategies is a Utah-based center dedicated to helping mainstream children and children with learning disabilities achieve academic success. Our services provide kids with non-traditional tutoring programs within the Davis County, Kaysville, Layton, Syracuse, Farmington, and Centerville areas. Areas to find Integrated Learning Strategies include: Your email address will not be published.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. III- Reflections Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest the most?

what are the strength of learning resource center

The ICT materials, the computer and the digitaql projector caught my attention. If all classrooms are equipped with these materials, the learners will be more attracted And motivated to learn and also easy to understand. The gadgets I already used was the computer and laptop. Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about? The digital light projector I want to learn more. Read an article about answer in number 3.

Paste a copy of the article here. Show More Please sign up to read full document. Aims and objective as criteria 2. Achievement standards as criteria 3. Comprehensive, externally developed criteria 4. Locally developed criteria Steps in evaluating the curriculum 1.

Identification of the instructional objective or the exact learning result desired 2. If necessary, operational statement of these objectives, that is, specification of the process and content elements in case instructional objectives are not precisely stated 3. Selection of instruments for measuring or description of learning result expected 4. Administration of the instruments and analysis of the outcomes to determine the extent to which the expected learning results have been attained Evaluation may be quantitative or numerical and qualitative or verbal.

what are the strength of learning resource center

Evaluation thus proceeds from 1. Data collection activities 2. Interpretation Techniques of evaluation 1. Measurement of inputs or antecedent variables 2.

Categories you should follow

Outcomes or results 3. Transactions or processes Types of evaluation 1. Formative evaluation Is done when pupil achievement or written tests are administered during preliminary tryouts of an educational program in order to improve a proposed curriculum.

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