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Setup gmail in windows live mail

setup gmail in windows live mail
If you receive an authentication error with your username or password, please follow the steps detailed here. Type "[Gmail] Drafts" under Drafts path:.

Access a Gmail Account in Windows Live Mail Using IMAP

To set up Gmail as an IMAP account in Windows Live Mail: Make sure IMAP.

You can leave the default setting for logging on, which is " Clear text authentication ". The outgoing server address is smtp.

setup gmail in windows live mail

Make sure to check the two checkboxes " This server requires a secure connection SSL ", and " My outgoing server requires authentication ", otherwise Gmail won't work. Click the Next button, you have finished setting up your Gmail account.

setup gmail in windows live mail

If Windows Live Mail could successfully connect to Gmail, you will receive the following confirmation: If Windows Live Mail didn't give you this confirmation, it either means that your Gmail password was incorrect, that your Gmail email address has a typo, or that your Internet connection was faulty. Otherwise, your are ready to use your Gmail account in Windows Live Mail.

setup gmail in windows live mail

As soon as your Gmail account information is downloaded in Windows Live Mail, you will see your Gmail folders displayed in the left pane. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off?

setup gmail in windows live mail

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setup gmail in windows live mail

Read More about the beta experience. Hold down the Alt key if you cannot see the menu bar. John Jun 15, at Thanks you the info.

setup gmail in windows live mail

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Setup Gmail in Windows Live Mail (Email Account Setup)

Windows Live Mail is great for reading and sending email in your Gmail account.

Because Windows Live Mail now includes quick setup for the most popular webmail providers, the process is nearly automatic. You had to configure the corresponding Gmail settings by hand in the old version. To keep things simple, we'll setup Gmail as an IMAP account, which allows you to see your labels as email folders.

Instructions to Access a Gmail Account in Windows Live Mail

We won't cover the various sub-options in this tutorial, but do notice that they exist! Scroll all the way to the bottom and click " Save Changes " - you are done.

setup gmail in windows live mail

When you first open Windows Live Mail, you should automatically be prompted to add an email account.

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